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SNPG950 Reflection For Practice And Recurring Themes

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SNPG950 Reflection For Practice And Recurring Themes

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SNPG950 Reflection For Practice And Recurring Themes

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Course Code: SNPG950
University: University Of Wollongong

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Country: Australia

1. Identify (name) and discuss (investigate/examine/argue) your values and personal and professional strengths including areas for improvement.2. Demonstrate through your writing why self-reflection is important for you in your personal and professional life.3. Discuss why a particular strategy is important and how you know it’s important. When you state why and how you know something is important,you must reference your sources of information taken from the academic literature. 

Recurring themes
Whenever, a person faces setbacks and failure in life and begins to think about self, at that time self-reflection is important. It is just like the process of the computer where it starts rebooting whenever a failure occurs. It is because to examine itself from the beginning and finally it comes to a final point. Thus, self-reflection is considered to be the initial position when it initiates the process of self-booting. I must examine myself that I must not allow others to go out of my mind and stay in bliss. From the journal the two recurring themes that blocked my progress or made me feel uncomfortable is the occurrence of emotional intelligence and ownership (Johansson, Nyström & Dahlheim–Englund, 2017). I tend to improve my level of confidence in my professional and personal development that will be advantageous for me in the future. This themes occurred because of the increase in the number of the task on a regular basis that examines my capability that leads to the occurrence of worries and tensions. This factors blocked my way as everyone wants relaxation and rest from the hectic schedule. It is observed that emotional intelligence results into adjustment into the new environment and team development in order to have a better relationship with the colleagues (Goulet, Larue & Alderson, 2016). In the workplace, my lack of emotional intelligence resulted into ultimate burnout and stress with my fellow colleagues. At the same time, I realized that emotional intelligence could decrease the impact of burnout in me and develop ownership feelings towards my work.
Emotional intelligence is considered to be the ability to regulate, understand, express and identify the emotions instead of blaming others in the workplace. The critical care nursing includes the patient’s caring for those who are dealing with severe injuries or life-threatening illnesses (CATy, Kinsella & Doyle, 2015), the responsibility of the nurse is to provide their family members with support and comfort. The job of the nurses is stressful as the nurses have to work in such a stressful and highly technological environment where they must acquire appropriate decision-making skills and specialist knowledge. I acknowledged that the themes blocked my way in numerous ways as I found that every nurse deals with the emotional labor in order to maintain the emotions. 
Learning outcomes
During the process of journaling, I gathered knowledge about the things related to nursing that was significant for me as a professional or person in life. It is found that business and stressfulness is significant as these factors are increasing on a regular basis. These factors examine the ability of the nurse that results into worries and tensions (Husebø, O’Regan & Nestel, 2015). Thus, I observed that to overcome from this stressful environment an individual requires relaxation and rest in life from the busy hectic schedule. Hence, I advised others to relax and take rest from the busy schedule my doing meditation that is determined to be the relaxing activity that decreases the worries and tensions in life. The aim of meditation is to decrease the tension, promote self- empowerment and bring balance in the busy life (Taylor, Sims & Hill, 2015). I found that there is a number of techniques for meditation that manages our thoughts and promotes relaxation in life. While the process of journaling I learned that having a good command over the wrong and right decisions and having the ability to deal with the issues that occur in life is the effective strategy to enhance myself. I aspire to increase the level of confidence in my professional and personal life which will prove to be beneficial for me in the future.
Identification of the knowledge and the skills
It is found that no one is inbuilt with confidence, in order to attain confidence everyone has to work hard in life (Douglas et al., 2014). To gain confidence it takes much time but it does not vanish with the challenging world, in turn, it develops our ability to deal with the challenges in life. During the process, I recognized some of the skills and knowledge that are essential for me to build my ability to behave, feel and think differently in the future. There are numerous skills that are significant for the nurses to become a successful nurse in the future (Richardson & Claman, 2014). Out of various skills, the skills that I have identified from the process is the excellent communication skills and stress management skill. A nurse undergoes with a number of physical and mental stress and trauma hence, it is vital for the nurses to understand the situations and remain calm. Whereas, communication skills are the most significant factor that must be acquired by every reflective nurse to communicate with the doctors, coworkers, and patients (Diekelmann, 2016). Another skill that I come across from Wanda model is critical thinking skill through which the nurse could obtain self-sufficiency that highly helps the nurses to adjust with the changing environment. This helped me in identifying the skills and the knowledge that is required for the nurse to gain success. Thus, I could implement all these skills and knowledge in my future practice to become an effective nurse.
From the reflection or journaling process, I gathered knowledge about various skills and knowledge that must be acquired by the nurse to become a successful nurse. Based on the acquired skills I would like to share the skills and knowledge that I have gained from the process. As constant learning and sharing are the best way to make sure that the nurses remain at the forefront of current thinking and innovation. I advised that the other nurses must develop their thinking power that creates plans and ideas and engages us in problem-solving. According to the models it is recognized that in order to improve and encourage the practice of reflection the colleagues must have a proper analysis of the action plan in the future (Marañón & Pera, 2015). In order to overcome the recurring issues in order to develop the practice with the help of reflection for one of my colleague, I would like to discuss few, simple practical strategies. A colleague must undertake the process of reflection that helps to deal with the setbacks and failures in life. 
Description of the event
From assessment 1 the value that I encountered during the process of a reflective journal is personal values. Personal values are considered to be the general expression that is significant for me tells me about the worthy and vital quality that is honesty (Sharp, 2018). Every aspect of one’s life is differently affected by personal values. It states that nurses must be honest and open with the patient and its family members. From the event of recurring themes that are discussed in the reflective journal, I come to know that by the use of Wanda model I gathered knowledge the critical thinking that must be acquired by a nurse. It states that the Wanda model not only focuses upon critical thinking but also on the factors of group reflection and mutual learning that connects various perspectives of life (Smith & Roberts, 2015). From the reflection, I learned that for a nurse it is important to acquire the skills and knowledge to execute the work systematically. The model highly helped to learn to basic knowledge of nursing that I could implement in the future practice.
From the reflection, I come to know that by the use of the Gibbs model I could use different methods in the future so that the similar event does not occur in the future (Boutet, Vandette & Valiquette-Tessier, 2017). The model states that by following the six steps such as action plan, analysis, evaluation, feelings, and description the similar event would not occur in the future.
In order to make it possible that the similar must not occur again in the future the skills and knowledge that I have identified are the organizational skills, patience and dedication, and decision making and judgment. For the nurse in the healthcare setting, it is important to acquire all these skills and knowledge (Bonnel & Hober, 2016). I gathered knowledge that organizational skill is significant for every nurse to perform the activities of the organization systematically. It will decrease the burden for the nurses in any emergency situations. I also acknowledged that every nurse must have patience and dedicated to its work. Also, the nurse must have the capability to make appropriate decisions and judgment in any situation (Scanlan & Chernomas, 2016). In this particular field, every day is different along with the decisions and judgments.
Identification of the strategies
In every field, there are some of the strategies that are needed to be developed to achieve success in personal and professional life. The strategies such as self-reflection and self-centered highly help to achieve the targets in the future. I gain knowledge that self-reflection could be achieved where we can boost ourselves. It helps to overcome from the pressure in life and provides with the solution to solve the issues (Kelly, Berragan, Husebø & Orr, 2016). In the field of clinical practice, the quality of self-reflection will help me to be flexible in my professional life. It will prove to be effective for me as I am always ready to face the challenges in life. I observed that self-reflection not only develops my efficiency but also enhances my productivity. The particular strategy helps to improve my skills and balance my professional life in the field of nursing. On the other hand, the self-centered strategy comprises of wide range of values and ethics in a person. An individual self-centered approach is categorized into three factors they are, genuineness, empathy and unconditional or respect positive regard (Taylor, Pruitt & Fasolino, 2017). Basically, the strategy is based on operating in others service that will enhance health, respect, co-operation and trust promotion. I got to know that nurses must implement person-centered strategy and facilitate intense nursing care to the patients. This will help me implementing this strategy in the future practice to successfully achieve the goals. Also, I gathered knowledge that the nurses must provide education on health based on person-centeredness. Hence, implementing both the strategies in my professional life will support me to work effectively to provide comfort to the patients.
Impactful and empowering reflection could result in an understanding of the requirements of the clients and provides quality of care for the patients (Foronda, Baptiste, Reinholdt & Ousman, 2016). It helps in gaining knowledge about the organization’s values and ethics and also about the techniques that support us to decrease the stress in life. It is the process which builds our confidence level to a greater extent to face any challenges that come in the path of healthcare settings. The model is very useful to us as demonstrates various skills to overcome the challenges of the nurse. The model discusses the issues and provides solutions for the problem. It provides a view of various perspectives of personal and professional life to achieve the goals. Both the models presented in the assessment Wanda model and Gibbs model comprise of strengths, limitations, and difference as well as the similarities to execute the reflective practice in the personal and professional life (Hoeve, Jansen & Roodbol, 2014). I understood that impactful and empowering reflection helps in identifying the strategies, skills, and knowledge in professional life. These factors are helpful for the nurse to gain knowledge about its work. 
I acknowledged that in order to have a systematic working function in the organization others must change their perspectives. I too have to change myself in relation to the way of working that will help me to change the perspectives of others. As I am following the strategies of self-reflection and self-centered in my professional life as a nurse these strategies will put a positive impact on others if followed appropriately. Following these strategies will bring a massive change in the healthcare settings. It will help my colleagues to control the professional and personal life systematically. Also, I would like to instruct my colleagues to acquire the basic skills of nursing such as organizational skills, critical thinking, excellent communication skills, and decision-making and judgment (Husebø, O’Regan & Nestel, 2015). It will help my colleagues, clients, and society to make an adequate decision to achieve success in life by overcoming the challenges. Hence, from the overall process of reflection, it is observed that all these factors will greatly help an individual in its personal and professional life.
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