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SOS3051 Media And Communication Theory

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SOS3051 Media And Communication Theory

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SOS3051 Media And Communication Theory

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Course Code: SOS3051
University: Norwegian University Of Science And Technology

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Country: Norway


The topic is about how media covered prince harry and meghan story (their story,the wedding,what people said about them, what the news wrote about them 3 from the british newspaper and 3 from another international news or American news
My topic is about Emirates Airlines crash. (How the newspapers around the world covering the Emirates airlines crash that happened in Dubai?) You should choose no more than three newspapers, pick a specific time period, and one of the papers must be from Dubai.


Communication Theory 
The topic selected for this research paper is about how media covered the story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their story was covered by all the newspapers across the globe. Prince Harry and Meghan met for the first time through Harry’s childhood FRIEND Violet von Westenholz as reported by the newspapers. Prince Harry is the younger son of Charles and Diana and is the member of the British royal family. Meghan Markel is a former television and film actress and is now a member of the British royal family. Both of them got married on 19 May 2018 St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom (Hirst, Harrison & Mazepa, 2014). This assignment is focused on Prince Harry and Meghan story, their wedding and what people and news said about them.
Literature Review
According to Bromley (2018), Prince Harry and Meghan met for the first time through Harry’s childhood FRIEND Violet von Westenholz. That was the time when Harry was in the search of his soulmate. Violet and Meghan became friends through Violet’s PR work with Ralph Lauren fashion house. For a time being, Meghan was a part of London social science and then slotted into high society set easily. In the early summer of the year 2016, Prince Harry and Meghan went on their first date when they did not know much about each other. After some time, they made their relationship official and then started going on public outing. The news was further confirmed when Meghan started wearing a gold necklace with letters H and M on it. The first public event attended by Harry and Markle was in May 2017 when they both cheered at a charity polo match. Total devotion to Meghan was proved by the Prince when he personally drove 100 miles just for the purpose of picking her up for the wedding reception of Pippa Middleton.
In the interview for the Vanity Fair, Meghan finally revealed some of the information regarding her relationship with Prince Harry but still it was not so much detailed. After that, they started making public appearances together and also attended events together. The engagement ring chosen for Meghan Markle has diamond from Botswana along with two more stones incorporated from the jewelry collection of Prince Harry in order to design a perfect ring. The engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan was announced by Prince Charles and it was also pre- decided that the wedding will take place in the spring of the year 2018 (Gulf News, 2017).
Later on, the reporters of US Weekly (2018) reported that Meghan started spending time with Prince Harry’s family and was happy in getting to know Prince Harry’s nearest and dearest. Also, there was no bank holiday declared on their wedding day unlike the wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William. Moreover, it was the royal tradition to have weddings on the weekdays which was also broken for the purpose of holding their wedding on weekend. The date of wedding was decided to be 19 May 2018 and the venue was planned to be St George’s Chapel, Windsor. The overall cost of the wedding was estimated to be approximately £ 32 billion. On the day of their wedding, the famous friends of Meghan Markle namely Patrick Adams, Priyanka Chopra and the cast of suits also gathered to attend the royal wedding.  
According to BBC News (2018), the invitations given to the guests specified the dress code for both men and women. For women, the dress code was “Day Dress and Hat” and for men, it was “Dress Uniform, Lounge Suit or Morning Coat”. A British designer designed the wedding dress of Meghan Markle. An official list was announced in April 2018 which specified that international and domestic political leaders along with some other specified leaders would not attend the wedding ceremony. The decision regarding not inviting the political leaders to the wedding was due to the venue limitations and also took into consideration the position of Prince Harry as the sixth in line to the throne (ABC, 2018).
Prince Harry along with the bride Meghan Markle came to be known as Duke and Duchess of Sussex. There was tight security arranged for the event with police officers who examined the rubbish bins, street lights and manholes and made the use of sniffer dogs for the purpose of hunting for explosives. A number of tourists came to the town and dozens of royal fans camped overnight for having a front row view (Sky News, 2018).
For becoming a bonafide royal, Meghan went through a number of steps. Departure from the show has been announced earlier along with the closing of her social media accounts. Along with this, Meghan also took lessons regarding the etiquettes expected of a duchess (Sherman, 2018).
The theory selected for the purpose of this assignment is gatekeeping theory. The concept of gatekeeping theory provides that the information moves to individual and group on the basis of the decision of the gatekeeper (Guo, Vargo, Pan, Ding & Ishwar, 2016). This means that the gatekeeper decides whether the information should or should not move to the individual or group. In other words, the gatekeepers are considered as the decision makers and have their influence on the political, social, ethical or cultural. On the basis of the social and personal influences, these gatekeepers allow the information to the group (Hedrick & McGrail, 2017). In this way, the gatekeepers perform the function of removing the sensible, unwanted and controversial information and therefore assist in controlling the groups and society and showing them the right direction. An important role is played by the medium editor in case of news. He takes major decisions regarding the items to be published and not to be published. Various news items are received by the news channels from different parts of the world. There are own policies and ethics of the channel with the help of which the editor makes the decision regarding the news items to be aired or published. Some items are often rejected by the editor (DeFleur & DeFleur, 2016).
Since Prince Harry belongs to the British royal family, the media cannot publish anything regarding them. Therefore, the gatekeeper or editor goes through the news before its publication. Since they are publishing about the royal family, they have to filter the information a number of times (Hirst, Harrison & Mazepa, 2014).
The information collected for the purpose of this assignment is from the interviews and newspaper articles. Such information has been published in the newspapers of all over the world.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have also appeared for interview for BBC news. This was the interview in which they appeared post engagement which revealed a lot of information regarding how they met, how they got engaged, etc. News channels and newspapers form different parts of the world covered each of their public appearance, their chemistry and each and every moment of their royal wedding. The newspapers also published what people thought of Prince Harry and Meghan wedding, their opinions, reviews, etc. (Hovland & Lumsdaine, 2017)
The views of the public demarcates that the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan is the sign of meaningful step forward for the monarchy. Megan’s wedding was objected by the people due to a number of factors, one of them being the fact that she is bi- racial. Doria, the mother of Meghan is African- American and her father, Thomas, is white. Such racist comments were neglected by Harry and Meghan and they tied the knots. The other fact on while the public commented was that Harry was never married and Meghan is divorced. With the passage of time, the critics forgot that Princes Charles and Andrew are also divorced (Walther & Valkenburg, 2017). Moreover, the marriage of Harry and Meghan was also criticized on the fact that Meghan is a TV actress. The criticism of the people was also based on the fact that royal weddings are not about two people who love each other but it is about presidential inauguration and regarding the first day of the politician in a new job. In other words, it means that love is not the prerequisite for the wedding ceremony. When the royal events are taken into consideration, it is not about individuals but about institutions which actually matters. However, the opinion of people changed after their wedding.  According to the comments of the public, the wedding of Harry and Meghan has the power to change and transform the world (Hanson, 2016).
The evaluation of the above case provides that mass communication played an important role in the case of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Usually the opinion of people depends on the opinion of the people in their surroundings. The couple faced a lots of criticism from the public from all around the world. However, they did not mind the comments of the public and got married in their royal style. There are different opinions published by the reporters of different newspapers from time to time relating to both of them which denotes the power of mass communication (Fox, 2018). This can further be associated with the agenda setting theory which provides the idea that media outlets does not tell people what to think but it tells what to think about. The hypothesis of agenda setting is on the fact that the media has the power of influencing the public discourse along with the events taking place in the society (Walther & Valkenburg, 2017).
Mass communication plays an important role in the exchange of information by people with the help of mass media to a big segments of population in a fast speed. In other words, mass communication can also be referred to as the exchange and imparting of information to a wide range of people on a large scale. This research was elating to how media covered Prince Harry and Meghan story, their wedding and how people react to their wedding. Since a large number of population is involved in case of mass communication, it was difficult to focus on the opinions of all the people. This can be regarded as the limitation of the research conducted for the purpose of this assignment. However, the opinions of the majority of people have been taken into consideration (McQuail & Windahl, 2015). There were both positive and negative comments of the people found in the context of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. Therefore, to a great context, the research went in the right direction. However, the lack of ability to consider various category of opinions proved as a limitation and this was the factor where the research went wrong.
Therefore, it can be concluded that mass communication plays an important role in formulating the opinion of people. This assignment is focused on Prince Harry and Meghan story, their wedding and what people and news said about them.  Various newspapers and interviews highlighted their story regarding how they met. Prince Harry and Meghan met for the first time through Harry’s childhood FRIEND Violet von Westenholz. The information collected for the purpose of this assignment is from the interviews and newspaper articles. However, the information published is screened by the gatekeeper or the editor as per the gatekeeping theory. There are both positive and negative views of people regarding their wedding. However, the opinion of people changed after their wedding.  According to the comments of the public, the wedding of Harry and Meghan has the power to change and transform the world.
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Walther, J. B., & Valkenburg, P. M. (2017). Merging mass and interpersonal communication via interactive communication technology: A symposium. Human Communication Research, 43(4), 415-423.

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