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N221 : Management Of King Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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N221 : Management Of King Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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N221 : Management Of King Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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Course Code: N221
University: Coventry University

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Country: United Kingdom

Using reliable information from own independent research on the company “King” and knowledge of effective management and organisational practices, learnt on the module, carefully address the following tasks:Task 1 Introduce the organisation. (Consider including details such as; what the organisation does; its scope and scale; the industry it operates in; its market value; when and how the organisation was created)Task 2 Identify the organisational structure of the company and analyse how this structure facilitates its functionality (Consider including relevant definition of terms and, where possible, useful diagrams)Task 3 Suggest one modern management approach that could be used in the company to improve its functionality. (Consider modern management approaches such as situational, contingent, systems etc.)Task 4 Using Charles Handy’s cultural framework, identify and analyse the relevance of the company’s organisational culture to its on-going success. (Consider including relevant definition of terms)Task 5 Critically analyse two innovative strategic management objectives of the company. (Consider using any strategic management framework of your choice such as Ansoff matrix, Porters’ Generic Strategy Matrix, SWOT analysis, etc. to explain the identified objectives)

Management is crucial in terms of catering to the organizational requirements. This is in terms of ensuring the smooth functioning of the business activities. Application of effective management techniques is vital in terms of assessing the effectiveness, appropriateness and feasibility of the undertaken steps. Herein lays the correlation of the management approaches, which the managers need to adopt. Teamwork reflects preservation of the integrated organizational structure, which reflects the internal environment of the company (Drafke and Murtaugh 2009). This assignment attempts to peek into the management of King Entertainment Pvt Ltd for assessing the effectiveness of the marketing activities.
King Entertainment Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of the video game industry. It was founded on August 2003. With its headquarters in London, United Kingdom, the company conducts its operation worldwide. The company is known for the game, Candy Crush Saga. As per the annual report of 2016, the annual revenue of the company was 1.59 billion US dollars. The net operating income was 537 million US dollars. The net income was 575 million US dollars. According to the reports of 2017, there were 2000 employees, which resulted in the production of thrilling video games, which added happiness into the lives of the children (King.com 2018). The company deals under the parent company, Activision Blizzard.
The company has emerged successful in developing more than 200 fun titles and games for the customers across the globe. The franchise of the company includes Farm Heroes, Pet rescue and Bubble witch. In the first quarter of the business, 285 million users have been recorded. The games are available for free, which acts as a reciprocation for the entertainment used by the users.
The company adheres to Ethical Code of Conduct for preservation of the cultural values. Along with this, this code of conduct also helps in respecting the individual sentiments of the clients and the customers. The company has its studios in Stockholm, Malmo, London, Barcelona, Berlin, San Francisco, Seattle, Malta, Tokyo and Bucharest (King.com 2018).
The staffs believe in making the moments in the customers’ life magical. The mission of the company is to provide the customers with quality games, so that they can maintain the pace with the fast moving lifestyle. Adoption of latest and modern technology helps the company to engage with large number of customers. Catering to the needs, demands and requirements of the customers helps the staffs in estimating the specific tastes and preferences in the upcoming days. Innovation is an important element in the games, which enhances the workplace culture (King.com 2018).
Task 2
Organizational structure reflects the personnel involved in executing the business activities. As a matter of specification, the structure reflects the marketing dynamics regarding the fulfilment of the identified aims and objectives. In case of King Entertainment Pvt Ltd, the organizational structure is functional.
                                                        Figure 1: Organizational structure of King Entertainment Pvt Ltd
The top most position is acquired by the general manager, who is entrusted with the responsibility of looking after finance and the management of the human resources. Under this, there are the departments of research and development, operations and the product marketing. This indicates the communication between the departmental units for completion of the basic tasks. The general manager conducts meeting with the board of directors and the  managers regarding the preparation of the budgets (Vandeveer and Menefee 2010). This enhances the awareness regarding the expenses towards the human resources. Evaluation is also done in the form of meetings and discussions to check the effectiveness of the expenses. This is done in terms of the needs and requirements of the company and the customers.
The departments of the research and development are involved in terms of producing innovative and quality games for the customers. IT experts and psychologists are hired for assessing the impact of the games on the minds of the users. This is according to the standards and protocols of the Code of Ethics. Legal compliances play a major role in terms of averting the misutilization of the systems. A typical component of this is Data Protection Act (1998), which helps in maintaining the security and confidentiality of the organization and customer data (Fleming and Spicer 2014). Privacy cookies are installed in the profile of the customers for safeguarding them from the instances of cyber crimes. Examination of the cookies and policies are conducted frequently for assessing the presence of instances like malfunctioning, virus attacks and hacker interventions. For this, external experts are involved in the business.
Task 3
One of the most important things to be considered is the management of time properly for ensuring successful business functioning along with successful management of human resources. The time management approach is vital for King Digital Entertainment Ltd to ensure that a proper amount of time is allocated for the manufacturing and production of the products and services. The strategies should be linked with the time allocated for making sure that the tasks are completed with the assigned time frame and the goals are objectives are achieved with much ease and effectiveness (Mills et al. 2015). The organizational issues such as the poor alignment between the major priorities of the organizational strategy and lack of coordination among the team members are not considered as issues during the time management at the company. The time management approach is a simplified solution to the complex organizational challenge, which can not only enhance the capabilities of the organization to deal with the challenges but also can develop a sense of motivation responsible for driving the performances of the employees.
The situations are based on events and it includes a set of values and attributes that are managed by the group to derive positive outcomes and maintain consistently in business approaches (Kreimeier et al. 2014). The major situational approach adopted by King Digital Entertainment Ltd has helped in strengthening the interpersonal relationships between the group members, maintaining a healthy working environment, overcoming the physical constraints and maintaining the values and beliefs of the organization.  One such example could be the situational leadership that enables the workers to obtain relevant skills and knowledge to focus on the vision and mission, furthermore remain motivated to perform to their potential and adapt to the changes. The contingency approach has helped the company to bring leadership effectiveness, which favored the motivation of staffs and resulted in good relationships between the leader and employees. The tasks are proper structured, delegated and subjected to measures of assessment to ensure that the games developed by the company are able to meet the customers’ demands and expectations of King Digital Entertainment Ltd (King.com 2018).
Task 4
Charles Handy proposes four different kinds of culture in the workplace context. These are: power, role, task and person. Power can be related with the authority possessed by the staffs towards fulfilment of the organizational requirements. In case of the employees, their actions decide their judgmental power. Herein lays the spontaneous decision-making, which are inadequate for catering to the long term interest of the company. In case of, the governance emerges from the centre, which helps the staffs in taking spontaneous decision. Rational and strategic approach towards the process is assistance in terms of extracting teamwork from the members (Mládková 2015).
The managers of King Entertainment Pvt Ltd makes plan for allocating the duties to the employees. This is done on the basis of the capability of the staffs. The employees are clearly notified of their roles and responsibilities, which reflects preservation of the hierarchy. The designation of the employees indicates their position within the workplace. In case of the experts, there is little scope for exposing the possessed power. This is because the company believes in providing opportunity to the new joinees.
As a matter of specification, the tasks performed by the employees indicate their position in the workplace. In case of the King company, the employees are made aware of the Code of Ethics for execution of the tasks (King.com 2018). This adherence helps in preserving the workplace culture. Dissemination of the standards and protocols results in the enhancement of the decision-making process of the employees. This improves the stability in the relationship between the employees and the managers.
Counselling sessions helps the managers of the King company to assess the differing behaviours of the employees in different situations. Understanding and caring approach towards the needs of the employees enhances the workplace diversity.
Task 5
The innovative strategic management objectives of the organization are assessed with the use of SWOT analysis framework and Ansoff matrix.
SWOT analysis
The company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are identified with the use of this framework and this assists in accomplishment of the strategic management objectives with much ease and effectiveness (Galvin  2014).
King Digital Entertainment Ltd holds a great global market position and has a dedicated large customer base, which has ensured steady growth and sales revenue. The popular candy crush game has been a craze among the youngsters, which has gained great brand exposures and enhanced the sales and profit level of the organization. The company holds multi franchise intellectual property and is a leader in responding to the customers’ demands.
The company lacks innovation in certain areas and high competition by other companies like Nekki, EA, Activision, Blizzard entertainment, etc. is considered as a weakness. There are lesser scopes for expansion and new titles are far from introduction in the market (King.com 2018).
The company has enough financial capital to expand globally and reach customers all over the world. There are new scopes for introducing micro pay games and acquisition of smaller, yet popular IP’s.
There are threats of competitors while the customers’ demands for the mobile games are often neglected due to high graphics games available for PC. Private, pirated and illegal servers along with focus on only one genre games can be a threat, which can result in loosing customers (King.com 2018).
ANSOFF matrix
Market development
King Digital Entertainment Ltd used internet technologies to reach wider geographic segments and obtained more customers
Product diversification
Other than the Candy Crush, there are other products including the Legend of Solgard, Toy Blast, etc., which has gained global exposure and are quite different from the other games available. The downstream integration and upstream integration with the suppliers have developed products that are differentiable fro other products.
Market penetration
The company competed online and migrated the existing clients online trough addition of more value in the form of updates to the game. The games are available free and so more customers are attracted and new market segments are penetrated too (King.com 2018).
Product development
Subscriptions are enabled along with introduction of new products with added value, which has easily grabbed the attention of customers and influenced their buying behaviors.
                                                                                         (Source: King.com 2018)
The assignment emerges successful in providing an insight into the marketing and management of King Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Insight into the company informs the readers about the marketing dynamics of the company. This includes both the internal and the external environment. Herein lays the appropriateness of the organizational structure, which sheds light on the ways and means of executing the business activities. Management approaches are vital in terms of gaining an insight into the corporate governance. Theoretical consideration for the culture is appropriate for reflecting the ethical approach of the company towards the needs, demands and requirements of the clients. SWOT analysis seems appropriate for assessing the strategic management adopted by the company for fulfilling the goals and objectives.
Drafke M., and Murtaugh J. (2009) The Human Side of Organizations 10th ed., FT Prentice Hall Johnson G., Whittington, R., Scholes, K., Angwin, D., and Regne?r, P. (2014). Exploring Strategy: Text and Cases. 10th edn Harlow:Pearson Mullins L. J. (2016) Management and Organisational Behaviour 11th edn., Harlow:Pearson Robbins S. P. and Judge T. A. (2014) Essentials of Organizational Behaviour 12th edn.. FT Prentice Hall Vandeveer R. and Menefee M. (2010), Human Behavior in Organizations 4th edn., FT Prentice Hall 
Fleming, P. and Spicer, A., 2014. Power in management and organization science. The Academy of Management Annals, 8(1), pp.237-298.
Galvin, P., 2014. A new vision for the Journal of Management & Organization: The role of context. Journal of Management & Organization, 20(1), pp.1-5.
King.com (2018). About us. Available at: https://discover.king.com/about/ [Accessed on 15th July 2018]
Kreimeier, D., Morlock, F., Prinz, C., Krückhans, B., Bakir, D.C. and Meier, H., 2014. Holistic learning factories–A concept to train lean management, resource efficiency as well as management and organization improvement skills. Procedia CIRP, 17, pp.184-188.
Mills, A.J., Weatherbee, T.G., Foster, J. and Helms Mills, J., 2015. The new deal, history, and management & organization studies: lessons, insights and reflections. Routledge Companion to Management & Organizational History, Routledge, London, pp.265-284.
Mládková, L., 2015. Knowledge Workers and the Principle of 3S (Self-management, Self-organization, Self-control). Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 181, pp.178-184.

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