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N853 Aviation And Airport Management

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N853 Aviation And Airport Management

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N853 Aviation And Airport Management

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Course Code: N853
University: University College Birmingham

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Country: United Kingdom

You are a member of the airport planning team and you are required to give your proposals with good justifications on the following airport systems/facilities required for the new airport Terminal:-
Part 1 
Passenger Check-in System (PCS)
Type of check-in facilities:

manual counters, self-service kiosks, etc.
advantages of each type of check-in facilities
your recommendation

Total number of each type of check-in facility proposed

Your recommended number and reasons

Layout of check-in facilities:

linear, island or flow-through
advantages and disadvantages of each layout concept
your recommendation

Concept of check-in:

common check-in, flight check-in or combination
advantages and disadvantages of each concept
your recommendation 

Part 2 
Baggage Handling System (BHS)
Type of BHS:

manual, semi-automated or fully automated sortation system
your recommendation and reasons

Number of race-track conveyors at Baggage Make-up area (departure

Your recommended number and reasons

Number of baggage reclaim conveyors at Baggage Break-down area (arrival)

Your recommended number and reasons

Number of inline securityscreening machines needed, if applicable, and reasons 
Part 3 
Passenger Loading Bridge (PLB)  
Type of PLB:

pedestal or apron-drive or combination
advantages and disadvantages of each type
your recommendation 

Number of each types of PLB (each PLB can handle about 0.5 mppa) recommended and reason
Part 4 
Automated People Mover System (APMS)  

What are the benefits of APMS?
Is APMS recommended (or not) and reason? 

Part 5 
Seamless Travel (FAST) 
Makce observations on Changi Airport’s operations, evaluate and propose how the travel through Balipatana Airport could be made seamless when incorporating some breakthrough technologies such as information technology, biometric technology, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and artificial intelligence (Al) technology, etc. where applicable.
Please describe a scenario of your proposed seamless departure processes from check-in till boarding. 

The business in the airline industry is one of the most effective hospitality business in the world. The airport system needs to be well maintained and well-structured as this have a huge impact over the airport operation. For the airport management, the essential part is to provide a suitable operational function to the passengers. The selected airport for this paper is Balipatana airport. The purpose of the paper is to provide a proper view of the various system that is utilized in the terminal process of the airport. The paper will also focus on the development of various technology and working function within the airline for maintaining the working system of the airport.
Objectives of the paper are as follows:

To understand the various system for passengers in the terminal
To understand the various process of check-in, boarding, and baggage handling
To understand the usage of advanced technology within the airport terminals

Description and justification of various systems
Part 1 – Passenger Check-in system (PCS)
Type of check-in facilities
The variety of facilities are as follows:

Manual counters
Self-service check-in kiosks
Web check-in
Tele check-in
Mobile check-in

Advantages of the check-in facilities are as follows:

Manual counters: it helps the passengers in their query and also helps to maintain a proper security check within the airport system. In the manual check-in counters the process starts 2 hour before the time of departure.
Self-service check-in kiosks: Enable the passengers to check-in by themselves and also obtained the boarding pass from the kiosks machine (Park et al., 2016). In this process the passengers have the ability to select suitable seat according to their choice from the real time seat map that is displayed on the touch screen. In this single as well as the multiple guest check-in is available.
Web check-in: passengers can easily check-in with the help of Balipatana airport website where the passengers can select their seat online and also get the boarding pass. This check-in facility allow the passenger to do check-in 48 hours before the time of departure but it generally depends on the airline services.
Tele check-in: executive passengers or the frequent flyer have the chance of tele check-in which allows them to get the boarding pass and the check-in facility with the help of tele-calling service (Parlar, Rodrigues, & Sharafali, 2018). The print out of boarding pass for tele check-in is available in the manual counter.
Mobile check-in: the application of airline service need to be installed in Android phone for selecting the seat and also to print the boarding pass.

Recommendation: The manual counters along with the Self-service check-in kiosks, Tele check-in, and Web check-in is essential for Balipatana Airport to maintain their operational function and their passenger check-in facilities. All the check-in facilities are effective for the airport to provide various and seamless service to the passengers.
Total number of each type of check-in facilities proposed
The total number of check-in facilities in the terminal is as follows:

Manual counters: 6
Self-service check-in kiosks: 5
Web check-in: boarding pass checking counter 2
Tele check-in: 1

The airport will require manual counter for various inquiry and another facility within the process. For providing valuable check-in facilities to the passengers and to maintain the hourly passenger capacity almost six counters are required (Gures, Inan, & Arslan, 2018). For tele check-in, one counter is enough for the passengers to get their printed boarding pass. The number of counters that are required for check-in facility is essential to maintain the hourly peak passengers at the airport terminal which is almost 4000.
The layout of check-in facilities
The layout concept of the check-in facilities are as followed:

Flow through

The advantages and disadvantages of the layout are as followed:

Linear: The benefits of this process is that it is simple and straightforward and also formed the short walking distance (De Souza, Paredes, Chidlovskii, & Ciriza, 2017). The disadvantages of this process are that it consists of the single passenger processing area.
Island: The advantages of this process is that it is simple and smaller that is central terminal and also it is cost saving. The disadvantages of this process are that it increases the minimum connection time for the airport terminals.
Flow through: The advantages of this process is that the efficient use of land along with the centralized resource system. The disadvantages of this process are that it consists of the long walking distance.

Recommendation: Linear is one of the best facility and the layout that can be utilized for the Balipatana airport. In the Linear the entire process of the airport system is simple as well as straightforward which allow the passengers to get to their destination without any kind of issues. Though this process consist of the single passenger processing area but this is one of the best to provide valuable service to the passengers.  
Concept of check-in
The concept of check-in are as followed:

Common check-in
Flight check-in

The advantages and disadvantages of the layout are as followed:

Common check-in: the benefits is that the process is quite simple and it is essential to maintain the activity (Brukman, 2018). The disadvantages of the process are that it is time-consuming.
Flight check-in: The advantage of flight check-in is effective for the passengers to get their boarding pass and the operational facility. The disadvantages of the process are that it required huge time for the staff members. In the process of flight check-in concept of basically the online check-in facilities that is provided generally by the airline services.
Combination: The advantage of combination concept is to provide effective security as well as check-in service for the passengers (Cho, Kim, Lim, & Roh, 2018). The disadvantages of the process are that it is quite confusing for the airport terminals without proper training.

Recommendation: The concept of flight check-in is quite essential for the airport terminals. In this process of online or the flight check-in the passengers are provided with the suitable facility where they can make enquiry or perform the check-in 48 hours before the departure time.
Part 2 – Baggage Handling System (BHS)
Type of BHS
The type of baggage handling system within the airport terminals are as follows:

Manual sortation system: where the baggage is sort by the staff members manually. In this process the entire sorting
Semi-automated sortation system: where staff members check the baggage and the luggage, and furthermore it is sorted with the help of technology (Na, Koo, & Bin, 2015).
Fully automated sortation system: the entire sorting process is carried out by the technology

Recommendation: Fully automated sorting system is essential within the airport terminals to maintain the baggage system. It will help the passengers and the airport authority to provide an effective facility by maintaining the baggage handling process. In the process of fully automated sorting system the chance of performing any mistake is much low, the entire checking and other function are performed with the help of metal detector and the baggage x-ray machines.
Number of race-track conveyors
The number of race-track for the conveyor at baggage departure area is considered to be one as this will help to maintain the effective baggage departure within the terminals. The departure area needs to have a suitable conveyor belt for the passengers to provide a suitable process for handling the baggage (Lagziel, & Kiselevich, 2018). The baggage will come in a line for the passengers, and if they miss their bag, then it will repeat once again for the suitability of the working process. With the one conveyor belt, the airport terminal can effectively maintain the baggage system to provide suitable airline service for the passengers.
Number of baggage reclaim conveyors
The number of baggage reclaim conveyor for the arrival of passengers is considered to be one conveyor belt. One conveyor belt for the appearance of baggage is essential for the airport so that passengers can effectively maintain their baggage. The conveyor belt for the arrival of the passenger also required to be one as this will help them to maintain their bag and their luggage with the practical possibility in the terminals. The fact is clear that in the terminal it is essential to have one large conveyor belt for arrival and also one large conveyor belt for the departure.
Number of inline security screening machines
The number of inline security screening machines that is required within the airport terminals is almost 5 to 6. This is essential so that the passengers can effectively maintain their baggage handling system in the terminals. The inline security machines are necessary to check the arriving passengers and maintain a positive working function within the airport terminal. The security screening machines allow the staff members and the security officers to check their passenger when they are arriving at the airport terminals (Johnstone, Creighton, & Nahavandi, 2015). This is primarily done for the departure passenger, and it is done at the entrance of the gate. This will allow the airport terminals to maintain their security process and also to develop effective working function within the terminals.
Part 3 – Passenger Loading Bridge (PLB)
Type of PLB
The type of Passenger leading bride in the airport terminal are as followed:

Pedestal: The pedestal passenger loading bridge is the most common for the domestic airline services. In this system, the passengers are allowed to walk for the runway after getting their boarding pass. In this process, the passengers are given portable ladders for climbing the aircraft (Lin, Shih, Huang, & Chiu, 2015). This is one of the most basic boarding processes that could be found within the airport terminals especially for the domestic and the small airline services. In some of the airport, it can be seen that this process also have bus facility. The airport bus will carry the passenger to a limited destination, and after that, they have to walk to get in the aircraft.

The advantage of this process is that minimum cost is required to set up Boarding Bridge. The disadvantage is that most of the time people found it disappointing for their traveling.

Apron drive: it is one of the most flexible as well as popular telescopic passenger loading bridge globally. The primary advantage of this system is that it is very much flexible for the passengers (Lutzemberger, Musolino, & Rizzo, 2017). Due to this process, the passengers can safely as well as comfortably walk within the terminal and the aircraft. It is also the cost-effective solution for the airport. The disadvantage of this process is that it required huge maintenance and also it creates an issue for the passenger in huge number.
Combination: The combined process of boarding bridge is also effective for the airport terminal to provide a valuable walking function to their customers. It can be seen that the aircraft is placed in runway and to reach towards it the most effective way is to get the pedestal as well as apron drive for the passenger (Bucchi, Frendo, Bavaresco, & Conte, 2018). The advantage of this process is that people are getting the best for the traveling experience. The disadvantage in this process is that high cost is used. Maintaining the two concepts of passenger loading bridge is quite costly for the firm.

Recommendation: the combination is one of the best ways for the airport terminals to maintain their passengers. It can be seen that airport need to maintain buses and also apron drive and used them according to the suitable time. In most of the cases like the Boeing aircraft the apron drive is effectively utilized for the passengers to get in their appropriate flight. The combination allow the firm to maintain their activity and [provide the best service to the passengers.
Number of each type of PLB
For the combination type 30 airport bus and 10 apron drive is required by the Balipatana airport terminal.  It is due to the facts that each of the PLB can hold 0.5 mppa passengers and for the 20 mppa passengers 40 passenger loading bridge is required. It will help the airport terminal to maintain their activity and their passenger’s satisfaction with the airline industry. In the 30 airport bus around 15 mppa passengers can be carried smoothly and in the 10 apron drive almost 5 mppa passengers can be utilized.
Part 4 – Automated People Mover System (APMS)
Automated people mover system is the process of the fully automated mass transit system (Bassani, Lutzemberger, Rizzo, & Musolino, 2016). It is the single rail serving that act as the track for the passengers as well as the freight in the airport terminals. The benefits of the automated people mover system are as follows:

It helps to reduce the air pollution and congestion: the process help to maintain the air pollution as well as the passenger congestion by providing suitable and automated moving facility system (Gerland, & McDonald, 2016). It allows the passengers to get their way in the most effective way that would help them to maintain the position within the terminals.
It helps to reduce the passenger bottleneck: this help to decrease the bottleneck and also allow the passengers to have a safe and comfortable boarding (Wickens, Goh, Helleberg, Horrey, & Talleur, 2017). With the help of this process, the passengers can effectively board the aircraft and also a maximum number of time is saved for the firm.
It helps to reduce the passenger anxiety: It can be seen that terminal buildings are very often spread out and for that, the automated passenger over system can effectively maintain a greater number of the passenger to move them quickly as well as for the long distance.

Automated people mover system is recommended for the Balipatana airport as their departure and arrival of people is almost high, and their passenger capacity is around 20 million per year. It is one of the best ways for the airport to maintain their passengers and also to provide the most suitable experience of airline travel system. With the help of this process, the airport can effectively reduce their passenger bottleneck and also maintain the effective working function within the market. This process is very much effective for the airport authority as it will allow them to develop their business and their working function within the airline industry. It can be seen that with the help of this process the organization can effectively maintain the working function and the passenger satisfaction (Nicholas, & Steyn, 2017). It also allows reducing the air pollution as airport bus are not required to carry the passengers for the aircraft.
Part 5 – Seamless Travel (FAST)
Changi Airport provides suitable and valuable working function with the help of various techniques to the passengers. This is one of the best ways that could be utilized within the Balipatana airport to maintain same or much better operational process. The use of information technology will allow the passengers to get effective information regarding their boarding pass and their flight query (Patel, 2018). With the help of biometric information, the staff member can maintain the security check-in of the passengers. The radio frequency identification technology will help to maintain the baggage system and also the passenger counting process within the aircraft (Min, Lim, & Mavris, 2015). Artificial intelligence will help to provide suitable information to the passengers regarding their flight. This is one of the best process and the most effective technologies that are being utilized within the Balipatana airport to provide the valuable experience of traveling to the passengers.
Changi Airport provides the various check-in facilities to their passengers for the departure pass. It can be seen that the airline provides online check-in, fast check-in, and early check-in, group check-in and counter check-in facilities. Online check-in facility almost 48 hours before the flight in the Changi airport and it entirely depends on the airline service. In the fast check-in the queues are shorter as well as they are flexible for the passengers. Early check-in facility is also dependent on the airline services that provides facility for check-in earlier. In Changi Airport they have the special counter for the group check-in where 10 or more members are travelling within a group. The counter check-in open almost 2 hours the departure time. The Balipatana airport also need to utilize all these check-in facilities to provide the seamless travelling experience to their passengers. The services that are provided within the Changi Airport is one of the best service that could be given to the passengers before their departure and this is essentially required for the Balipatana airport to maintain the services and process of suitable check-in facilities for the passengers.
The scenario for using all the technology and the seamless traveling process within the airline industry is as follows. One passenger Mr. Wilson has a flight from Balipatana to Changi. He checked the information of boarding pass with the help of information technology and also from the manual counter he has collected the boarding pass. Then Mr. Wilson got for the security checking whereby using the biometric technology security officer check the information of the person that is uploaded for filling the online form and also the information that is provided on the boarding pass. The process is eventually used for the security purpose and allow Mr. Wilson to have a safe flight. Then the baggage is loaded with the help of radio frequency identification technology and this help to understand the weight that is loading within the aircraft. After the completion of this process Mr. Wilson with the help of automated people mover that is the artificial intelligence is taken to the aircraft. The sitting process of the passengers is being monitored with the help of RFID so that if any of the passengers is missed, then the airport authority can perform the final call for their passenger. This is the most suitable and effective process for the airport terminal.
The paper eventually concludes the facts that the organization is the airline industry, and for them, it is essential to maintain a suitable and effective business. The paper concludes the facts that the Balipatana airport needs an effective operational function to maintain the departure as well as the arrival of the passengers within the airport. The fact is clear from the paper that advanced technology with the effective working process is essential for the firm to maintain their operational activity. Customer satisfaction is the primary thing for the airline industry and to maintain them it is necessary for the firm to provide the most suitable and valuable business process within the market.
Bassani, R., Lutzemberger, G., Rizzo, R., & Musolino, A. (2016). Automated People Mover: a comparison between conventional and maglev systems. In 11th WCRR (World Congress on Railway Research) 2016 (pp. 1-6). The USA.
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