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SBM4101 Foundation Of Information System

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SBM4101 Foundation Of Information System

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SBM4101 Foundation Of Information System

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Course Code: SBM4101
University: Asia Pacific International College

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Country: Australia

Write an essay on the business inforation system.

Over the few decade the paper work have been dramatically been substituted the electronic files. The invention of the computer and internet has turned the world global. As a matter of fact you can’t discuss the matter technology and without a word or a thought on information technology. The advancement in information technology from the ancient methods of data and information sharing and story for the purpose of retrieval in future holds an equivalent weight with the discovery of fire by the Homo erectus.
From political to social, cultural to economical fields none have been left untouched. The management operation and the mode of sharing information have changed. From batter trade to currency trade now it’s online shopping. The finding of the research that was conducted recently by a team of android developer’s argued; Australia alone has more than two hundred millions of phone users. Out of this population, 80% uses the mobile online shopping. Imagine the GDP per capita generated by a hundred and sixty million users of the mobile shopping only. That is how deep the technology in information is; on this reasons I developed an interest on taking ecommerce developer as my career after completing my study for the bachelor degree of business information system (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017).
Ecommerce is an online trading platform that allows for your customers to send orders, enquiry or complaint to the store through a dedicated webpage or a coded app. This is the knowledge of Computer Science, a course that on my stand define as vital for my career.
At my age, am focusing more on education to build a strong pillar to support my career in future, therefore apart from the degree in bachelor of Business Information system am also attending to set of classes of diploma in Business Management, diploma in Computer Science and Mathematics, degree Business Management, diploma in Music and Arts and a certificate in Human Resource Management (Cassidy, 2016).
Apart from what am learning in APIC now, and what I expect to learn in the near future in my course to be eligible for a degree certificate award, I will need to go a mile further and learn on something new on a total number of five more subjects not offered by the university but are essential in career I would wish to join.  
For the development of the online stores I will need to have a good understanding of the subject Cascading Style Sheet and Hyper Text Marker Language initialized as CSS and HTML respectively. HTML will be of a big impact to the journey towards my career as it forms the foundation of web pages development which is the backbone of ecommerce. CSS will pave my way and even make it easier for me to develop more attractive and user friendly sites even faster because it will equip me with vital knowledge of defining text styles, table’s sizes, and font sizes of my Web site in one page that will be used all through the website. This will help me develop sites with consistent format and appearance with ease of navigation by the users. It is evident that appealing websites draw large traffics, consequently promoting our brand name and hence sales of the products (Greenberg, 2017).
In my career, I cannot under estimate the power of networking and internet knowledge. I need to understand how computer components are connected to provide a connection for the flow of traffic from one component to the other. With networking I will be able to understand the factors that affect a given type of connection and identify the ideal connection type to embrace in the organization I will be working for. This will also equip me with the knowledge of responding to faulty network connection. The internet is like a vehicle while the network is the infrastructure in this case. Hopefully, the study of this subject will help me gain the knowledge of internet security and encryption to defend and protect my site from malicious attack that could collapse my entire or part of the site developed (Wu, Straub, and Liang, 2015).
Am hoping; that one day in future I will be an employer to the future generation that will show interest in the same career and other careers also. With this objective the need for the study of entrepreneurial skill is inevitable. The subject will equip me with the skills on how to gather recourses; land, capital and labor together and manage them effectively for maximized productivity of the business.
Communication is a key factor for the survival of any business. Good communication skills enable one to interact and work well with others. It also helps in settling of dispute that can bring down the business. In the same note communication have been changed significantly by the growth in technology, therefore it is necessary to get the up to date skills from expert for smooth running. This means that I will need to go back to class and study communication skills as a subject (Rosemann, and Brocke, 2015).
The safety to survival of any business is built in the foundation of social and legal requirements. I need to understand and appreciate other people’s culture in my career. I also need to practice legal conducting of the business activities from registration to operations. It’s argued that you cannot be able to obey rules that you do not know of their existence. Putting this into consideration will force me back to class to acquire the knowledge of the social and political ethics on matter business to create an enabling operation culture.
For one to be competitive in the field of ecommerce development, you must be in possession of critical several critical skills to maintain you at the top of the pyramid. First your communication skills should be undisputable. Here communication includes the video, audio record and blogs writing. If you don’t posses competitive communication skills it might turn out to greatest embarrassment rather than an advertisement. For example if you have this phrase in your blog as an advertisement you are very likely to fetch a number of potential customers interest, ‘this is the greatest offer you have waiting for all year round, 10% off the price, you don’t have an excuse on why you don’t have a house now, hurry up only few houses remaining, don’t wait until it’s too late ‘. If you opt for the video or audio way you must be in possession of this skill too. You must be audible, have proper pronunciation and prove fluency in your language (Dwivedi, Wastell, Laumer, Henriksen, Myers, Bunker, Elbanna, Ravishankar,. and Srivastava, 2015)
It’s good to acknowledge the fact that most decisions for the future are done based on the experiences of the fast and the trend in the field of concern. As good marketer I therefore need to possess a commendable level of skills on analysis of data recorded from the past experiences on making decision that on implementation will reverse the whole story to the better.
The fact that the advertising is done online implies that I must be in possession of good web pages design and the interface of my website is attractive and easy to navigate such that it will create the desire to view the page again after the first view or even subscribe to the channel to get the updates. This will enable me to reach a big number of potential customers at a go on the next content (Laudon, and Laudon, 2015).
It goes without saying that you cannot be a sailor without going to the sea; an ecommerce developer has no other alternative on acquiring technical skills doing the coding from scratch. I must therefore gather these skills of coding by all means and this remain being the reason I am challenged to seek for the CSS and HTML knowledge out of the college.    
No man is perfect is an ancient saying that applies in almost all fields of the world. However there never miss to be a particular aspect of that given area that you can do better than the other. Ecommerce development is a technical activity. What matter most is the level of skill you posses. If you don’t have the skills it will turn out to be very embarrassing to handle it. In the same note, it’s rare to find a person possessing all this skills. This being the reason such jobs a better done by a group of experts (Pearlson, Saunders, and Galletta, 2016).
Myself, when it comes to communication, I categorize myself efficient. I am good in creative writing articles that can create traffic to the website following their standard and quality in terms of the use of language, humor and more importantly the message is well communicated. On audio message convey of messages, I have high level of fluency and I can communicate in one language for a couple of minutes without hesitations. The article writing and the audio messages are at time not that much effective and the need for video support, however my biggest draw back on communication is on personal presentation in the videos and the entire process of videos making and editing (Alles, Brennan, Kogan and Vasarhelyi, 2018).
If there is something am confident with is my ability to analyze data collected in the past, compare them and come up with a conclusion that can be used to make decision to be implemented for the better part of the organization. I have high level skills of data analysis based on my study on mathematics and statistics. I have done several analyses of data in the past and am working on one for the Bonk Wear store, a dress making company intending to go the online way in the near future.
I also have some basic skills of web designing; I acquired these skills from my previous level of learning. I developed the interest of learning web page design after being involved on a long decision with my classmate on where the content embedded in the internet originate. The first thing on mind was that the content must have been prepared by a group or an individual seated somewhere. The challenge I took on; why is that person not me? After learning for a couple of days, at least now I can make a simple web page with several blogs on advertisement of a product in the deal. However; there is a big gap in my skills on how to monetize and optimize the website for the search engines. The impli9cation of this is that my site does not attract large number of traffic (Xu, Xu, Cai, Xie, Hu, and Bu, 2014).
In my conclusion on this report the study of business information system is vital for the success of any business today. Technology is advancing every hour, if your business doesn’t upgrade its system information over a long period of time, then that’s a time bomb, the business is waiting on the queue to fail.
Laudon, K.C. and Laudon, J.P., 2015. Management information systems (Vol. 8). Prentice Hall.
Xu, B., Da Xu, L., Cai, H., Xie, C., Hu, J. and Bu, F., 2014. Ubiquitous data accessing method in IoT-based information system for emergency medical services. IEEE Trans. Industrial Informatics, 10(2), pp.1578-1586.
Alles, M., Brennan, G., Kogan, A. and Vasarhelyi, M.A., 2018. Continuous monitoring of business process controls: A pilot implementation of a continuous auditing system at Siemens. In Continuous Auditing: Theory and Application (pp. 219-246). Emerald Publishing Limited.
Pearlson, K.E., Saunders, C.S. and Galletta, D.F., 2016. Managing and Using Information Systems, Binder Ready Version: A Strategic Approach. John Wiley & Sons.
Dwivedi, Y.K., Wastell, D., Laumer, S., Henriksen, H.Z., Myers, M.D., Bunker, D., Elbanna, A., Ravishankar, M.N. and Srivastava, S.C., 2015. Research on information systems failures and successes: Status update and future directions. Information Systems Frontiers, 17(1), pp.143-157.
Rosemann, M. and vom Brocke, J., 2015. The six core elements of business process management. In Handbook on business process management 1 (pp. 105-122). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
Wu, S.P.J., Straub, D.W. and Liang, T.P., 2015. How information technology governance mechanisms and strategic alignment influence organizational performance: Insights from a matched survey of business and IT managers. Mis Quarterly, 39(2), pp.497-518.
Greenberg, J.S., 2017. Comprehensive stress management. McGraw-Hill Education.
Cassidy, A., 2016. A practical guide to information systems strategic planning. Auerbach Publications.
Kerzner, H. and Kerzner, H.R., 2017. Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons.

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