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Report To Metro Hospital

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Report To Metro Hospital

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Report To Metro Hospital

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Discuss about the Report to Metro Hospital.

HIMMS level 7 and what it will offer the hospital
HIMSS stands for healthcare information and management system. HIMSS is a non-profitable United States organization with the aim of enhancing a good comprehension of data concerning information of healthcare and management information systems. HIMSS level 7 is the identification of using or putting the utmost level of electric health into action. It scales hospitals basing on a rate of 0 to 7 using the adaptation of Electric Medical Records. When a health centers achieve the level 7, it means that the hospital is paperless (Bergeron & Al-Daig, 2013). Therefore, the organization opts to use optimal management system for the quality of people’s lives. EMR, on the other hand, stands for Electrical Medical Records (HIMSS dictionary of healthcare information technology terms, acronyms, and organizations, 2013). Doctors or any other health practitioners who offer medical services to people keep EMR. Therefore, it is used to keep records of the medical data of a patient using a computerized model.
Why the report is being written
The report is being written in order to improve the assistant provides by Metro hospital with an objective to make it attain level 7 of the HIMSS EMR adoption system by 2025.
Importance of HIMSS level 7 by 2025 and what the report will demonstrate
It is essential for the metro hospital to achieve HIMSS level 7 by 2025 because it helps a hospital in maintaining reports and medical information of patients as well as records of patients in a computerized form. This makes the records to be retrieved easily and makes the navigation of the patients to be more efficient and safer through the healthcare system. Therefore, this report acts as a roadmap for metro hospital into attaining HIMSS level & EMR by 2025.
Vision for EMR
My vision
My apparition is to see Metro institution has attained the EMR system by 2025. By having the computerized formats, they will do away with the way of doing their job manually and having to adopt an electronic environment. Also by adopting EMR, the hospital will reduce the costs that increase due to employing workers to work manually (Gaikwad & Dalhousie University, 2015). Besides, it will make sure that work is performed efficiently with the assistance of electronic models. Therefore, for Metro to attain the HIMSS level 7 EMR by 2025, it will be best for the hospital to participate in the HIMSS annual analytics study to enhance it receive the scores of EMRAM. The attainment of a digital surrounding by the Metro by the year 2025 will enable it to offer its customers services efficiently and in an effectively way.
How the implemented EMR will look like by 2025
When the idea of having EMR is put into action by 2025, it will consist of digital health data regarding the patients as well as the population at large. The system will contain records in a digital format whereby through a connected network system the information will be shared with all the departments of the Metro hospital. In order to be certain that the electronic system builds a positive effect for the hospital; the system will be modeled with vital features like for example it must provide incorporated information that will be beneficial to the doctors while determining the condition of an individual concerning their medical history. The RMR will be created in a way that it can be easily accessed by all the staffs and physicians of the metro hospital (Snedaker & Rogers, 2016). The implemented EMR should be able to integrate a wide range of data in summary of their personal status like their age, weight, and bill data among others. In addition, the system should be able to keep all the data concerning the patients as well as all the encounters of an individual. Therefore, the system should allow easy retrieval of such kind of data.
What EMR will do and offer
A fully implemented EMR for the hospital by 2025 will enable the hospital’s ability for its cycle in revenue proceedings. The system will as well provide room for enabled applications, which will support more accurate charge capture. This will grant improved records and speed up the billing process. Besides, the implemented system will ensure the improvement of quality care. Using information technology through the implementation of EMR reduces costs in administration for a patient. N addition the implemented system will reduce medical errors and ensure faster access to contemporary practices in medical literature and medicine. It will also have the ability to offer ordered information through browser capabilities applied on screen thus providing relevant coding information. When EMR model is implemented, many medical record systems will be linked, and therefore it will be easy to attend to clients who are willing to seek medical appointments, and this will be beneficial to many people. Since metro hospital has connections with the division of practitioners in its surrounding, implementing EMR will be like an opportunity that will enhance patients from other nations to link with metro.
Critical success factors for the EMR
The EMR is computerized and paperless system thus being digital. Therefore, the metro hospital will use the system to keep all the records of the patients (Garets, Eastman & Garets, 2013). Also, the system will help in reducing errors in the documents. It will as well increase the efficiency of the hospital’s processes. Adapting this electronic model will help the hospital in sharing health data as well as wellness of data in all entities found in the hospital like surgical, nose, maternity and vascular record among others.
It is important to consider technical factors so that the digital health record can be successful. This includes implementation, planning, and organization of the health data departments from an ineffective environment to a digital surrounding. Technologies, staff, and work processes should be adopted will in regards to providing quality data despite the challenges of limited resources and high expectations. The technical, as well as the critical factors that should be taken into consideration, are the creation of workers capacity, instigation of new models and realignment of procedures while building an electronic health record for the hospital. Creating a staff capacity is essential, as it will assist Metro to organize the ethical changes that will meet the upcoming necessities. Realignment of processes will help Metro to design and implement firm processes. Renovation of the physical environment will reduce the time in filling charts and retrieving them. Therefore, to achieve the general information of metro hospital the critical factors should be considered in the implementation of EMR.
Current Situation
How I will review the current status of informatics within the Metro Hospital
In order to know the hospital’s status of informatics, it is essential to have knowledge of how the hospital performs its daily operations when attending to the customers as well as the operations of the hospital at large. In the current position, the hospital is expected to grant a high optimum degree of technological equipment by providing information system solutions to enable good health care. Therefore, in order to attain this, a new information system will enable the metro hospital to adapt the EMR by 2025. There is a lot of burden in the hospital because of inefficient manual surrounding thus making it difficult to attend to their clients properly (Smaltz, 2017). Besides, the hospital is not utilizing its functionality fully in providing safe care to its clients due to inefficient methods of performing their tasks.
Specific aspects to review
It is therefore, essential to analyze and determine if the cost of achieving the digital system is worth the cost of meeting it. Besides, it is best to ensure whether the requirements will exceed the value of incentive check in achieving all the levels even after auditing is done. Therefore, a major aspect that should be reviewed is ensuring that the digital health record is implemented in order to connect all the staffs with the electronic records of the hospital. The other element that should be reviewed is the time that is spent when serving the customers in the hospital. This will assist to ascertain whether the implementation of the electronic model will be advantageous for the metro.
Critical Aspects to Support EMR and Information Management Practices To Be Implemented
Metro hospital staffs should be made aware of the tasks of the management that should be implemented to ensure the effectiveness of EMR system. Therefore, the staffs should have full information on the rules, authority, as well as the necessities required in using the electronic system. The regulatory authority determines the present principles of retaining, maintain, destructing and RHRs AND EMRs. Also, the privacy regulation should be highly respected and upheld. Besides, crucial functions of the digital model should be considered a well as putting the key guidelines from the manual model in mind. This helps to maintain client’s privacy as well as securing information (Skolnik, 2011). Integrity should be highly maintained and supported in the metro hospital while keeping records and in the daily routine of the hospital.
Roadmap to Achieve HIMSS Level 7 by 2025
Specific goals and timelines to achieve a ‘fully digital’ status by 2025
The instigation of HIMSS for the metro hospital by 2025 is a sequence of initiatives representing a journey. Therefore, the practice will have a lot of challenges, impacts, as well as solutions. The critical objectives towards the project of EMR system will consist of the acquisition of ambulatory EMR and planning of EMR as well. Then the assessment of intake will follow after the process of medication has been evaluated. Documentation and clinical support will follow through the stipulation of electric portal and communication. The final level of putting the ambulatory of EMR into practice will make the system to be of legal health records by 2025. It has been my aim to attain the EMR system even if the metro hospital had no plans of implementing it. The system enhances quality health care.
In order to attain particular objectives as well as timelines in achieving an electronic status for the hospital by 2025, a strategic plan, as well as a vision, should be created at the executive stage with the aim of changing the delivery of care in the metro hospital. A structure to govern must be developed to enhance accountability, management, and making decisions (Sinclair et.al 2015). After, the information technology infrastructure that supports EMR must be created together with a continuous recovery plan. Achieving of technology and managing of change must be maintained as a daily task. The structure of governing should be developed to ensure management. Also, the measuring of the institution’s procedure will need to mention the objectives as well as balancing the journey of achieving the project by 2025.
Implementation Plan
How I will implement my plan
I will have an objective, an overview, management in my implementation that will consist of major tasks, security, and privacy in the process of execution. Besides, the system will consist of the hardware and software, materials and facilities, personnel and documentation. The workforce will involve training of staffs and implementation plan will consist of management interface and monitoring performance. Lastly, it will consist of implementation requirements by details.
Resources required to implement the project
The resources that will need to execute the HIMSS project consist of Citrix. Citrix is a technology that is utilized to provide scarce success using a wireless network, qualified staffs, and assets such as tablets, desktops, and laptops (In Oldenburg et.al 2013). Having ascertained the required equipment for implementing the project, I will be able to know the early signs of risks, and the resources needed which can be either financial or non-financial.
Governance is another important element required while implementing the projects. Governance assists in ensuring that there are no risks that can affect the hospital while executing any other elements (Varshney, 2009). The governance of the hospital will be under the care of two committees that will oversee the projects of EMR system. The two committees will include IT professional, and the other will committee will represent the operations of the hospital departments that are affected by the project. The two committees will, therefore, be meeting often to discuss any upcoming events as well as hearing about the updates of the entire project.
Alignment to state and national e-Health programs
Specific aspects of the state and national e-Health programs that will affect the implementation of the EMR
There are some of the states and e-health plans that have an effect on the execution of EMR. For example, the state strategies affect the advancement of HER models. Even though the states and the opposition back up e-health, both have been against the HIMSS-EMR system, which was executed by the government. According to the report, the health programs representative told the e-health organization that if the coalition had won government in 2007 things would have been different in Australia. This shows how a change in state influenced the success of ERM system (In Hoyt, & In Yoshihashi, 2014). Besides, the uncertainty of economy in the U.S especially unstable commodity market affects government financial ability to see the HIMSS EMR project through.
How my strategy integrates with national and state based plans
The nation and state-based plans integrate with my strategy as both are seeing the HER initiatives as a chance to have essential advancement in the health sector. Besides, both the state and my strategy see the system to enhance instant access to essential medical data to improve health services. Also, plenty of health records can be retrieved everywhere.
How I will integrate my EMR with the broader strategic plans
I will integrate my EMR with the strategic plans by providing specific departmental functionality with emphasis on work schedule. In addition, I will provide cardiology functionality to a new specialty facility. Besides, I will also offer an inclusive EMR solution in a small society based facility where finance is a challenge. I will also maintain focus on strategic direction. I will as well seek outside advice and counsel on the new system to be implemented in the metro hospital. Lastly, I will select an EMR service strategy that gives the greatest potential for success in certain situations.
Success and Identification of Risk
How confident I am to achieve my vision
I have great faith can accomplish level 7 of HIMSS model by 2025. This is because of the support as well as the understanding the staffs of the metro have portrayed. Nevertheless, some of the practitioners who are connected with the hospital will strain in meeting some of the proposed aspects that are aimed at using the EMR to ensure quality necessities.
There are risks that may face Metro after the project has been completed. The risks include lack of adequate awareness of principles as well as malicious misuse of information by insiders. The projects may also be exposed to outside attacks, which include social engineers and websites that can be harmful to the institution because important data can be lost. Therefore, the hospital should be concerned about recovery guidelines and plans for recovering any disaster.
It is essential to use benchmarks metrics to develop them, and so that the ratings user-ability can give more information (Snedaker & Rima, 2014). The benchmark can be built through measuring the real hospital surrounding as well as each clinician job. The panel of clinician will compare the good actual performance and the apparent standard performance by users to create a certain score, which reflects better necessities of clients.
In conclusion, it is important to search for the advantages, barriers, as well as risks to make level 7 of the HIMSS EMR model to be a success by 2025. The advantages, as well as the risks, have a significant relationship in adopting the EMR systems. The transition from the manual system to the digital model is a significant change for the hospital’s processes and routine. Therefore, its ability to adopt the electronic system will build opportunities for metro to start health care changes at the population level and the individual stages. The attainments of the model will broadly depend on the effort made by all the departments of the hospital. The system will improve quality health care as well as increase productivity.
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