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PPDI5039 Project/Placement Design And Implementation

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PPDI5039 Project/Placement Design And Implementation

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PPDI5039 Project/Placement Design And Implementation

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Course Code: PPDI5039
University: Greenwich School Of Management

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Country: United Kingdom


Build a portfolio of evidence using a range of methodologies and activities (log books; critical incident diaries; employer or supervisor feedback).
Identify and articulate the development of work related skills mapped to evidence drawn from either the project or placement.
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the background and context relative to the chosen project or placement opportunity.
Evaluate the effectiveness of preparation and planning undertaken prior to the placement or project implementation.

After you have agreed and signed off your Learning Contract, you are to complete the FT Portfolio programme and write an individual Project Report which must focus on the following.

A brief background and context of the FT Portfolio exercise, and the task and objectives that require decision-making and investor engagement;(guide: 10% of your word count/content)
To demonstrate how interaction with the FT Portfolio exercise wasorganised; (guide: 10% of your word count/content)
To assess the weekly stage-gate decisions made within the FT Portfolio, and the feedback gained from the FT Portfolio “dashboard” aboutshareholding performance and news and opinions (preparation, datacollection and analysis); (guide: 15% of your word count/content)
To discuss the skills that you developed interacting with the FT Portfolio; (guide: 15% of your word count/content)
To analyse and evaluate the decisions made, and the problems requiring solutions and the options that were taken, or not taken, within the FT Portfolio decision-making process; (guide: 20% of your word count/content)


Brief background and context of FT portfolio exercise
The simulation project is enabled each member of group to perform of the project related tasks. With help of the team members, I am able to deal with understanding of project activities as well as project objectives which I was provided program that is comprised of customer satisfaction. Throughout execution of this project work, I am able to manage the project tasks as per project plan that is required to finish the simulation project on time by focused on quality and timetable for the project goals. Collaboration among the project team members also help me and group members to finish the project work on time (Greasley, 2017). Communication among the project members and project manager helps me to track with project movement and each individual working.
The aim of this simulation project is to recognize learning requirements throughout this course. I am focused to meet with learning outcomes of programme throughout the university in addition practice based learning. This project work is based on demonstrate of interaction with FT portfolio exercise, stages required to make decisions related to FT portfolio and skills to be developed to interact with FT portfolio.
Demonstration of interaction with FT portfolio exercise 
I have set up with the societal issues which affect the customer satisfaction level that is included of breaking points as well as mission for the project work. There is required to have computed framework that help me to examine with arrangement for the customer related facilities. There is required to have execution skills for the project work as it helps me to put aside with the project goal help me to lead and redefine the project tasks required for the simulation project (Epiney et al. 2016). I will apply of transitional skills that will impel the progress towards the customer satisfaction that made inventive responses for the project issues.
Weekly stage gate decisions made within FT portfolio
The objectives of the execution stage is to direct as well as redefine the project simulation to explore of effectiveness for digitize the organization. Proper time management is required to make improvement for exploration of propositions and subside the project undertaking. The project colleagues are distinguished as well as united with the dispatch of the project undertaking. As an individual, I am engaged into the project simulation work as project manager (Sturrock, 2015). I am able to take of effective project related decisions so that I can start to create of schedules which are normal to the project tasks. With following of proper project schedule, I am able to complete the project activities on time so that I have avoided the project delay. The information gathering is started to create of schedule which are normal for the conventional groups, including of recurrence along with arrangements of the project gatherings (Montevechi et al. 2014). In addition to all this, I have ability to control as well as spaces of the project work which is normal to Gibbs model investigation approach, it is a key normal for real group, as characterized by gathering as well as group analysis.
Skills developed interacting with FT portfolio
I have examined aptitudes which are created to tackle the work related issues throughout the customer satisfaction activities that is being performed by me. It helps to solve the project work that is planned to perform the simulation work. I have performed and grounded on rationality of the project work with an understanding with the project related activities (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). As a project manager, I can manage the customer satisfaction level, which has covered all orders and piece of recreation related to the simulation project. I have taken novel requirements for undertaking of the group set up. This particular project work is helping me to solve relational abilities along with informative inclinations for the project related tasks.
I have solved of work based problems related to the project work. It is better perception of the essential part of correspondence in project work for my consumer loyalty. With the cognizance of the trade of network situated as well as focused segments in an area that will put social aptitudes at test for consumer loyalty. I encountered the think estimation before attempted the project objectives and key estimations, for example, time, cost, spending overpowers as well as so forth (Larson and Gray, 2015). FT portfolio is business related learning into essential zones of settling on of choices, advertise and additionally business investigation and administration of benefits, group working likewise goals of contentions. The present investigation is proposed of critical perceptions identified with utilization of learning contract for directing of configuration and additionally execution of FT portfolio (Meredith et al. 2016). I trusted that improvement of learning contract intended for assistance of procedures which permit the students for checking the instruction and separation of client training assets.
Analyse and evaluate decisions made and problems
In the project work, I have achieved of project goal as well as objectives so that I can communicate with the project team members related to purpose of this project. I have looked to finish the project work with better quality, proper time along with cost as I have follow a budget limitations (Jahagirdar, 2015). I am totally focused on the project objectives and aim so that entire project work is finished within estimate time as well as cost against the project courses over the time period.
The decisions which are made by me are as follows:

I have created capacities to distinguish as well as investigate the key factors which provide an impact on the project program along with project undertakings (Mason, 2015).
I have built with an intricacy of the project workings to share the project objectives with the project team members.
I am able to figure as well as adjust with the project procedures with providing an emphasis with project bottlenecks by undertakings inside of the project program.
I am also upgrade based on basic leadership by making a connections with utilization of the project assets and concern about the project execution (Boyer et al. 2014).
I am able to provide the project team members with reasonable encounters to cooperate with them and perform a critical thinking to take of proper project related community program along with undertaking of administration conditions.

Decisions which are not taken by me:

In this simulation project work, I have not performed any project rationales behind administration for the project tasks.
I have not followed the project life cycle as it is required to take after possessing with the project tasks and its activities (Chan, 2015).
There are less planning as well as controlling for the project activities which are performed to meet with the customer satisfaction levels.
There are no such management of risks into the project work so that there are possibilities of risks to be engaged into the project activities (Cunningham, 2017).
I have not focused on money related matter into the project work, therefore there are lack of budget and limitation of project cost can cause delay into the project activities.

Learning took from FT portfolio 
Lessons I have learnt from the simulation project
From this particular simulation project work, I have learnt to plan the project so that there are no possibilities of any project delay. I have focused on the project schedule such that I can able to manage the project tasks and finish all the project activities as per scheduled time and date. Along with the project schedule, I have also planned for the project budget so that there are no lack of budget to finish the work on time (Hutchinson, 2016). Project planning is main phase into the project work as without planning, no one can finish the project work within scheduled time as well as budget. A proper planning authorization is also required from the project manager so that the plan is being approved and changes are also done on time before staring to work into the project work. As simulation is a critical work, therefore without proper project planning, there are no chances to start with the project work (Khalil, Lawarrée and Rodivilov, 2018). I have managed all the project activities so that able to meet with deadline. The project resources as well as its working hour is also calculated based on the project activities. The resources are assigned to the project activities based on their ability as well as expertise to perform the project work to make it complete on time. I have learned to do planning which is undertaken prior to placement and project implementation related to simulation.
Gantt chart
In order to work with the project simulation, I have learned to use of Gantt chart to design of project related tasks. Into the simulation project, Gantt chart is used to show start as well as end date of the project work. It will help to demonstrate with arranged time as well as span to perform of specific project tasks and the blue bars shows the time required to complete each of the project activities. Gantt chart shows of graphical representation of time required to complete each activities (Nicholas and Steyn, 2017). It also shows start as well as end date of each activities along with its final time required to complete the project work.
Project supervisor learning
The project supervisor allots each of the project activities to various people by utilization with need to enclose the centre of the project work. The project is undertaking to finish it on time so that the project manager should keep in mind that the project should allot with an end goal that the assignment should meet with finishing time. The project schedule table shows the time required to finish the work and choose of each individual for each project activities (Nielsen et al. 2015). The objective is to choose of project supervisor those can able to supervise entire simulation project. The project work is related with demonstration of expenses for the standard hours, extra project time as well as slack hours (Otto et al. 2015). The project expenses can also fluctuate with starting one round to next.
Time constraints
In each of the project work, there are possibilities of constraints related to time as it is considered as main factor into any project work, proper maintenance of time is required to complete the project work on scheduled time. Finishing of project work on time helps the project manager to achieve of project gaols and objectives and also project success (Beaven, 2015). There are possibilities of additional time allocated to the project activities. Exchange of various project tasks into the project program is possible. The project supervisor can choose to outsource the project work so that the project can gain of success and meet with the customer’s expectations (Nawana et al. 2014). In conclusion, the project manager can exchange of money among the project work to prevent the occurrence of project budget constraints.
Leadership skills
In any project task, leadership skills is required to complete the work by concerning on basic leadership skills which are required in a project manager. The main objective of project team member is to convey the program on scheduled plan, spending time to meet with project deadline as well as maintain of quality level to meet with project goals. The cost is kept in the financial plan so that the project manager can finish the program by focusing on timeframe of the simulation project. As this particular project work is group based, therefore it is required to have proper management of the project activities by the project leader (Johnson, 2014). The project manager is leader of this project who can manage as well a handle the project activities. I have likewise directed of once in a while standard and week after week gatherings with the teacher. The project leader likewise gives and empowers of consistent input about advance of understudy into learning contract of the simulation based project. As aftereffect of this task work, I am ready to work of portfolio with scope of systems. I distinguished and explained of advancement of business related aptitudes mapped to confirm drawn from either the task or position (Nicholas and Steyn, 2017). This course examine additionally showed learning and comprehension of the foundation and setting in respect to the picked task or situation opportunity.
The objective of this project task is to finish the tasks as financially so that I can able to meet with the project goals. The outcome of this project task is accessed with aggregate cost, total hours spend to complete the project undertakings. The project supervisor is focused to enhance of proficiency with which its sub-venture project is advanced, considered with project criteria (Larson and Gray, 2015). I will make sure that the project tasks are remain on scheduled plan and conveyed with quality level. When the task is behind the project schedule, then the project administrator can accomplish with objectives to allow the extra time for the colleagues. Extra time is required for ordinary hours. The administrative of the project consults with the project manager to allocate the activities among the project members based on each member’s skills as well as expertise (Epiney et al. 2016). When it is required for the project planning, there are exchange of money among project input as well as output.
It is required to make changes into the basic leadership skills of the project manager so that the project work can gain of profit as well as profitability. For each of the project program, the project manager can track of quality, time as well as cost so that there is higher achievement of project profit in addition to success. In this particular study, there is use of FT simulation as a method pathway (Otto et al. 2015). The FT portfolio simulation is accomplished of start-up portfolio of the shareholdings besides aggregation with the clarification as well as examination of business trends. The benefit of simulation technique is that the understudies and guides helped into different courses all through the simulation training. It creates of self-assurance among them. This specific procedure connects the hypothesis with the instructing rehearses. It helps to study as well as analyse the teaching related issues.
The specialists are taken part being developed obviously content and in addition showing techniques, showing hypothesis part of this subject, coordination of position notwithstanding advancement of arrangement of agreement learning (Meredith et al. 2016). There is assessment of adequacy of learning methodologies. The activity explore approach is considered as reasonable for this examination since this approach is empowered the scientists to end up dynamic members into experience and encourage of understudies and at same time accumulation of information (Nielsen et al. 2015). The activity explore is considered of three stages, for example, arranging and in addition contract making, execution of learning contracts and assessment of viability of agreement learning. Exchange of numerous project tasks into the project sequencer is conceivable. The project supervisor can select to outsource the plan work so that the project can gain of accomplishment and encounter with the customer’s expectations.
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