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Reliability and Validity in Measurement Tools and Disruptive Technology in Informatics Essay

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Disruptive technologies as well as modern nursing informatics are widely used in the healthcare system and provide high-quality service which meets all of the patients’ expectations. The given paper provides a literature review for two topics: Nursing Informatics: Reliability and Validity in Measurement Tools and Disruptive Technology in Informatics. The first topic reveals different ways of how computer-based data is used in nursing. It also provides the opinions on the efficiency of various methods applied for the measurement of care services. The second topic describes the diversity and potential of up-to-date technologies. Implementing new technologies and methods for assessing medical personnel’s work in the medical field will improve the quality of health care.

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Nursing informatics has been developing rapidly during the last decades. Researchers experiment with data usage in different ways for improving the professional qualities of nurses. Krechel and Bildner (1995) describe implementing the new pain assessment tool for neonatal nurses called CRIES which stands for Crying, Increased vital signs, Expression, Sleeplessness, and find it to be valid. Hobbs (2002) maintains the benefits of understanding computer technologies for nurses. He highlights that such competency benefits the whole healthcare environment. Currie (2005) examines various evaluation frameworks’ features and enumerates the research methods for the listed scopes. Schnall et al. (2008) describe the testing of the Patient Safety Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge Scale (PS-ASK). According to the article, scientists created a 35-item instrument which was tested on 285 nursing students. The measuring tool can be used to evaluate nurses and clinicians’ education and practice. Hill et al. (2014) provide high-detailed research on developing reliable instruments for nurses to assess nursing informatics. As a result, they claim that the reliability of electronic means to manage data within the healthcare system is the key to providing the standards for identifying skills that offer development.

The topic of disruptive technology in informatics is highly connected with health care. Thus, many researchers find such types of modern innovations useful to be implemented within the medical system. Fan and Suh (2014) provide general reasons why people tend to switch to disruptive technologies and necessity to move in a technological direction. Schwamm (2014) claims that the wide range of electronic services should be used to achieve the hospital-based practices’ full potential. He provides strategies for the successful implementation of technologies: meeting patients’ and providers’ expectations, independence of digital healthcare from traditional benefit predictions, rebuilding the system of conventional health care, and empowerment of an open-minded state of vision. Abrams (2014) describes the methods of reducing the number of tobacco smokers using disruptive technologies. Ratib et al. (2011) display the positive impacts of open-source software tools’ usage within the healthcare system. Hwang and Christensen (2008) explain disruptive innovations’ general theory and show examples of how modern technologies match with innovative business models. Consistent implementation of technological innovation will positively affect the efficiency of health care in many different ways.

In conclusion, disruptive technologies in informatics are closely connected to nursing informatics to improve the reliability and validity of the medical sphere. Scientists provide various methods and ideas for establishing a healthcare system that is more efficient and refining the level of nurses and physicians. According to their researches, implementing different informatics programs can improve the professional status of medical staff. The articles published within the past 20 years have proven that high-tech will be widely used in the future for enhancing medical frameworks.


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