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PPMP20009 Managing Lean Project

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PPMP20009 Managing Lean Project

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PPMP20009 Managing Lean Project

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Course Code: PPMP20009
University: Central Queensland University

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Country: Australia

i.Identify and elaborate the following terms with regards to the event.a.Voice of the Customer (VOC)b.Critical to Customer Requirements (CCR)c.Critical to Quality parameters (CTQ)ii.In what ways would you have implemented lean project management for this event?iii.Identify and elaborate processes from PMBOK, PRINCE2, Organisational Project Management, Agile Practices and Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC Methodology) that could support your lean project implementation.
Business Idea: Nutrition based startup.
Nutrition has been an issue of concern over the years due to the different health problems that arise due to wrong foods and nutrition. Unhealthy food lifestyle has been the norm for many hence forgetting the implications of such in their future lives (Hartmann, Siegrist, & van der Horst, 2013). The fast-food business has risen to be a multi-billion-dollar industry due to the demand for such foods. For example, burgers, soft drinks, chips, hot dogs and fried chicken. The fast foods are not wholly a problem, but the frequent consumption of the foods. Business people, students, and workers have preferred the unhealthy nutrition lifestyle without thinking of their future outcomes. Besides, the “modern diet” is considered to contain high levels of sodium, cholesterol, and fat which when eaten over long periods of time can lead to problems such as obesity, blood pressure, and heart diseases. Young people have been the most affected since they are targeted the most by fast food companies (Lowry, Wechsler, Galuska, Fulton, & Kann, 2002). For example, McDonald’s branded entertainment campaigns have always targeted the young people with mouthwatering food products (Teinowitz, 2005). According to research, junk to food has resulted in depression in about 60% of teenagers due to effects on the hormonal change.
Reason for the business idea.
The nutrition-based startup will be instrumental in aiding people develop a constructive and healthy lifestyle. The company’s vision is promoting health through professional health programs. The company will be based on providing its nutritional supplements, education campaigns on schools and campuses on the need for a healthy lifestyle, health fitness programs and provision of dietary programs. This means the nutrition-based startup will operate as a brand of its own and develop its products and services. Besides, in relation to the business idea, partnerships with hospitals will be crucial in offering services to patients who are already suffering from dietary based diseases.
In addition, the cost of unhealthy foods is also high hence being an issue (Cecchini et al., 2010). It has been proved that whole foods are cheaper than unhealthy foods. According to a 2013 study, people who have been educated and trained on health and nutrition will have a lessened desire for the junk foods. Therefore, education campaigns offered by the company will be an added advantage to educate more people.
According to a Gallup poll, junk food is still the main staple food for the American people. Over the years, the junk food intake has reduced slightly, but still, a few have not yet eliminated the intake entirely. According to statistics, about 28% of Americans visit a local fast food restaurant once every week (McCarthy, 2013). Another 33%, admitted visiting the restaurant twice or once a month. This means that a majority of Americans still prefer junk food over whole foods. 
Therefore, the business idea on nutrition will be of a significant impact since more people will benefit from the educational programs, supplements provision, and medical programs. This will help build a great community and increase confidence in healthy eating programs.  
Benefits of the business idea.
The business idea will help promote healthy living, healthy eating habits and better development of educated individuals in the community. The extended benefits can be grouped into the following:

Combatting diseases.

Healthy habits are instrumental in preventing heart conditions such as stroke, high blood pressure, and also heart diseases (Gortmaker et al., 2011). Through the supplements, dietary programs, and educational programs, individuals will be able to prevent blood pressure and cholesterol or keep illnesses within a safe range. Besides, a range of diseases such as diabetes, depression, arthritis, and metabolic syndrome can be entirely prevented hence promoting the development of the healthy lifestyle (5 Benefits of Healthy Habits, 2018). On the long run, the productivity of individuals will increase tremendously.  

Saving money on life insurance.

Insurance rates are based on health and age. However, being that everyone is required to be covered by health insurance, a healthier lifestyle can prevent double costs of insurance (Glover, 2016). For example, if someone is obese, the insurance costs can double up. Therefore, the nutrition business idea will be instrumental in aiding people to develop a healthy lifestyle hence preventing high expenses on life insurance.

Regulation of weight.

According to statistics in the United States, about half of the Americans are obese. The obesity has contributed to one death in every five Americans. Reducing body weight is essential since it helps lower blood pressure, risks to type 2 diabetes and also improve cholesterol levels (Willett et al., 2006). Through the dietary programs, individuals will be guided on better diets. For example, replacing soda with water, vegetable instead of chips and lastly salad instead of fries. This will not only help individuals develop normal weight but will also help save money.  

Mood Enhancement.

According to scientists, what one eats impacts the brain majorly on areas that regulate moods. Even though there is no proven food that acts as an antidepressant, maintaining constant blood sugar levels and balanced nutrition promotes better moods. Besides, foods rich in vitamins and minerals ensure lower risks of depression (Glover, 2016). Also, the general wellbeing of a person promotes better-thinking capability only if a healthy eating pattern is in place. The nutrition-based startup will be instrumental in ensuring individuals learn of this information through the educational programs so as to ensure they take care of themselves.
Proposed business model
The nutrition-based startup will include the following elements in its business model. They include;

Key partners

The nutrition-based startup will involve key partners who ensure the business operations flow efficiently. The include; hospitals, suppliers, other nutritional brands, delivery companies, social media influencers, and fitness experts. Combining all the key partners will also ensure the objectives of the business are achieved effectively.

Key activities

The nutritional-based startup will involve a range of activities in its operations hence being able to meet the needs and expectations. They key activities will include; dietary prescription through both artificial intelligence and nutrition experts, wellness and fitness program, customer and partner relationship, social media campaigns to promote healthy habits, and both offline and online shopping for selling supplements and other products.

Key resources

The nutrition-based startup will include different resources that will ensure the smooth flow of services. The resources to be employed will include; financing partners, whole foods inventory, nutritionists, customer development team, manufacturing equipment for preparation of supplements, and event organizers.

Value preposition.

Fast foods are causing different long-term effects on people who continually consume them. Over the years, people are looking for better ways to improve their eating habits and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the nutrition-based startup will conveniently be able to cover these needs and expectations.
The nutrition-based startup will be able to conveniently deliver dietary programs, nutrition-based education, supplements and fitness programs to different individuals. Accessibility of the products will either be through online or offline means.

Revenue streams

The nutrition-based startup will operate as a brick and click business model. Brick and click business model refer to a business model that integrates both offline and online presence (Why Brick-and-Click Retailers are Finding Success, 2018). Therefore, revenue will be acquired through sales of products online or offline stores. This will ensure the diverse needs and expectation of customers are met.

Customer segment.

The startup’s target will be the entire market group. This includes; babies, teenagers, adults, old folks and corporate customers as well. This will develop the vibrant development of healthy lifestyles. 
The channels will include; mobile application, online websites and partnership with other nutrition brands.  

Customer relationship.

The startup seeks to develop a long-term customer relationship. This is because the company will be interacting with the customers frequently to get feedback and future dietary programs they would love to use.

Cost structure

About 90% of new businesses startups fail in the first three years due to lack of understanding of the costs involved. The cost structure of the startup will be divided into four categories. They include; R&D, Sales and marketing, educational programs and campaigns and lastly manufacturing operations. Understanding these costs will ensure the nutrition-based startup is able to grow after its inception.
Critical success factors to be managed during the execution of an idea.
When it comes to starting a business, the first element that is considered is an idea. However, the execution of the nutrition-based startup will be dependent on a set of elements. The execution of the idea can either promote success or failure depending on different underlying factors. For example, when Google launched its interactive web search, the tool had already been implemented by other companies (Success factors for a startup, 2018). However, due to Google’s execution of its idea, nothing crippled its success. The different success factors to be managed in the execution of the idea include; 
Leadership is an instrumental factor since it inspires people to work smarter and harder (Success factors for a startup, 2018). The success of the nutrition startup will be dependent on the high-level decisions made. The decisions made will be of great assistance when it comes to setting the vision for the company. The right leadership will ensure the business idea is not put into jeopardy hence being an essential ingredient for success.

The plan.

Considering a business plan will also be of immense value since it will expose different elements such as operational, marketing, sales, and financial information. For the nutrition-based startup, ensuring strategic decision are met effectively will be dependent on the business plan. Besides, chances of acquiring capital investment will increase drastically (Florén, Frishammar, Parida & Wincent, 2018). Also, when executing the idea, having a description of the products and services, market trends and competition will be advantageous in establishing the niche quite well.

Funding strategy.

Determining the sources of funds to establish the idea will be crucial. This is because the idea will be meaningless without funds for launching the idea. For example, the nutrition-based startup will require huge funds since its volume of operation is also massive (Success factors for a startup, 2018). Therefore, knowing and developing relationships with potential funders who have an interest in the idea will be crucial to the success of the idea.

Growth strategy.

Before an idea is executed, understanding the growth strategy is essential (Sukhov, 2018). This will display the trend that the idea will flow in. Besides, lack of vision of the idea will reduce the viability of the idea. This is because, even after the idea is executed and something negative happens, without a growth strategy, it will be easy to drop the idea and choose another. Managing the nutrition-based startup growth strategy will ensure the business has a direction and a path on where it needs to go. Therefore, growth of the business after the execution of the idea will be smooth. 
Timing will be crucial in ensuring the success of the nutrition-based startup. Any brilliant business model or great idea can fail if the consumers are not ready for the idea since they may adopt the system (Success factors for a startup, 2018). However, for the nutrition-based startup, the idea of nutrition will be a success since it’s a season whereby people are looking for better ways to promote healthy lifestyles.
Evaluation of the feasibility of the business idea.
Before investing heavily in a business idea, it is essential to consider the viability of a business idea (Arvanitis & Estevez, 2018). Since there is no guarantee that an idea is viable and it must succeed, conducting a feasibility test on the idea will be crucial. For example, conducting thorough market research will be important in determining whether the idea is worthwhile to be invested on. The feasibility of the nutrition-based startup can be analyzed through the evaluation of different aspects, and they include;

Examining the demand for nutritional products and services.

Potential demand is critical to the success of any venture. According to the market conditions, the startup has a great potential for growing demand over time. As people are being educated, they are applying change to their lifestyle slowly by slowly hence creating a demand that is continually increasing. For example, according to the Ipsos Food Chart in Australia, food eating habits are changing drastically thus the nutrition startup will be viable (Compare the Market, 2018). 

Examining competitors.

Identification of likely competitors is vital since one is able to determine different types of pricing, and marketing strategies used. (Evaluating the Feasibility of your New Idea, 2017). The market currently has various nutritional companies competing over a wide range of products and services. However, the nutrition-based startup business idea has incorporated a range of operations hence making the company unique. Being able to cover different elements at the same time will promote success.

Determination of prices.

Getting prepared to meet the price offerings of customers is also important in developing a long-lasting relationship with consumers (Evaluating the Feasibility of your New Idea, 2017). However, being that whole foods are quite cheaper than fast foods, the nutrition-based startup will be able to set affordable prices. Prices are crucial since they determine if the consumers will stick to a particular brand.

Examining if the idea meets the needs of customers.

Companies can build awesome ideas, but customers are the determinants of whether the idea will perform or not. The nutrition-based startup is critical in meeting the needs of diverse customers. Therefore, through designing different packages, meeting customer needs will be possible. Besides, through events, direct customer interaction will be essential in understanding the needs of consumers and meeting them in future dates will also be possible.   
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