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SBL3500 Integrated Business Application

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SBL3500 Integrated Business Application




Responsibility and Accountability
This task involves writing about the ethical dimensions of responsibility and accountability based on the capability behaviour descriptors. There are three behaviours requiring a response: (1) social responsibility (2) personal accountability (3) ethical behaviour.
This task relates to specific course learning outcomes (CLOs) for your degree:
1. Articulate the ethical dimensions of business situations, problems and issues2. Apply relevant codes of conduct and ethical models to business situations to justify decisions and actions.Ethical behaviour: Behave in accordance with relevant professional standards, values and codes of conduct. Use the ‘Social Media Debacle’ case study on Blackboard to form your response to this part. Demonstrate your informed understanding of ethical practice through your response to the case study providing justified decisions in terms of the code of conduct. Refer to the relevant Communications Council of Australia Code of Conduct (Ethics at Work) and Social Media Code of Conduct (part 2 Social Media Guidelines for Brands) to guide justification for the decisions in your response

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