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PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects For Commonwealth Games

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PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects For Commonwealth Games

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PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects For Commonwealth Games

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Course Code: PPMP20009
University: Central Queensland University

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Country: Australia

1. As the project manager in charge of delivering such as an important world sporting event:i. Identify and elaborate the following terms with regards to the event.a. Voice of the Customer (VOC)b. Critical to Customer Requirements (CCR)c. Critical to Quality parameters (CTQ)
ii. In what ways would you have implemented lean project management for this event?iii. Identify and elaborate processes from PMBOK, PRINCE2, Organisational Project Management, Agile Practices and Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC Methodology) that could support your lean project implementation

The Commonwealth Games 2018 are officially known as the Commonwealth games XXI and also known as Gold Coast 2018. This is an international event that takes place in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The event takes place between dates 4th April to 15th April 2018. The Australia has hosted this event for the fifth time and shown gender equality and presented an equal number of events for females and males (Byrne, 2013).
Managing Lean Project
Voice of the Customer (VOC)
Hosting the big event, Common wealth games 2018 offers the project manager with global esteem and repute towards social, cultural and economic benefits. For any big event to profit, the response of visitors plays a major role. This has an effect on increased tourism supply and demand. The management committee of the Commonwealth games needs to respond to the environmental risks and mitigate them. The majority of the rooms have booked for corporate, sponsors, media and delegates. The commonwealth games registered 31 percent more visitors and accommodation is in high demand. According to the past data, the Gold Coast has experienced an exponential increase in the tourist revenue. The commonwealth games have expected 132,000 visitors during the night events. Tourism is going to play a massive role in these events as modest increase is evident by the growth of tourists and construction taking place. The alignment of consumer behavior with the commercial events is mandatory (Sharma, Verma & Mehrotra, 2012).
Critical to Customer Requirements (CCR)
The Commonwealth games network need to provide essential services for the various games and mountain bike trailing. The surrounding environments and operating networks must be built on time. These are critical inputs for the project completion. Planning is required at every stage. At times, the project manager may find out there are recurring themes. A common pressure that develops on project managers is that of a stringent deadline (Gumede, Mazibuko & Msweli, 2017). The opening ceremony of Commonwealth games is fast paced and all have the same goal. The project manager must not get involved with the corporate environment. The Project Manager will be required to deal with the number of changes that occur on a daily basis. This can enhance the project complexity, but requires a lot of collaboration and communication. The project manager must surround itself with professionals and effectively delegate all the responsibilities. A single network is operated through which data and broadcasting services are managed. The network is operated through different locations and services are offered for more than 5000 athletes and officials (Dawson, 2014).
Critical to Quality Parameters (CTQ)
Effective planning is must for groundwork; the competition began in April 2018. A benchmark needs to be created through the global sporting event. The sponsors of the big event need to ensure that all the responsibilities are effectively ensured without any hitch. The project manager is the specialist skill from different units and facilitates collaboration of games with associated partners (Mishra, 2012).
The crucial aspect of the project manager is to provide the best experience of watching the uninterrupted games. These games will bring in four billion dollars into the state economy and create more than twenty thousand jobs. The project manager needs to focus on creating the digital backbone that will make an athlete run smoothly. The collaboration is required for the different business units and also volunteer groups. The process is complex, but requires passion and enabling voice of the customers. The audience must be able to enjoy the interrupted broadcasting service. The project manager must analyze the growing number of people and become budget conscious. The promotion of upskilling employment is another task which is crucial from the viewpoint of project manager. Community programs have been designed for achieving the goal and stimulating a civic pride (Beck, 2004).    
Implementation of Lean Project Management
Rationalization of perspectives is required for the creation of a process or event. The project manager needs to picture the effective project and minimize corporate bureaucracy. The right planning and approach to commonwealth games 2018 is utmost. A right balance must be present between the interpersonal relations. The focus must be objectives. The project manager must question everything, including the benefits and limitations. The Lean project management aims are an application of lean manufacturing, lean construction and lean thinking concepts towards the project management. The basic principle underlying the lean project management is delivering customer value and the elimination of waste within the project context (MacDonald & Hall, 2009).
The different practices of Lean project management are applicable to Commonwealth games 2018 are described in detail. The waste created during the overburden of a work or work load within a manufacturing system is eliminated through the lean. This is a systematic method that also reduces the work loads. Working with the objectives of client, lean approach makes necessary addition of value. For instance- Toyota production system has been identified as lean in 1990s. The company is massively focused for reduction of wastes and how it has provided the value to the customers. There are different perspectives to this approach on how to perform the best responsibility. The reduction of everything else that does not add customer value or product value is achieved through lean project management. The management philosophy is applied differently to various events and scenarios. It is the perspective that increases the overall customer value (Paton, Mooney & McKee, 2012). The norm of lean thinking is applicable to a project with different assessment of specific scenarios and principles may or may not be given equal importance. Last Planner technique and Kanban are two lean project management systems. The Kanban is being used in the manufacturing industry and utilized mainly for an underperforming team. The success of this approach lies in its surroundings and resulting into positive results. At present, the Kanban is widely utilized methodology for the management of responsive software development projects. The Last planning system is primarily used in the construction projects and emphasizes on pull and flow. It focuses on a collaborative approach in which people of all trades work together to build a work representation that is required to be accomplished (Singh, 2012).
For the past 2 decades, the corporate houses across the globe have been making experiments with big events like Commonwealth games. The project management theory which is referred to as “Just in Time” has been on a continuous experiment with relevance to cutting costs and diverting towards lean. For instance-The commonwealth games 2018 may be required to make Just in Time decisions at the last minute. These are also done in extreme instances and the project schedule is behind their respective date (Tait, 2007). Over the past 10 years, billions of dollars are poured into the construction of new shopping malls, roads and commonwealth games. The project manager must have conspicuous figures and map. This is how a project manager can keep track record of the urban planning. Gold Coast is a world class city that facilitates developments for tourist classes and has added a remarkable contribution. The volunteer groups must overview on the violation any laws. The deadlines are stringent and different project management techniques are applicable. Just in time may create vagueness on how the land can be utilized? Foremost, the different advantages must be weighed against the limitations. This can be effectively achieved by a test of placing the shopping center or a college on the same platform (Dubey, 2015).
The project manager must remain in complete control as and when required. The appointment of chief personnel is necessary aspect in the decision making process. The benefits gained through the economic activities and rebuilding efforts oversaw the increase in tourists from all over the globe. A senior management framework must be in place. The commonwealth game 2018 projects are complex and require the assistance of performers, sponsors, functional managers, project managers in a dynamic and complex setting. This is done for the achievement of organizational and project responsibilities. The project manager needs to analyze the extremes of controlling, documentation and plan at different stages. The project management approaches analyzes the different concepts wherein people counterattack calibration and conventionalism because of the burden. This enhances the risk of failure and creates bureaucracy at different levels. At times, the project manager needs to think twice on the expenses, time management and encouraging the creativity as well (Caligiuri, 2013).
A Commonwealth game 2018 has all its heart towards the improvisation of a team performance. The conflict arises in the minds of a delegate committee or sponsor’s where the responsibility is just relevant to formality. This must not be treated as pre-requisite. The lean project management concepts are focused on reducing the failures through an informal setting or environment. What is the appropriate solution to the occurrence of a scenario which reflects more than optimum level of wastes? The adoption of Lean management approaches is a crucial step taken towards the achievement of goals. This is accompanied with resilience and flexible elucidations. A close knit exists between the formal and informal environment which induces positive, negative or optimal level of output. What is the inter-linkage between a project and vastly regulated environment? The lean project management theory states that project managers must have credible belief towards the different approaches and must show adherence towards the optimization of resources. The insufficiency of non-performing a job with relevance to any project in a regulated environment does not act as the waste available in materialistic form, but requires a cost to be spent on being associated formally. The above stated scenarios require risk management and compliance with standards and duration of elimination of waste in a particular corporate culture (Jovanovi?, Mas, Mesquida & Lali?, 2017).  
Identification of Processes from PMBOK, PRINCE 2, Organizational Project Management and Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC Methodology)
The commonwealth games 2018 have been viewed with relevance to the theoretical concepts of organizational management. The project manager finds it almost impossible to structure all the processes from PMBOK, PRINCE 2, Lean six sigma, but has made an attempt to specify the pre-specified processes as inputs required in the projects. The PMBOK guide gives an insight on knowledge areas. A complete set of inputs and related activities which are to be undertaken for the completion of a project combined with required techniques and tools and assists in the realization of outputs. With relevance to a big event like commonwealth games, the project manager analyzes every single assembly line and details of the activities, representing the theme of different population groups. The project manager must encompass interpersonal skills and/ or specialization area to assess the project summary of the different processes, proposed within the management principles (Malgorzata Ali, 2016).
The complexity prevailing in an environment may or may not be same with events taking place in society. The organizational principle PRINCE 2 is applicable to a project undertaken with change management and application of integrated variables-Procedures, themes, norms, project environment needs. The theoretical based view for accountability to project manager is in close resemblance to the ideologies of resource based structure (Pang, 2016).
The building blocks of an organization or a project requires professional perception and management based integration at all levels. The initiatives can be taken not only just by the application of the PRINCE 2 or PMBOK, but also agile organizational theory and Lean Six Sigma practices. Enabling a mechanism within a project is a pre-requisite to understand the inter-linkages existing between processes, people and physical environment and addressing the issues (Francescato & Aber, 2015). The interaction takes place within an organizational setting from top to bottom or vice-versa. The agile organizational theory is based on understanding the dynamics of continuous changes and bringing flexibility in people and processes. Unjustified optimization of resources results in variation in standard and increased costs with relevance to a given project or event. The Commonwealth games 2018 lays emphasis on management based decisions which facilitate agile organizational systems and tailoring the processes as per the requirements. The structured guidance is a pre-requisite for decrease of risk and effective resource management. The project manager needs to demonstrate an explicit focus on minimization of waste and interlinking the standard variables with it (Voormann & Gut, 2008).   
The tolerance limit of a specific process must be described within a system and stated. Lean Six Sigma is a two-way team effort that systematically helps in the elimination of waste and drop in variation. The decrease in organization cost is depicted through the Lean Six Sigma. The elimination of a waste within the process requires solving problems with relevance to a product or service. The efficient management of providing resolution to a problem and adopting the methodical approach the methodical approach to alignment of service and manufacturing processes is Lean Six Sigma (Martinko, Harvey & Dasborough, 2010). The lean six sigma approach works for all the small, medium and large enterprise. The refining of a process and engaging people in improvement projects is an endeavor taken by an organization towards the lean six sigma theory. The project manager needs to have an awareness of the number of people and volunteer groups working on different projects. The human resource not only leads to reduce the expenses, but have a vital impact over the surroundings. The achievement of goals within an event like Commonwealth Games 2018 is largely accountable to the price and desire of the pursuant. By participating in an event like commonwealth games 2018, the participant or volunteer groups not only shows the confidence level, but delivers the capability of becoming significant assets. An organizational project management framework has been examined and lays emphasis on relationships that exist between the inputs and outputs (Thomas & Barton, 2011).
Gold coast hosts mega sporting event, being not the capital city of the country enjoys massive opportunities. The social media have changed the universal thought about the destination- Gold Coast. However, the city is enjoying generous benefits with respect to increased awareness and repute. The project manager needs to be critically decisive when modeling the tourist performance. The common wealth games 2018 have undergone a major improvement, which clearly reflects the agile organizational theory. The extensive assets are required to be managed within a 12 day event. This raises imprints towards the challenges that are in congestion with profitability and achieving the limits. The real-estate majorly benefits because of the price increase of land and availability of a foreign currency at large. A word-of-mouth publicity makes a long lasting impact on the tourists. The focus should be on improvising the public transport and commercials. The latter owes a major credit for attracting the tourists and heavily impacting the business hubs of Australia (Gibbons & Burgess, 2010).
The Commonwealth game’s commercials 2018 are targeted at sporting events and establishment of links with communities. What is the overall expenditure done on Commonwealth Games 2018? The experience of past sporting events reflects an image about the number of tourists and provides an assessment on complete statistics. The project manager needs to understand the target market and actual outcomes received in the form of cash. Mapping of opportunities and making informed decisions is crucial at every stage. The project manager needs to anticipate the changes in operating environment and minimizing the negative impacts. The management of staffing is a big concern for the project manager (Nicoletti, 2013). There are alternative options available for the recognition of opportunities at the commonwealth games. The benefits must be analyzed at coordinated levels. The project manager must draw a plan for the business delegates and respective promotions. Formulation of strategies is a prerequisite that can encourage patrons to enjoy the competition events.
Understanding the macro and micro level factors that have an impact on the Commonwealth games 2018. The strategy must be aimed at maximizing the number of tourists and profitability through impulse buying techniques. The project manager needs to get involved with planning and action plans. Online media can assist the sponsors of the event to get a marginal return. The social media must generate awareness about the destination familiarity and emphasize on generating the memorable experiences. The project manager needs to draft the digital strategy to not only provide the continuing benefits. The focus is also on the participation of firms and consumer engagement with these mega sporting events and capitalization of returns from the tourism industry (Karthi, Devadasan & Murugesh, 2011).   
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