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ORG80005 Strategic Leadership

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ORG80005 Strategic Leadership

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ORG80005 Strategic Leadership

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Course Code: ORG80005
University: Swinburne University Of Technology

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Country: Australia


The assignment to be done-Mahatma Gandhi 1. Specifically, how did your leader display  aspects of Ethics and Professional Codes of Conduct, Managing Conflict, Strategic Planning and Power and Politics.
2. How can you apply the conclusions of your assessment and analysis to leadership roles and responsibilities in your organization?


In the current competitive market, leaders play a vital role in maintaining successful business environment (Bolman & Deal, 2017). In this context, the current report deals in the leadership strategies of Mahatma Gandhi and accordingly focus has been laid on four keys including ethics of leadership, conflict management, strategic planning and power of politics. The selected personality or leadership helps in improving the manager’s leadership skills because Mahatma Gandhi’s led world and helped India to get freedom from British Ruler by his unconventional methods (IndiaTody, 2016). Furthermore, Gandhi’s ability of passion helps business leaders to encourage themselves towards technology, customer and productivity of organization (Barnabas & Clifford, 2012). However, it is important to the leader to use below describe Gandhi’s leadership techniques in their strategies.
Leadership management of mahatma gandhi
Ethics of Leadership
Ethical leader considered as honest and trustworthy and also care about people and society by taking a fair decision and being ethical in their personal and professional lives (Brown&Treviño,2006). However, the ethical aspect of leadership is most important for emerging followers’ mental thought about the leader so Gandhi Pursuit that thought which believed in truth. He had considered truth is exist everywhere (Michaellewin, 2010.). Role model of Gandhi life war Hindu God Rama because God Rama sacrificed for truth and for his father’s dignity. By perceiving the external environment, Gandhi set out his own ethical principle wherein nobody is harmed under his leadership (Gandhi, 2012). In this regard, Gandhi had actual attention to made India forward to the true democracy where every people could get fast and fair justice without any bigger cost methods (The Times of India, 2010). However, this thought of Mahatma Gandhi asserted that devotions and dignity about truth in human life are more important to live life peacefully.
Conflict Management
The conflict_t is the serious issue everywhere whether in the context of organization, politics or personal life (De Dreu, 1997). However, the aspect of managing the conflict plays an important role so being calm personality, Gandhi had different view to resolving the conflict. He believed that conflict arises in the mind of the individual and the outcome of the conflict is based on the individual expression (Ramsbotham, Miall & Woodhouse, 2011). For this purpose, the leadership of Gandhi discovered Satyagraha where he put efforts to resolve the conflict by changing those who are involved in the conflict. In this context, he emphasized on nonviolent resistance to evil with the help of self-scrutiny (Nimbalkar, 2013). However, the prime focus of Satyagraha was to bring peace wherein Gandhi communicated that an individual should avoid actions which might invite violence (Pal, 2016). At the same time, he had approached to clearly communicate the essential elements of the case to other party and invite the healthy conversation (Jeong,2017). This promoted love and peace in the nation and Gandhi achieved his target with it. It indicates that strong leadership of Gandhi and his unique way to resolve the conflict provided new direction to the followers because it reduces physical violence to a great extent and promotes togetherness.
Strategic Planning
The strategic planning represents the unique way to manage the work to be done. In this context, Gandhi’s strategic planning was very strong wherein he used to believe in teamwork so that work can be completed before time and in the more effective manner. It made Gandhi popular in public because he used to represent the public in a very calm manner. Similarly, Gandhi continuously developed himself by improving own skills (Michael, 2016). This discovered him as the transformational leader who provides extensive support for followers and gets the work done in the relatively less time. However, he was involved in every stuff rather placing an order (Moore, 2011). Owing to this, Mahatma Gandhi was an inspiring leader which motivate their subordinates with his intellectual stimulates. In this context, Bass (1999) asserted that a transformational leader has the ability to encourage and improving the intellectual capacity of their follower. Similarly, a transactional leader focuses on the proper transaction and effective uses of resources (Judge& Piccolo, 2004). However, Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader by its leadership strategies wherein whatever changes he wanted to bring in the world started by his own improvement (Muslin & Desai, 1985). Therefore, the cited leaders believed in walking with the team and providing clear communication related to all the tasks to be done.
Power of politics
In politics leader’s ability to influence public is a most important aspect as it made others follow the particular personality (Tyler, Rasinski & McGraw, 1985). Similarly, persuasion gives more positive impact on the public through which leaders get the work done in the right manner (Barbuto & Wheeler, 2006). In this context, Mahatma Gandhi was having the power to influence and persuasion in politics. For example, with the help of these powers, Gandhi was capable for independence fight against the British Republic. He knew that the war between countries is not going to provide freedom so he made a strategy call off the large mass of people who demand freedom through different methods including hunger strike (Michael, 2016). Owing to this, he decided to use an unconventional method for fighting was nonviolence by hunger strike political rhetoric as weapons (Kurtz, 2009). However, Gandhi was Pioneer of politics who use out of line methods for achieving required success and create a better impression on thoughts of the public that improve the social position.
Application of conclusion of leadership roles and responsibilities in own organization
The leadership strategies applied by Gandhi can be used in the organizational context to get the work done at the right time. This is because his approach of managing the conflict is unique through which organizational environment can remain healthy because the free flow of information can be ensured. Even conflict management of Gandhi was quite different from others by using peace and calm; this tactic could be beneficial in my own organization by managing conflict issues peacefully and effectively. However, ethical principles followed by Gandhi can be helpful for an organizational leader to stay transparent and supportive without focusing on own greed. For this purpose, being a leader of my organization, I will focus on own development and adopt all those skills into myself which I want others to have. Apart from this, use of power in politics ability of leader helps the organization to create a positive impression on followers or team so as to increase the organizational productivity. Moreover, the focus of Gandhi on own improvement to bring changes in the world also reflects that organizational leaders should also get assistance for continuous development. This would help in supporting the personnel and providing them the right guidelines to manage the work.
The report concludes that application of Gandhi’s leadership can be helpful for organizations in team building and motivation of employees as it promotes peace and in-depth understanding through collaboration. It can also be concluded that employee integration is possible with the help of following the ethical principles of Mahatma Gandhi because his leadership never indicate cheating with any party rather mutual understanding, trust and love were promoted. Thus, an organization can apply those specific aspects to improve the internal business environment.
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