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SHR0446 Mobilising Creativity And Innovation

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SHR0446 Mobilising Creativity And Innovation

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SHR0446 Mobilising Creativity And Innovation

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Course Code: SHR0446
University: University Of Bedfordshire

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Country: United Kingdom


In this unit we consider many alternative approaches and perspectives on how organisational creativity and innovation might be promoted or blocked in practice across multiple levels: individual, group and organisation.Specifically concerned with the development and sustainability of an organisational culture to promote and support creativity and innovation across the group and organisational levels of analysis. 
1.You are required to critically evaluate group and organisational level support for creativity and innovationin the context of your workplace, firstly through application of climate models and secondly through a consideration of the role of creative leadership and creative Human Resource Management and Development in promoting creative and innovative behaviour, which is qualitatively difference to productivity and performance.
2.You will then need to demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical appreciation of the process of creativity and innovation drawing on contemporary theories to support your evaluation and synthesis.
3.You will develop a plan to promote creativity and innovation in the context of your work organisation supported by contemporary quality academic perspectives.  You will need to include an in-depth literature review critically evaluating alternative contemporary perspectives in order to draw meaningful conclusions and develop feasible recommendations.


Innovation and the creativity is one of the most important factor of any type of organization. The innovation is considered as creation and implementation of new ideas which can be used for developing beneficial services, products and methods of operations (Oman et al. 2013). The creativity is achieved by implementing this innovative ideas. By achieving the creativity within the organization quality can be improved of the organization and the innovation will make the creative ideas working.
To evaluate the importance of the innovation and the creativity the selected organization is the Ministry of Manpower of Oman. The creativity and the innovation within the Ministry of Manpower will be evaluated through the climate models, creative human resource management, creative leaderships and by promoting innovative and creative behaviour. Then the critical appreciation and the systematic understand of innovation and creativity will be discussed. Following that plans will be developed to promote innovation and creativity in the context of the selected work organization.
Group and Organizational level support for Creativity and Innovation:
The groups in the organization supports the creativity and the innovation within the organization. For creating the innovation and creativity within the organization climate models can be used (Bony et al. 2015). According to, Stollberger, West and Sacramento by the use of climate models safety and trust can be achieved within the organization. Not only the creative models, also the creative nature of the leadership is very much crucial for moderating the effects on the groups of the organization. The output provides several of innovations, innovation magnitude and support for the innovation. Also, the conflict is managed by this. The authors also stated that creativity and the innovation can be also promoted within the organization by the investment in the practices of the human resources. By investing in it high performance work system can be achieved. As per the authors the innovative behaviour will help the organization to achieve improvements and efficiency in performance. Thus it implies that the support for the innovation will be beneficial for the creativity.
While considering the organization of Oman’s Manpower Ministry, this supports the creativity and innovation within the organization. As an active member of this organization, the organisation is properly analysed by me. From the analysis, it has been found that the groups among this organization is supported for the organizational creativity and innovation (Dawson and Andriopoulos 2014). The main vision of this organization is to achieve a stable and a regulated market of labour with having a qualified national manpower. By achieving this the organization aims to support and contribute to the national economy. To bring innovation and creativity within this organization first of all the climate for the innovation needs to be produced (Somech and Drach-Zahavy 2013). This climate cannot be achieved without the support of the organization. As it mentioned above, the creative leadership is also an important factor for the creativity and innovation within the organization, this organization also follows the same. The Ministry of Manpower implements the creative leadership techniques by developing a training programme as per the approved vocational levels and criteria. This is awarding qualifications and encouraging in the training of the job. With better qualifications and with better training innovations and the creativity will be going to occur more within the organization. In the aspect of the creative human resource management Oman’s Ministry of Manpower has taken the initiation for developing the labour methods. This methods will be upgrading the performance of the employees and will develop the human resources within the ministry. Both of the organizational and the group level support is essential in this case. This practices can also promote the innovative and creative behaviour within the organization.
The authors Stollberger, West and Sacramento has showed that the importance of the group and organizational level support through the climate models, creative leaderships and by the creative human resource management for achieving a sustainable organizational culture. Also, from the analysis of the organisation of mine which is the Oman’s Ministry of Manpower it has been assessed that the organization is promoting the creativity and innovation within the ministry. For the promoting purpose they are using various types of methods which all are supported by the group and organization level. Also, in the Oman’s Ministry of Manpower innovative and the creative behaviour is promoted through the support of the organizational level. Thus from the critical evaluation it is determined that the group level support and the organizational support is very much important in the Oman’s Ministry of Manpower to successfully achieve their targets.
Process of Creativity and Innovation:
Understanding the process of the creativity and innovation is vital for the organizations as this helps the organizations to embrace the innovation and the creativity management which will help the organizations to achieve the competitive advantage in the market. Considering the successful innovations, it can bring charges in the society and marketplace. Actually, the innovation is not about creating some new products it actually about changing the behaviour. For bringing an innovation within an organization first some creative ideas need to be developed, for which creative idea is needed. This process of developing new ideas is known as the creativity whereas selecting one of those ideas and implementing it successfully is known as the process of the innovation, but it will be considered as an innovation when that creative idea will be able to bring vast change in the marketplace. For understanding the process of creativity and innovation, four levels of innovations can be defined which are the incremental innovation, modular innovation, architectural innovation and the radical innovation.
Incremental Process of Innovation:
In the incremental innovation small type of change occurs which are established on a knowledge. In this type of changes existing services, products and the processes are modified for better performance (Norman and Verganti 2014). In many cases this small changes are required for implementing a big change. Thus this type of changes are appreciated for creativity and innovation within the organization.
Modular Process of Innovation:
In modular innovation process middle range innovations are done. This type of innovations are more important when compared with the simple type of innovations (Chou, Chuang and Shao 2016). In this type of innovations vast improvements are done on an existing product or service. The modular process of innovation is appreciated because it is the key of the fast innovation process with some major improvements.
Architectural Process of Innovation:
In this type of innovations core components of an existing products or services are changed. Basically, the integration between the core components are changed and the ore design concepts are reinforced (Han 2017). Also, new additions can be done in this type of innovation process where different things are combined together and forms a new system. Modular process is capable to bring fast innovation, but in many cases this type of fast innovations cannot be implemented within the organization without changing the process architecture at all. Thus architectural process is important. Hence, this process of innovation is appreciated.
Radical Process of Innovation:
This process of the innovation is the most extreme process of the innovation. In this type of innovations the whole technology is replaced by some other similar type of innovations. The purpose of the systems are remained same but way the system performs is totally changed. It becomes more improved and more efficient than previous. This type of innovation is very much significant for the economy growth of the market. Though initially this type of innovations takes long time and becomes problematic to implement, still this have a long positive impact on the future of the market (Oerlemans, Knoben and Pretorius 2013). Thus this type of innovation are appreciated within the market and the society.
From the previous analysis it has been determined that group and organizational level of support is very much essential for the creativity and innovation within the organisation. In the above section various type of innovation process has been determined. For the four process of innovation here also the support of the organizational and group level is important as without the prior support of them it is impossible to try out different types of ideas within the organization which will bring the innovation.
Recommendations to Promote Creativity and Innovation:
To promote the creativity and innovation within Oman’s Ministry of Manpower some recommendation can be given which will help the organization to become more creative and innovative.
Open and Creative Work Environment: For implementing the innovation, it is very much essential to bring creativity within the organization (Obholzer and Miller 2018). For this it is recommended to Oman’s Ministry of Manpower to provide an open type of work environment which will help them to bring creative ideas within the organization.
Team Motivation:It is very much essential for motivate the team members towards the creativity. Thus Oman’s Ministry of Manpower must motivate its employees.
Encouraging the Diversity:Diversity is a big factor of innovation. Oman’s Ministry of Manpower can form a team with people of different background, capabilities and passions. These diverse sets will be capable to generate different ideas of problem solving which is the base of innovation.
Penalizing:Penalizing is an important factor of innovation. When a group is trying to implement something new within the organization and by chance they got failed, this can bring loss to the organization. In such cases the penalizing the employees will stop the process of trying new ideas in organization. Thus the overall process of the innovation will stop. Thus it is recommended to the Oman’s Ministry of Manpower to not penalize the employees when they are trying to implement innovation within the organization.
From the above discussion it can be concluded that the group and organizational support is very much important for implementing creativity and innovation within the organization. This paper has discussed about the innovation within the Oman’s Ministry of Manpower. It has been analysed that the climate models are very much essential for implementing creativity and innovation within the organization. With the climate model, the techniques of the creative leadership and the creative human resource management are also help to implement the creativity within the organization. The process of the creativity and innovation works on works upon some theory which are critically appreciated in this paper. As this creativity and the innovation is very much important for the organizations it is necessary to implement the innovation and creativity properly within the Oman’s Ministry of Manpower. For this some recommendations has been shared for implementing this factors properly within the organization.
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