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PROJ6009 Business Process Management

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PROJ6009 Business Process Management

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PROJ6009 Business Process Management

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Course Code: PROJ6009
University: Laureate International Universities

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Country: United States

Identify and associate the BPM pillars in each phase
Samsung is mainly conscious of its accountability for presentation robust management in the age of the fourth manufacturing revolution. Samsung is well aware of the growing demand of the potential customers (Ariyachandra & Frolick, 2008). Hence it has invested it time and money in technology in the form of Business Process Management is also known as the backbone of all organizations. Samsung want to attain a stable growth of expensive, culture and situation through business’ commitment and worth creation. One of the main competencies commonly used by Samsung is BIZ flow BPM software which provide various features of investigate the business process as a result of which it has lower down the efforts of employees in work place and have saved lot of time related to business operating. This software has made business operation very easy by clearly describing the rule and regulation of the operation (Jeston, 2014).
Objective of Implementing BIZ Flow in Samsung
BPM clasps that business processes continually develop due to both structural change and technical change. As per study Samsung should do every possible thing in their control to line up persons with procedure to significantly improve employee efficiency. As a result, Samsung want a “BPM” that ropes fast alteration and makes nimble applications. The application of BIZ Flow delivers precise exploration and robust decision-making control to handle any kind of specific problem connected to business operation. BIZ flow or BPM empowers Samsung to enhancing its business operation which provides the Samsung to be one step ahead from other organizations in the business by dividing its approach in two phase, one is “activity based approach” and other is “objective based approach” (Macedo et. al, 2014). As all software organization has recognized the power of data science. Similarly, BIZ flow is based on real time optimization of method implementation, provide enhancement behind the expectation of the Samsung that can trigger communicating or automated process alterations.  
Driving forces of BIZ flow or BPM
 For any change or alteration there is always some reason which act as driving force for this change. Similarly there are some driving forces which have forced Samsung to adopt BIZ Flow as their main member. As per study in 2015 Samsung was facing lot of issues. One issue was related to customer service, upgrading of technology as well as infrastructure related issues to the Samsung, cost occupied by daily operations, issues related to the productivity of the employees and finally maintain Samsung position in this business market.
Phases in implementing BIZ Flow
There are five stages in BIZ flow system implementation in the organisation:
Planning of BIZ Flow
In this first stage all the business operation is properly assessed and evaluated by the upper management of the Samsung. Then a team is  formed which works as the supervisor to evaluation the area with in the Samsung where this BPM can be used which can later develop a set objective which will guide the Samsung in operation as well as in formation of business plan.
Exhibiting and Recreation
As per study it is important that a company must be aware of capabilities of the BPM software before it implements the software. Hence, the team tries to find out all possible aspects of the software and according develop the program under which related people are being trained on the necessary platform (Khan, 2017). Then this team tries to assess all the manual of the operation and then selects the best option related to objective of the Samsung. After all analysis a standard operating procedures is formed and then all the present data of the business is redesigned with related to the BIZ flow.
Implementation of BIZ Flow
It has been seen that many times BPM software fails to fulfil the expectation of the organization. This happens not because of improperness in the software but it happens because of its wrong implementation (Mesly, 2017). Hence, proper execution of the system is essential for successful BIZ Flow application. The members of this team should have good hand of experience related to this system so that they can conduct trials until they will not get satisfied.
Monitoring of BIZ Flow
Monitoring plays very important role behind the success of any process. Here team transforms all the data in to a logical table with the help of spread sheet formation which is shaped with the help of gathered data. Then this collected data is entered in this system and a proper eye is kept on the output. As per study of 2016, data serves as the life line of any organization, it is very important to explore this data with full concentration to connect all possible activity aspect of the Samsung.
In 2017, Samsung will endure with ‘Infill & Growth’ assignments in world to enlarge service exposure and system capacity while growing the submission of diverse system quality management solutions. BIZ Flow provider update their software with some new features which are very useful.  Once this BIZ Flow BPM is implemented in the Samsung, employees should not feel free from their all responsibilities because this software demands regular updating. As software’s are made from definite codes and programming which remain sustainable up to sometime. After its validation is over everything in the system will start coming on its previous position. BPM is continuous process of material optimization and a method to ensure that happens.
As Samsung declares it a wisdom corporation and are dedicated to enlightening all-round enactment year upon year. The previous year was surely a challenging one but Samsung have banked priceless knowledge from it. For the better use of this BIZ Flow BPM software Samsung requires preparation, outstanding message, and efforts of the team.
Threats connected to BIZ Flow BPM
There is always threat to the technology related to data theft and hacking. Hence, implementation of BPM software also brought many threats for the Samsung. Following are some of the threats:
Rigidity Risks
As software is actually formation of programming and codes which gives it a fixed shape. But today is the need of flexibility that can stand any change. Hence, BIZ FLOW BPM allows the organization like Samsung to apply or customized package in which the software is being developed according to the requirement of the organization (Unertl, 2011). As BIZ FLOW BPM suite comes with the facility of flexible character in which the software can be customized according to the situation. Hence it is the duty of the team to understand all requirements of the Samsung which can be fit in to this system. The application of this process should be adoptable.    
High-tech Risks
Today every organization is looking for that technology which can remain for long time so that organization will be able to save their investment for buying it year after year. But, nothing in this world is permanent, so as is the case with this BIZ Flow BPM software system that they are not for the life-time rather they will definitely be absolute after a certain period when new and advanced technology will be launched (Fu, Chen & Zhang, 2012). This risk should not be overlooked by the organisation like Samsung; only updates of the current system can handle this risk. But after some time the Samsung has to take on new BPM tool for the business process advancement. 
Workforces resist against change
 Resistance is known as the second face of the any change. As per survey employee who has worked in old work pattern and have no clue of technology; always resist the implementation of it without knowing the benefits of technology (Paschek, Draghici & Lvascu, 2018). They always have a fear to change their life style related to their personal as well as professional life. Hence, it is the duty of the Samsung management to make these people aware of the advantage related to this technology with the help of teaching through various methods.
Combination Let-down
Samsung sustainability strategy targets to form incorporated values. Notably, Samsung identified aims that are extremely significant to businesses operations and are examining impact. Every organisation currently are working on software like ERP management software and if this BIZ Flow BPM software failed to mix up with these systems, then there are many chances that BPM application is more likely to fail. BIZ Flow BPM provides such features that permits organisation to simply transfer data from ERP software to BIZ FLOW BPM.   
Business Process Analytics in Samsung
Business Process Analysis
Business Process Analysis (BPA) is known as an exploration of numerous corporate operation and procedures or sequence of connected task. Samsung has typical optimization roles such as instinctive neighbour relative, capacity attention optimization and cell outage recompense. They also have exclusive features counting drive test optimization and feeler incline optimization. BPA features guarantee an extraordinary quality processes management of Samsung. They also have keen scheduler that displays all cells and unifies material management. This increases the design of distribution in order to exploit data. BPA uses methods such as automation of work and virtual reality and mining, and the organisations like Samsung management advance a deep insight into both present and future of the operations (Groover, 2008). The business process analytics offers a bottomless vision into numerous Samsung practices related to its investors such as process members, workforces, managers, decision-makers etc. 
Instruments and methods Used in BPA incorporated with Samsung
A huge pond of investigators was shaped to recognise reasons of the operation downfall that affected the Samsung business process. The investigations were propelled across the whole procedure system, from customer needs to all phases of final service and particular confirmations with YAWL. Yet Another Workflow Languages (YAWL) is a work frame founded on workflow designs that is functioning on exploration of workflow administration and workflow vernaculars used in numerous business procedures in the Samsung. YAWL is reinforced by this software systems that contains and performance device (Hofstede, et. al., 2010). The YAWL was established by the Eindhoven University of Technology (EUT) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The Petri nets expected to be an alternate of YAWL. The creators of YAWL consider taking Petri webs as a preliminary point and spread this solemnize with the three major concepts, specifically or-join, termination sets, and multi instance-activities (JianHong, 2010). The YAWL supports for advanced resource allocation rules, including four –eyes principle and changed execution.   
Multiple security strategy features were approved even from the service planning phase, which ensued in the adding of a device that alleviates data when users drop their requirements. Additionally, safety algorithms were included concerning currents situations in the form of BPMN. Business Process Model Notification (BPMN) is a method of BPA that it used by Samsung which was established by Business Process Management Initiatives (BPMI) that delivers exploration of dissimilar corporate procedures by a graphical representation in a Business Process Diagram (Shapiro, et. al., 2011). The mainly objective of BPMN is to deliver assistances in exploration of many business procedures of Samsung in both practical customers and business customers. The BPMN specification also delivers a plotting between the graphics notation and fundamental reasons constructs of execution vernaculars, mainly Business process execution languages (Rosemann & Brocke, 2014).
Possible encounters through Implementing these instruments and methods in Samsung
It is grounded on Samsung trust of ‘accountability through the service lifecycle’ and ‘conducting policy’ that Samsung function a source reprocessing controlling system to minimalize any negative influence through the whole procedure of service development and discarding. The Samsung may have to face various challenges and difficulties during the application and operation stage of these logical tools. Addition of pre-existing systems is problematic mission during the application and operation procedure in the corporate organisation. It is not easy to organize all the business methods with the system automation for Samsung (Mandelling et. al, 2017). Fears of Job loosing within the workforce arises because some automaton system result in layoff of workforces from the organisation and that force them to repel this change. It is significant to achieve honest exploration and observing of cost and efficiency benefits. This wants pre-automation set criteria that serve as a standard for the future automation process results, and it could easily be compare with the past performance.
Chances for enhancements in BIZ Flow BPM
Samsung management can reduce the recruitment and training cost of new employees and it can also be supportive in improving the efficiency of different business process in the organisation because It is important to involve both human and technology in a combined fashion for the betterment of the organization like Samsung. Samsung is a place where people work together with having different levels from various countries. Hence involve the dissimilar level of peoples in business process automation and provide training to function such automation systems will result in overall growth of the Samsung (VomBrocke & Sinnl, 2011).
Feasibility Exploration of Smearing Process Enhancement Tools
In this Samsung joint team analysis and computes the planned project or system that has to be applied in the organization. A corporate organisation like Samsung has to form the viability of applying a BPM enhancement system on the following basis:
Practical Feasibility
This facility aims to permit for the upgrading of data jumble that endlessly improves  by involving both human and financial aspect are considered during practical feasibility .The practical feasibility study helps the Samsung to analyse the practical capability of the corporate organisation like Samsung that can handle the plan application or not (Georgakellos & Marcis, 2009).
Lawful Feasibility
Determined by the dream to supplying customer pleasure through service quality and innovation, Samsung intentions is to make best use of client value and advance publics’ excellence of life to eventually contribute to the development. Team reviews and examines that whether the planned system clashes with the lawful requirements. As an example the data processing system in BPM software is not fulfil with the domestic data security regulations then it fitting of this system in the organisation will be illegal.
Monetary Feasibility
If the price of the software is too high that could not be likely for the organisation to attain in next few years, then it will be unusable for the Samsung to implement costly BIZ Flow BPM system in the corporate organisation. The monetary feasibility helps the Samsung to measure the total price of applying a new BPM system in the organisation. The organisation like Samsung measures the price and advantage exploration after the suggestion of applying a new business development system in the organisation.
Operative Feasibility
Samsung describe the values of facility as well as procedures while involvement them with all worldwide firms through Samsung-wide effort standard system with a goal to deliver classical uniform services. In this analysis team concentrates on at what degree the planned system achieves in the existing business atmosphere and how well it will accomplished work in achieving the overall activity as well as objective based approaches of the Samsung. 
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