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QAC020C154S System Analysis And Design

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QAC020C154S System Analysis And Design

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QAC020C154S System Analysis And Design

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Course Code: QAC020C154S
University: University Of Roehampton

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Country: United Kingdom


On successful completion of this module students will be able to
1.Demonstrate a broad understanding of the knowledge base of systems analysis and design concepts, and their terminology and discourse, including awareness that areas of this knowledge base are open to ongoing debate and reformulation, thus fostering a socio-technical approach to the analysis and design of systems;
2.Identify and apply principles and concepts underlying the theoretical frameworks highlighted in this module, and demonstrating an ability to identify their strengths and weaknesses in an analytical fashion;
3.Evaluate and collect information from a variety of authoritative sources to inform a choice of solutions to standard problems highlighted in this module, by applying the techniques learnt in a business context and evaluating the design decisions;
Evaluate the reliability of data and information provided in this module, using pre-defined techniques and/or criteria, including an understanding of object oriented systems theory in a wider context.
You are required to analyse the requirements of the new system and design the main components (e.g. overall system use case, class diagrams, interaction, sequence and collaboration diagrams) for Cheltenham Football Club. You should demonstrate a broad understanding of Object-Oriented design principles and UML techniques and you should apply them on the design of the following components:  

Use case diagram

Show one use case diagram with all primary use cases for the football club system. Remember that the system box only appears on the top-level diagram (i.e. football club system) and should contain use case ovals for all primary use cases such as register member, update member details etc.
Detailed use case description for two primary use cases stated in your overall case diagram such as members’ data registration and update, etc.  
Brief description for all other use cases  

Conceptual class diagram

Show conceptual classes, associations with names (e.g. player class), functions (e.g. register), and significant attributes such as in player class you would have player name, age and id.
Show generalization, abstract conceptual classes, association classes, and aggregation if applicable
Provide a brief description of all conceptual classes and main attributes

Interaction diagrams

Include boundary and control classes needed for the interaction diagrams
Sequence and collaboration diagram for a specific process e.g. how to issue an overdue return notice, fine, and/or exclusion from the football club system.
Activity diagram for a primary use case such as record training session.     
Describe the proposed designs and justify your decisions for the interactive diagrams.


Explain your role as a system analyst in the Cheltenham Football Club Information System Project. Explain how did you use the OO approach in designing the system and clarify the benefits of using the relevant UML diagrams in your design. Remember to address the advantages and disadvantage of OO paradigm and give examples as appropriate and cite your work properly. (500 words)
Role as system analyst in Cheltenham Football Club Information System project:

Develop a system help in running the program in daily activities of the club
Putting a well organized record to ease retrieval of the information such as records for the players in the club
Develop system solution by evaluating the project workflow information like registration of new members, update of the existing details allowing modifications
Analyze the functional requirements of the system such as enter details of club member, modification in player details, and delete the details of member (Valacich, George and Hoffer 2014).
Work with clients to rationalize the business needs of Cheltenham Football Club

Use of OO approach in designing the system
While designing a system, object oriented approach is selected to capture structure and behavior of the information system which merges data as well as process.  OO apprach is used to modify quality as well as productivity of system analysis.  OO is iterative stage of system analysis which are taking place throughout software development life cycle. It aims to model functional needs of software while it meets with potential requiremnets of proposed football club system.  This approach combines behaviours and stages of analysis processes rather than split into various stages and methods (Dennis, Wixom and Tegarden 2015). The process of OO approach is extenson of system analysis process that preceded with implementation of the project constraints.
Benefits of using UML diagrams in the design
UML is recognized platform for designing proposed system. The architeture of system is provided with a framwork on which efficincy of system is based on. This diagram is used to model application struture, and business processes.  There is used of UML diagrams in the coursework 1 such as use case diagram, class diagram, sequence, activity and collaboration diagram.
Use case diagram describes system behaviour from point of view of user (Antoniou 2016). The user cases for the diagram are player name provide details of personal team player, login details where the user can enter username, password fom which the system is granted access, registration where the user provides details from an account to create, update use case where the member can enter username, password from which the system can access, game cancel where the member searches for the game to cancel.
Class diagram models the class structure and content with use of design elements like classes and objects. The Cheltenham Football club member management system has player who can create account, check for the details and make payment. The staff can displya actions to do including adding new members, deleting a member from the existing list and generate a report for every three months. The coach can add new game, train the players, cancel the scheduled game and make update for player presence. The game can display that the games are played.
Sequence diagram shows time based dynamics for interacting among objects. There are two sequence diagram for registration and dismissing a player.
Collaboration diagram shows interaction around objects and links to other. The system can validate user that provides assurance to access to other system functionalities. The members can manage, update to queries like member search, player search using search functionalities.
Activity diagram shows flowchart of completing the actions within source states.  From the activity diagram, it is reviewed that match details are coming as first option from which the staff member can chack for availiability of game. After validation of game, the players can approved. It is evaluated that the staff member can update details of game and print final report.
Advantages and disadvantages of OO paradigm
Advantage of OO paradigm is improvement over software development efficiency. Objects are reused among the applications based on three factors like modularity, reusability along with extensibility. OO pardigm improves over maintenance of system. Reuse enables quicker developmnet of system. This paradigm comes with rich libraries of the objects and code is developed through the project is reusable (Azar and Vaidyanathan 2015).
Disadvantage of OO paradigm is that OO programs are involved more lines of code than the procedural programs. It is slower as compared to procedural based programs as it is required more commands to perform. OO paradigm is not suitable for all problems as it results in ineffectivee programs (Montgomery 2017). The thought process related to OO paradism is not natural for people. It is critical to create programs based on interacting the objects. The key programming process like inheritance is a challenge to comorehend.
List the key lessons you learned from this project. Clarify what you would do differently if you repeat it and how you can improve the areas, which did not go well. Suggest a suitable Software Development Methodology to use to develop the system you designed? Remember to justify your answers(500 words)
The key lessons learned from the Cheltenham Football Club management system project are:
1.Before start working in a project related to develop of Football club management system, it is required documentation and developed the system with analysis and design.
2.I have learned to evaluate the functional requirements of the system, which is main aspect before commencement of development process.
3.I have drawn the user case documentation with reviewing the possible user cases for the Football Club management system.
4.I have evaluated the user case for staff login, player registration, staff registration, coach registration, modification in member details, searching player, cancelling the game, report generation, payment and view account.
5.I have learned to develop various classes, which can display entire structure of member management system for Cheltenham Football club.
6.I have learned that a sequence diagram is required to predict sequence of each aspect in scenario throughout logical process.
7.I have also evaluated a system activity diagram for understanding processes required to undertake.
8.When a new system is developed, at first I do add logging as well as handling of errors (Oinas-Kukkonen and Harjumaa 2018).
9.By missing the peer review, the system developer losses opportunities to be learned from the mistakes and successes along with experiences of colleagues.
The areas are improved by planning for knowledge experiences, which use technologies for promotion of problem solving, interaction, communication, and higher thinking. The learning opportunities provide the student for collaborating and improving achievement of student. I look for opportunity in order to increase learning over the student.
The software development life cycle (SDLC) is referred to framework, which is used to plan, and control processes for development of information system. The selected SDLC methodology is agile methodology. It is combination of incremental processes to be focused on customer satisfaction by delivery of software products. This model believes that each project is required to handle distinguish and existing methods required to tailor with project requirements (Rechtin 2017). This model is popular among the organization due to flexibility as well as adaptability. Advantages of agile model in this project are:

There is realistic approach towards the software development of club member management system.
It promotes teamwork along with cross training.
There are minimum amount of resource requirements.
This model enables development in addition to deliver in planned context.
It is easier to manage and providing flexibility to software developers.

Apart from the advantages, there are also disadvantages of agile model such as:

There is no such suitable handling for complex dependencies.
The entire plan and agile PM practices must be without which it is not working.
There is a strict delivery management, which dictates entire scope, and functionality of the proposed system to be delivered.
There is higher individual dependency as there is minimum generation of documentation.

Within agile software development life cycle model, self-organization as well as motivation takes precedence over the delegation of the authorities. This particular model is delivering software throughout product incremental cycles over the project documentation (Giachetti 2016). The main objective of this agile methodology is development and delivered the features of product in sustained manner until overall product is to be delivered. The agile methodology is focused on dynamic changes into the product development cycle. The changes are to be carried out while there is development of system features even behind schedule within product development cycle.
Antoniou, A., 2016. Digital signal processing. McGraw-Hill.
Azar, A.T. and Vaidyanathan, S. eds., 2015. Chaos modeling and control systems design (Vol. 581). Germany: Springer.
Dennis, A., Wixom, B.H. and Tegarden, D., 2015. Systems analysis and design: An object-oriented approach with UML. John wiley & sons.
Giachetti, R.E., 2016. Design of enterprise systems: Theory, architecture, and methods. CRC Press.
Montgomery, D.C., 2017. Design and analysis of experiments. John wiley & sons.
Oinas-Kukkonen, H. and Harjumaa, M., 2018. Persuasive systems design: key issues, process model and system features. In Routledge Handbook of Policy Design (pp. 105-123). Routledge.
Rechtin, E., 2017. Systems architecting of organizations: Why eagles can’t swim. Routledge.
Valacich, J., George, J. and Hoffer, J., 2014. Essentials of systems analysis and design. Prentice Hall Press.

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