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POLS8027 Too Touristy

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POLS8027 Too Touristy

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POLS8027 Too Touristy

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Course Code: POLS8027
University: Australian National University

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Country: Australia

Article : Too touristy?
Subheading: Can’t stand queuing for hours in the heat for skyscrapers, or being rejected at the best restaurants? Here’s how you travel Tokyo like a VIP.
Article: Too touristy?
Travelling smartly in any country is the key element of a traveller’s journey. Japan is one of the foremost tourist destinations in the world where millions of people throng every year for business as well as tourism. However, the higher cost of living and the great number of population makes it harder for the tourists to easily access the tourist destinations. Hence, it requires proper planning and execution.
Japan is very ahead in the time zone so it is important to get accustomed to the Japan time in order to properly visit the places. The best way to travel Tokyo is to make use of the Japan railway passes so that the travel can be done on a cheaper fare. It is very important to check the costs so as to visit much more places. Moreover, it is important to choose the destination properly in order to save money and time. For example, if someone wants to enjoy the breath-taking view of the Tokyo skyscrapers, they can choose the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Centre, which has a free access. However, there are other options, which are more popular such as the Tokyo Tower or the Skytree, but access to these requires money. Tokyo Metropolitan Government centre allows the view of both these towers besides the entire Tokyo city.
The expenses saved from these destinations can used for savouring other attractions of the city such as the delicious crepes of Shibuya, buying traditional Japanese outfits or enjoying the exotic cherry blossoms around the city.
The cheapest and one of the comfortable ways to explore Tokyo and the adjoining places is via the Japanese Railways. The Japanese Railways connects every important places and provides immense convenience to the travellers. The most convenient way of travelling in the Japanese Railways is with the Japanese Railway card. The card which costs $250 lets one travel to any destination connected by the Japanese railways for seven days, which even includes the high speed bullet trains. The Japanese trains are known for their punctuality and always promises to provide the travellers an on time and comfortable experience. It is very important to plan out the journey beforehand so that the one can take proper steps to fill the gaps with substitutes. For example, if one is staying in Tokyo for ten days then a seven Japanese Railways card would not be available for three days and it also useless to buy a 14 day card for $500. If that is the case scenario, then one can take subways for accessing different city locations for the remaining three days. Subway fares are comparatively cheaper to other modes of travel and also provide a very good travel experience. The tickets are easily available from the ticket vending machines and are hassle free instruments of travelling throughout Tokyo.
Another thing that has to be kept in mind while travelling in Tokyo is that it is a cash-based country. As it has many visitors coming from the Western countries, they might have the idea of using credit cards for transaction. However, in Japan, credit cards are not accepted even in places such as Macdonald’s. It is important to understand that in a cash-based country like Japan, one has to always carry cash to avoid hassle-free transactions. The travellers should always check the cash every day and draw adequate cash from the ATMs and Post Offices and be prepared so as not to face any inconvenience. In addition to these the traveller should carry a credit card which doesn’t charge on international transactions such as Capital One. This measure is to be taken so as not to spending extra charges even for little amount of money. It is also to be remembered that the currency available from the ATMs are in the form of coins, so one must be ready to carry the coins and avoid inconvenience in travel.
The convenience stores are some of the most traveller friendly places in Tokyo. As the name suggests, the convenience stores are a heaven for the travellers as they provide comfort and convenience for the aid of the traveller. It is needful to say that one can get a tasty and nutritious meal for as cheap as $5 in the convenience centre. Saving money is the most important aspect of a traveller and the convenience stores are the perfect places to give the traveller an opportunity to do so. If one thinks that these convenience centres doesn’t provide the feel of a costly restaurant, then you are wrong. The nutritious meals are as tasty as that of a nice restaurant. Moreover, the ambient nature of the convenience centres, which plays soft music in the background, provides a rich experience for the travellers. The secondary feature of every convenience centre is the availability of ATMs which provides the traveller to easily draw money for spending. Food options such as sweet melon, hot coffee and bean jam bread are some of the many food alternatives in the convenience centres which are sure to provide refreshments to the travellers and at the same time allow them to save money and have a good and luxurious trip.
One of the most important aspects that has to be kept in mind by the traveller is that the difference of language plays a huge factor n Japan. Though it is not possible for every one to learn Japanese before coming to the country, it would be helpful to know certain key phrases which can help the traveller to interact with the local people. Language is not a big issue in the big places such as airports or railway stations where people are adept in English to answer the queries, so a traveller should save their queries for them.
Said all these, the most important factor is to enjoy the travel The final piece of advice is that though you can follow the above tips and tricks, it is always important to travel according to your own convenience. So, Happy Journey!
Writing a feature article requires expertise as it is different in style and objective than other informative article. It is important to understand that the feature articles are primarily wrote for leisure time reading and light moods hence, the writing style has to be free and not heavy.
The first aspect of a good feature article is to identify the medium for which the feature article is to be written. It is important to understand the viewpoint of the medium, and the target readers that it caters to (Hennessy 2013). A proper identification of the medium can help the writer to take a proper approach addressing the issue that is being talked about. For example, there are several mediums for feature articles such as advertorials, websites, newsletters, testimonials, freelance and other forms of online and print media. As it can be seen each of the mediums have their own target customers and at the same time have a different approach towards addressing the issue. The writer must be well aware of the medium for the proper justification of the writing abilities.
The main purpose of feature article is to provide information and entertainment at the same time. It is important to understand that these articles are written as light reads and to provide leisure to the readers (Goodall 2016). Hence it is not advisable to employ a heavy academic style to the article so as people would not be interested in the articles. The article should serve both the purpose of information and entertainment at the same time. It is advisable to use the journalistic style which allows the writer to have a more informal approach towards the objective and view the subject from a lighter point of view (Wright 2013). In an academic writing style, there are certain limitations of using certain informal or colloquial words which limit the emotion of the writer to a very formal attitude. In a journalistic approach, the writer can employ informal or colloquial words to give a better description of the subject and this helps the reader to get the true essence of the subject. Moreover, the writer has to be very genuine and descriptive about the subject so as to provide a detailed information about the subject (Charon 2012). The purpose of a feature article is to feature a subject or to provide information about a particular subject. Hence, it is very essential for the writer to research and gather specific and true information about the subject. This process can help the writer to address all the points required in the feature article and organise them accordingly to prepare a proper feature article.
A feature article shares different aspects with that of a news story. Though both of them, technically serves different purposes, it is important to to understand, that both serve the purpose of information through print media. A feature article like the news articles can highlight the aspects of conflict between the different subjects, the various aspects of human interest regarding the subject and the impact that the subject can have on the lives of others (Rich 2015). For example, the impact of travelling in a sustainable manner upon the travellers. Moreover, the purpose of a feature article like a news article is to bring the subject to prominence. This can be done by highlighting the major aspects of the subject and writing them in an interesting manner by judging the proximity and relevance to the life of the people that it addresses.
However, besides these similarities, it is also to be noted that the feature article shares many differences with the news articles. The structuring of the feature article is very different from that of the newspaper article (Wahl-Jorgensen 2013). Moreover, the approach towards the goals is different in both the medium. Likewise, the readers’ approach is also different in both the cases. The readers approach the news articles with a different goal and a feature article with a separate goal. As has been mentioned there is a difference in the structuring of the writing, it is important to note that the different structures help in the development of different article which are distinguishable from each other. The feature article has the unique aspect of including the viewpoint and opinions of the writer to make it more personal than the news article. The news article has to be an unbiased form of information while the feature article can express the writers’ viewpoint or recommendations.
The news articles focuses on recent events only and tries to highlight the breaking news to keep the readers updated with the latest developments in society or different other fields. The feature article on the other hand has the liberty to deal with any appropriate subject and develop them accordingly with information from the past and the present to make a complete informative piece about the subject (Wissman and Vasudevan 2012). The feature articles can highlight different personalities, historical events, pieces of adventure, seasonal information, explanatory approaches, and several subjects such as business, medicine, geography or international relations.
The primary style of writing a feature article is to be kept in mind to draw the reader completely into the stories. The basic intention of a feature article is to motivate the reader to read and complete the article (Brown 2013). Besides the entertainment part, the writing style should reflect the true message of the story. The beginning of the feature article should guide the reader specifically towards the primary objective of the story. The information should be more proportionately distributed along the whole article. Technically longer than news articles, the feature article should employ creative tools to make it more attractive in order to appeal to the customers.
Finally, it can be said that summing up is the most important part of the feature article, which summarizes the entire article in order to provide the reader the tail of the information. A final quote or statement serves the purpose of the article and lets the reader to reflect and think about the subject once again.
Brown, S., 2013. A blended approach to reading and writing graphic stories. The Reading Teacher, 67(3), pp.208-219.
Charon, R., 2012. Our heads touch: telling and listening to stories of self. Academic medicine: journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, 87(9), p.1154.
Goodall Jr, H.L., 2016. Writing qualitative inquiry: Self, stories, and academic life. Routledge.
Hennessy, B., 2013. Writing feature articles. Focal Press.
Rich, C., 2015. Writing and reporting news: A coaching method. Cengage Learning.
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Wissman, K. and Vasudevan, L., 2012. Re-writing the stock stories of urban adolescents. Reconceptualizing the Literacies in Adolescents’ Lives: Bridging the Everyday/Academic Divide, 160.
Wright, J.A., 2013. Animation writing and development: From script development to pitch. Focal Press.

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