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SC200 The Future Of Energy

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SC200 The Future Of Energy

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SC200 The Future Of Energy

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Course Code: SC200
University: Kaplan Business School

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Country: Australia

The Future of Energy: Guiding Decisions with Evidence
To reduce the negative environmental impacts of an ever growing human population and increasing demands for energy as technological advances continue, individual countries, states, cities and even households could shift their energy sources to those that are renewable. However, not all locations are equally amenable to any form of renewable energy. For this Assignment you will assess your own location, existing energy use, the advantages and disadvantages of different energy sources, and ways to reduce energy demand through conservation.
Be sure to explore the following resources to begin your research and to support your ideas with accurate facts. While the provided resources focus on the United States, you are welcome to explore the energy situation within your own state of residence, one that you would like to live in or have visited in the past, or an international location. To focus your discussion, only use one region for your entire argument.
Assess your own energy use: Provide five different examples of how you use energy throughout your day. Identify each energy source and whether it is renewable or nonrenewable.
Using the provided materials, determine, and discuss the renewable source of energy that would be the most and the renewable source of energy that would be the least appropriate for use in your chosen location. Explain how you arrived at your decisions so it is clear why one is the most appropriate and why one is the least appropriate.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the energy sources you currently rely on as well as the two renewable energy sources you identified above. Include both the economic (costs/benefits) and ecological impacts of each.
In addition to using alternative forms of energy, energy conservation is also a significant way in which ecological impacts can be reduced on the environment. Identify three new ways in which you can reduce your energy use at home, work, or in other areas you engage in on a regular basis and explain how the changes would reduce your impact on the environment.

The future of energy; Guiding decisions with evidence.
Generally, energy is ability to do work. Energy helps to power our vehicle, used to run machines in the industries. It also helps to cook and it assists in running televisions and radios at our homes (Chu & Majumdar, 2012). In Florida   the increasing human population has induced big threat to the various sources of energy.
This means that the population is large compared to the sources of energy. Florida state has increasing population which has subjected the state to generate new sources of the energy so as to cater for the population. The state is having both the renewable and non-renewable sources of energy (Chu & Mujumdar, 2012). Renewable energy sources are the one which cannot run off while the non-renewable sources can run off and cannot be replenished.
Some of the existing energy uses in the Florida are;

Electricity is used to run machines in the industries, electricity is used to light towns and is also used to support televisions and the radios in homes.
Use of petroleum for running vehicles and machines in industries.
Use of solar energy for drying, lighting and heating. Sun is used as the main source (Ellabban et al,2014).
Wind energy is used by the Florida state for lighting and running machines in industries.

 Advantages and disadvantages of different sources of energy in Florida

Source of energy in the state.



Wind and Solar energy from sun.

-It does not pollute the environment within the state.
-referred as the most abundant source of energy.
-most of the solar systems last after long period.

-Needs large capital to access.
-Depends on weather.
-may require a supplement especially when the sun is low (Ellabban et al,2014).
-needs large space to set the PV cell panels.

Electricity .

-has no emissions.
-it’s always reliable.
-generates adequate amounts of power.

-It’s expensive to build hydroelectric dams.
-most of the dams are affected by the climate.

Petroleum .

-it’s the best transport fuel in the state.
-always economical to produce.
-can be easily transported.

-emits large amount of CO2 which pollutes environment.
-found in a few areas in the state.
-It can be exhausted.

Uranium .

-has no greenhouse effects.
-its renewable.

-incurs large cost to set up.
-has high harmful  radioactive emissions .

Ways to reduce energy demand in Florida through conservation.
Energy is important and it needs to be conserved (Huang et al,2011). Some of the measures that can be employed by the state to conserve include;

Using solar panels instead of the hydroelectric power. Sun is reliable as compared to the water supply which is affected by climatic conditions.
Using renewable sources of energy such as wind generated electricity as compared to the non-renewable source which exhausts such coal and petroleum.
Purchasing energy efficient appliance. Buying appliances which consume less energy and using vehicles and machine which consumes small amount of petroleum.
Replacing the lighting appliance such as bulbs (Huang et al,2011). Using bulbs with less consumption energy such as compact fluorescent lights.
Through adjustments of day to day activities. Energy consumption within the state can be as simple as switching off appliance when not in use and using home energy monitor tool that will detect appliance consuming a lot of energy.

My own energy use.
While am in Florida I always use energy in different ways. I have discussed different examples by indicating whether it is from renewable source of energy or from non-renewable source.

Energy source.

Renewable/non renewable

Examples on I use the energy.



-I use it for lighting and heating .

Solar energy.


-I use it for heating and drying.

Petroleum .


-I use it for transportation.

Natural gas .


-I use it for cooking .

Wind energy .


-I use it for running home appliances.

Appropriate renewable source of energy in Florida.
Electricity energy is appropriate renewable source of energy in Florida (Lutz, 2013). The criteria used is the fact that the state depends on large production of the electricity from the biomass. This includes municipal wastes, bagasse, yard waste, woody biomass and other agricultural related waste. This has been enhanced by the presence of the three operational biodiesel which are mostly used to generate electricity and also another fourth plant is in construction. Most of the industries in the state depend on the biomass electricity. It is anticipated that the overall electricity production from biomass will increase in 2024.
Least renewable source of energy in Florida.
Wind is least renewable source of energy in Florida. The criteria used is the fact that the state is believed to have limited source of the wind energy (Mishra & Bäuerle, 2012). In most of the areas the wind plants are not well installed. That is only on the northern parts of the state with the wind plants. 
Advantages and disadvantages of energy sources I currently rely on.
1.Solar energy. It is always available since sun does not exhaust. Solar energy is cheap to harvest so long as one has solar panels (Mishra & Bäuerle, 2012). The economic effect of solar energy is that is always reliable, it is cheap and has no effect on the environment.
2.Petroleum.Mostly I use it for transportation. Petroleum is reliable and can be easily transported. The source is economical to produce.
Electricity. Forms the major source of energy. Electricity is reliable and in most cases can be easily generated so long as there are adequate resources. The economic importance is that it is reliable and does not affect environment (Ozturk, 2010).
Wind energy. The source is renewable and can be easily generated. It has no effect to the environment and It is cheap to maintain and always economical.
Solar energy. Tend to be unreliable especially when there is no sun. In most can need supplement when there is no sun. It always requires large space in order to set the solar panels.
Petroleum. The source can be depleted and it is not found in most areas. Emission of the CO2 gases in the environment causes greenhouse effects (Ozturk, 2010).                                                 
Renewable sources
Electricity can be found in all areas. That is its only generated from the areas with adequate water supply and other related resources (Ozturk, 2010). It is expensive to run.
Wind energy it’s always limited to the weather conditions. Not all areas have adequate wind to run the turbines needed to generate energy.
Ways to reduce energy consumption in home and its effect to the environment.
1.Using lighting bulbs which are energy savers at home. This will reduce the energy wastage since only energy saving bulbs such as light emitting diodes. This will conserve environment since less resources would have been used to generate energy.
2.Reducing the rate of heating water at home. Water is heated in many ways. For instance, use of wood to heat will help to save environment since no more cutting of woods. Use of efficient water heating appliances is important in conserving energy.
3.Using solar energy instead of petroleum to run machines. This would reduce emissions of CO2 to the environment hence reduced greenhouse effects.
Energy is applied in different ways. The key thing to consider is how to conserve energy for future use (Solangi et al,20110). Energy sources ought to be taken care of so as to cater for coming generation. More emphasize should be on the non-renewable sources since if not taken care will deplete.                                                           
Chu, S., & Majumdar, A. (2012). Opportunities and challenges for a sustainable energy future. nature, 488(7411), 294. Retrieved from https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=WeOq69gAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=sra
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Solangi, K. H., Islam, M. R., Saidur, R., Rahim, N. A., & Fayaz, H. (2011). A review on global solar energy policy. Renewable and sustainable energy reviews, 15(4), 2149-2163.Retrieved from https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1364032111000220.

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