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Nursing Research Process- Education- and Practice Essay

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Nowadays, research remains the primary tool of learning in any field of expertise, and nursing is not an exception. Through research, scholars and academic workers can obtain the necessary knowledge and use it in practice. In this essay, the goals of research in nursing education and practice and the research process will be discussed. Also, information on the evidence-based practice in the context of research will be included.

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Several goals are pursued by researchers in nursing. These goals are building a base of evidence, which helps to enhance practices, develop knowledge in healthcare, and improve patient care (Blake par. 2). Ultimately, all the efforts are made to strengthen the healthcare system and upgrade patient care. It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to research without its main trigger-researchers’ curiosity. Curiosity motivates intellectual activity that helps scholars to obtain new knowledge and continue the process of studying.

There are four main steps of the research process: finding a research topic, constructing an outline, searching for primary and secondary sources, and writing a paper draft. Some intellectuals and scholars write papers based on evidence of practice. Evidence-based practice research is a process that consists of working on practice questions and looking for evidence that is used for obtaining answers to these questions. Evidence-based research helps students to be engaged in practice decisions, which are crucial for the treatment of patients (Parrish, p.408). The last stage of a research process is a discussion of the work with authors’ colleagues before publishing or presenting research. They can advise on how work can be further enhanced.

Therefore, it can be concluded that research remains one of the most crucial aspects of nursing education and practice. Curiosity is the main trigger of research activity, which consists of formulating questions, constructing an outline, searching for sources, and writing a draft. Evidence-based research occupies a special place in nursing as it helps to achieve the main goal, which is the improvement of patient care.

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