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NRSG355 Written Assessment

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NRSG355 Written Assessment

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Course Code: NRSG355
University: Australian Catholic University

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Country: Australia


Q1: Prioritisation and delegation (module one)
You may use a table here to address each of the competing priorities you need to manage, or you can write descriptively – either is acceptable  Ensure you justify all of your choices in depth, using references to support your claims.
Q2:  Collaborative and Therapeutic practice (module two)
(a)  The Multidisciplinary team
(b) Case study name:  choose one of the available in module two
Q3:  Provision and coordination of care (module three)
Q4:  Time management and delegation (module four)
Before reaching the patients at the ward, it is very essential to ask questions about the patient.
Q: How many years the patient has been suffering from the disease?
Q: Does the patient have any previous history of that disease?
Q: Is the disease family oriented?


As per my concern, the priority must be supposed on the person who fell down after the operation and the visitor of Mr. Smith. Both the person requires speedy care from the nursing professionals and the actions must be taken on an immediate basis. The next case is about Mr. chew and Mrs. Chew and on this occasion, I think Mrs chew must be sent to the nursing caregivers as she is caring for the symptoms of intravenous IV problems. According to me, both of them must require effective care treatment to get rid of from their present situation. Mr. Esposito also requires a serious visit from the nursing caregivers due to his antibiotics. Thus, the nursing caregivers must visit him no advise him, on the preoperative identification of cardiac catheterization (Elliott & Coventry, 2012). Thus, the enrolled nose requires some serious instruction regarding the antibiotic dosage of Mr. Espasito. The issue of medication error must be discussed with the consultant clerk and the authorities of the organization must be aware of the problems regarding the incidents happened in the toilet of the nursing care home.
As defined in the case study, the conditions of the patients in the nursing care home is pathetic.  Most of the patients are not getting ethical; care from the nursing caregivers. In addition, the patients are dealing with their own problems which basically required to be treated by the nurses. The human resource capacity in the hospital is insufficient. The source of providing human resources is too weak for the health organization. The only available human resources in the whole healthcare setting is a clerk, an enrolled nurse, and an assistant nurse. The caregivers have been facing severe problems in providing sufficient care to all the patients and areunabl;e to analyze the situations of the patients properly (Hartigan, 2016). It is most obvious that the nurses are getting unable to stay calm in such a pressure situation and they look restless while taking healthcare decisions. The nurse, who is about to take the charge must eloquent in handling the situation and work as per the existing strengths and weakness of the organization. The nursing assistant need to take care of the Mr. Chews intravenous IV which may result in psychological damage of the patient. The intake of antibiotics is not given to Mrchew properly. Thus, he requires effective medications on the scheduled time and the caregivers must notice on his antibiotic intakes (Holcomb, 2010).
Ethical nursing care must be provided to Mr. Chew after segregating the tasks for each caregiver. The enrolled nurse must take care of Mr. Smith’s visitor as she was in a faint. The vital. statistics of the physical situation of Mr. Smith’s visitor must be checked properly. Any identification of serious issue is liable to be admitted to the emergency care unit. The enrolled nurse should visit then to Mr. Espasito who requires proper medication after his cardiac cauterization. The enrolled nurse then must ensure proper medication to the post-surgery patients. After checking the vital statistics properly, the patient must need medical advice for an effective outcome (Pasero, 2011).
Question 1
There are the existence different type members of different category in the group. This is not possible for identification of particular one individual or the persons of one profession in the healthcare. Every member of the clinical profession is important for the patients in the hospital. All of them have a different role to play for curing the disease of the patient (Crisp et al., 2017).
Question 2
This is not important for leading the healthcare team. All of the members of the hospital plays a crucial role in maintaining the proper management in the hospital. To talk about the matter closely, it can be mentioned that the manager of the hospital is responsible for maintaining the proper management in the hospital. The manager of the hospital is considered as the experienced one. So he or she should lead the team (Kalishman, Stoddard & O’Sullivan, 2012).
Question 3
The healthcare tea is consisting of the doctor of special disease, nurse and the clinical staff. The management body of the hospital requires every health professional. So management body of the company credits all the staff of the hospital.
Question 1
One of the major issues in the case study is the negligence of the newly engaged physiotherapy staff. The new staff possesses the professionalism. He or she does not have any consensus between the staff nurse or the other clinical staff of the hospital. Through the case study, it is understood that the newly engaged physiotherapy staff has no interest in his job. Most of the time, he neglects his duty. The carelessness mentality of the new staff shows the lack of professionalism. His negligence of job hampers the functions of the different department of the hospital. Through the case study, it is seen that the staff of the physiotherapy department has no intensity to work anymore. It seems that he has no responsibility for this noble profession. Such staff of the hospital decreases the quality of the hospital (Weller, 2012).
Question 2
The team leader of the hospital has a responsibility to deliver the quality service to the patients. So the team leader should look at every corner of the hospital for further improvement of the service. The team leader needs to address the issue of the strange behavior of the newly engaged staff from the physiotherapy department. The behavior of the newly engaged staff is not appropriate for the newly engaged staff.

to address the issue, the team leader of the hospital should monitor the function of the newly engaged staff.
If need be, the team leader may warn the staff for his negligence of the work. Apart from that, the leader must inform the matter to the higher official of the hospital for further actions against the staff (Berman, 2017).
As the hospital is a place for the patients, so team leader needs to take proper action against such staff.
In addition, he should inform the matter to the other staff of the hospital so that the accused may not do any harm to the patients.

Overall, the appropriate actions of the team leader may bring the desired result for this case.
The audio of the patient, it is understood that the patient has been suffering from various diseases, such as the urinal problem, gastric ulcer, and pneumonia and weight loss (Theofilou, 2012). As the age of the patient is 92, so proper car may bring the desired result in the case.

When the patient present in the ward, he should be questioned about the past history of such disease. The clinical staff needs to clarify whether he has suffered from malnutrition or not (Pasero, 2011).  
As the patient has the symptom of pneumonia, so he needs extra care and attention.
To cure pneumonia, the patient should be given antibiotics. In addition, the patients should be given the vaccine.
Among the various diseases, the gastric ulcer is crucial at this age. To cue this disease, the doctor may use the endoscopy test and C14 breath test (Bibby &Tomkins, 2014).

Patient allocation and Time Management
In the clinical nursing process, it is very much essential to allocate proper time for the patient. The patient allocation model is one of the most essential models in which followed during the nursing care of the patient. This model helps in the holistic monitoring of the overall physiological and the psychological conditions of the patient. It is very important to allocate time and resource properly so that the patient safety can be done in a proper way (Felton, 2012). According to the case stud, 22 patients are present in the hospital at present. Among the 22 patients, 14patient have undergone surgery in the morning and another 8 patients will have surgery. The nurse is taken charge of in this condition it is very important to allocate time and resource properly so that proper nursing care can be delivered to the patient. This is totally based on the situation analysis which should be done properly by the nurse who is in charge of allocating the human resource. The delegation of the work and time management should be done in a proper way so that the delegation work is according to the strength of the human resources (Mok, Wang & Liaw, 2015).
According to the case study, two registered nurses are present and one enrolled nurse is present who is still new in this hospital care setting scenario. Three nursing assistants are present in the hospital. The registered nurse is assigned as the unit manager. In this circumstances, the best way to divide the responsibility among the human resource those are present in the hospital is the patient allocation theory. It helps to analyze the situation and delegate responsibility according to the situation. Team nursing is an essential concept which should be mastered by the staffs this helps to build cohesiveness among the team members. It helps the team to provide adequate support to during the hour of crisis (Foo et al., 2017). The team nursing is all about proper communication and teamwork in the field of nursing. It is very important to have proper communication between the registered nurses when there are 22   surgery patients in the hospital.  The team nursing works mainly in a team based movement. In the case study, the unit manager is the senior most so she should allocate the duties of the registered nurse. The delegated personal report to the team leader encases of any emergency. Since there are 14 patients who have gone through surgery so one registered nurse should be anchorage of that patient and she should be assisted by the enrolled nurse and two nursing assistant. Another team will comprise the second registered nurse and one nursing assistant who will prepare the rest 14 patients for operation. The team nursing is mainly based on the communication between the staffs.   Proper communication is very much essential for the nursing it requires a good amount of teamwork (Tan et al., 2018).  Besides these other parameters on which the team based nursing approach is based are cooperation and collaborative work. It is very important to have proper collaboration because according to the case study the preoperative and the postoperative patients need an equal amount of care which should be provided properly through the team based nursing. In case of an emergency, the report should be done immediately to the nursing manager (Cellucci & Wiggins, 2010).
The scope of practice of staff
The registered nurse is taking charge of the patients who will go the surgery would have to properly asses the vital statistics of the patients mainly the blood pressure level heart rate and the diabetes of the patient. It is very important for patients to be assessed before surgery properly. If any patient requires medication before surgery, then the medication should be given according to the patient chart. Time management should be done perfectly and coordination should be there in the team nursing to give the patient with optimized service. The postoperative patient should be handled with proper care and if any critical situation is where it should be handled with proper care (Fottler, Malvey & Slovensky, 2017).
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