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SBAPP1 Clients and Markets

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SBAPP1 Clients and Markets



More specifically the assignment will: Develop understanding of the relevance of psychology, buying behaviour and marketing theory Help you appreciate the practical application of theory and its relevance to designing an effective marketing mix Require the concepts discussed in the course to be related to the marketing mix in order to achieve appropriate marketing objectives Help you to distinguish between the various internal and external influences that affect buyer behaviour and explain the likely responses to different marketing stimuli by customers in a specific marketing situation Specific assignment tasks In middle weeks of this unit (lessons 4 to 9) you are introduced to the key areas of psychology that influence and help to explain buying behaviour, with the last three lessons reiterating the application of this buyer behaviour understanding to effective marketing mix development. This assignment seeks should reinforce your learning about the theories and concepts covered, and provides an opportunity to apply them in a real world B2C and B2B marketing context. The assignment is flexible in that you can also choose which particular aspects of theory from the unit and the marketing mix elements that you wish to focus on. For example, you may take themes from all the core theoretical areas and illustrate an application from each, or you might choose to

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