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SRQ764 Building Project Evaluation

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SRQ764 Building Project Evaluation

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SRQ764 Building Project Evaluation

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Course Code: SRQ764
University: Deakin University

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Country: Australia

1. This document is to be read in conjunction with the Unit Guide for this unit.2. It is the responsibility of each student to confirm submission requirements including dates, time, and format. 3. Extension or Special Consideration may be considered for late submission. It is the responsibility of each student to understand Deakin regulations regarding late submission and Special Consideration for assessment. You do not require Special Consideration for an assignment extension. However, you must request an extension prior to the submission time.4. You will be required to complete Assignment 1 in individual basis and Assignment 2 in a group basis.5. All assignments, unless otherwise noted, must be submitted electronically through CloudDeakin. Assignments submitted in any other way will not be marked. 6. Unless otherwise stated, all assignments submitted through CloudDeakin must be in Portable Document Format7. You may refer to publications, but you must write in your own “voice” and cite the references using the Author-Date (Harvard) system. It is essential for you to fully understand what you write and to be able to verify your source if you are requested to do so later on. The library provides workshops and advice on citations and referencing.8. The University regards plagiarism as an extremely serious academic offence. Submission through CloudDeakin includes your declaration that the work submitted is entirely your own. Please make full use of the ‘Check Your Work’ folder in the Dropbox tab on CloudDeakin.9. If you are not clear about the requirements of the assignments, please seek your tutor’s help as soon as possible.

During this exercise, Highland Valuers Company has been instructed by Mr. & Mrs. James and Pamela Wright, through McGrath Real Estate Company to conduct a property appraisal exercise. The appraisal was conducted using the direct market value comparison method which considers property sales of the nearby property while the uniform standards of Professional Appraisal Practice were strictly followed in the writing of the report. The valuation exercise was also conducted according to the definitions of the International Valuations Standard Committee which have been adopted by the Australian Property Institute (Kunis, 2015, p. 12). These definitions include;

The Highest and best use which indicates the utilization of an asset in order to optimize the potential of the property to a financially feasible and legally permissible option. This ensures that the property is used in the most probable and highest use from the date it is valued.
The rent of the property in the market which is the estimated figure for which real property should be leased at from the date it has been valued. The two parties should have agreed at on the price after marketing in a transaction that happens without any of the parties being compelled to participate.
The market values on the other hand refer to the price at which a property should be exchanged for following a valuation where the parties agree and act prudently. This value consists of the prices of the fixtures of the building including the equipment and plant within it, as well as the fittings

 Other aspects that played a key role in settling on the figure proposed include the location of the property, and its zoning, the accessibility of the property form different transport system methods. Landmarks around the area and factors that increase the value of the property were also considered in this valuation exercise. The passing yield which is the %price from the current passing net income, such that no chance is allowed for the rent to grow in the future also contributes to the value of the property. Another factor is the equivalent yield which is the annual yield obtained from the current net income and any expected future changes to the net income over time such that no chance is allowed for the rent to grow in the future . This thus implies that the yield is the rate of return of a net income stream over given time in order to that reflects current rents and costs and current levels of rental values  (Morey, Shaw, and Rowe, 2011, p. 197). Finally, the market yield is also considered which refers to the percentage price from the assessed market net income such that no chance is allowed for the rent to grow in the future thus contributing to the value of the property.
Reason for Valuation
The goal of the appraisal was to give the company and the couple an opinion about the market value of their property. The owners wanted to know this values so they could be able to account for the value of the property, and incase a mortgagee was interested in the property, the couple would be able to come up with a reasonable mortgage security deal (Andrews and Moore, 2017, p.271).
Client Assumptions

The report findings will be based on the evaluation of current market value and consideration improvements.
Any instances that may affect the market value that are not considered in this evaluation ought to be clarified with the valuer whether or not they affect the project.
All the valuations have been done after the valuer has physically inspected the site and identified the boundaries of the property.
All the information provided  in this appraisal report is confirmed with qualified surveyors who have the mandate of giving the identification survey.
Any doubts arising from the appraisal can be confirmed following the guidance of a qualified surveyor who can advice if the valuation exercise is impacted.
Should the  report be found erroneous, the matter should be referred back to the valuation company who shall review the valuation (Reed, 2015, p.9).
The valuation exercise shall not include any soil or environmental impact assessments or reports.
The report also assumes that there are no environmental issues on the property that may impact the value of the property either through surface or subsurface problems on the property. It also does not consider hazardous or toxic wastes, risks associated with building material on site, or even explosive material that  may still have not exploded. This is because any considerations of these factors may negatively affect the market value of any property, or even its use. This will most definitely have a significant effect on the value of property when considered during assessment. The occurrence of such matters on the land are thus not accountable to the valuer, unless the value has confirmed that the ordinance will not affect the property.
The information utilize to conduct this appraisal has been obtained from the City Council of Victoria and thus the valuer cannot be accountable for the inaccuracy of this information.
The valuation considers the improvements made on the land currently, their compliance to the regulations and laws of the rightful authorities as well as the approval of the use of the building
The valuation  also ought to consider structural and service installations of the improvements indicating the capital expenditure of the improvements (Cooper and Henderson, 2017, p. 577)

Site details
The property is located close to two main facilities, namely  the Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens and the Eastern Beach Recreation reserve. This means that the property can easily be accessed using the Eastern Beach Road  and the Hearne Parade which leads to the Geelong Play Space and the Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens (Georges and Clive, 2012, p.130).
The property sits on an area of 6249 sq. m. with two storeys and surrounded by a serene beach. The land has been improved since 1979 with precast concrete and concrete masonry luxury and prestigious residential apartment. According to our valuation, the building provides A plus quality luxury residence. The property can be accessed from Eastern Beach Road, Brougham Street, and Alexandra Avenue, when coming from different directions of the city.
Description of the Property
The property offers an exclusive and luxurious space of water front living as it is located on the second street from the beach. The location is also one of Geelong’s most premium residential locations, as it showcases views that face towards the north overlooking the sparkling waters of the bay at Geelong.  Since the building’s construction in 1979, the interiors of the building offer a retro aura which is detailed with quality fittings and features. It is also fitted with stainless steel appliances and footsteps that lead to a Porsche overlooking the Botanical gardens and the water front of the Bay. From the property, one can walk to the CBD and the different sites within sight. The building is also luxurious as it has an open plan that allows occupants to enjoy the breeze as is related to the terrace. The terraces also have gardens that are facing the sun allowing them to be more productive for gardening. The kitchen is fitted with bench tops, pantry and microwave, stainless steel oven, dishwasher, electric cook-top. The master bedroom is a master en-suite has a bed that has robes which flow into the terrace. The other bedrooms have a laundry an d a main bathroom. The house also comes with a fitted air-con system, storage space, and a security system, parking on and off the street.
Risks Involved 
Some of the risks involved in this process include;

Asset Management Risks: the property might require to be professionally managed even though the project is not management intensive.
Investment Risk: If the property is able to enter the property market soon after valuation and is purchased by a private developer such that the property’s value would increase before the valuation period expires.
Asset Risk: The land has been subject to contamination of any sort, or the title deed has issues, and the use of the land for the use it is used for is not consistent with the highest and best use of the property.
Leasing and Cash Flow Risks: The passing yield of the land goes beyond the rental value as this will make the values inconsistent industry benchmark (Li, 2017, p. 71).

Advantages of the Project
The project is advantageous because it helps the owners and their real estate agent to identify the market price of the property. This will aid them to understand  their options with regard to the sale of the property or even the mortgage security of the property if there was a need to look
The methodology used in valuing this property as has been earlier stated will be to directly compare the market value of other property in the same class and locale as the one being valued. The project will be reconciled with the capitalization of net income of the other properties. The method will guarantee a value rate of the property to the other properties in the area. The value is also computed using a given rate per square meter of the area occupied by the property. The value of the land also tends to adopt the value that is derived from the other factors that affect the value of property and  the prices associated with other properties that are comparable in elegance and capital of net income (Washington, Stevens, and Underwood, 2015, p.321). Applying a capitalization rate that is guided by the prices of other properties in the market has a tendency of affecting the capitalization of net income. This implies that the net annual market rent is used to come up with the core investment value of the property which is the price of a fully leased property given the current rates of rent in the market. This therefore marks the below the line adjustment for the investment characteristics of the property (Russell and Wagner, 2017, p.227).  
Definition of Value
This section looks into the different attributes that are considered very valuable to the property as well as the market sales and exchanges that would have an impact on the price and value of the property. Considering the comprehension of the market parameters at the date of the valuation exercise the following valuation parameters contributed to the value opinion for this property.

Sales History: The property was built in 1979 and has been the residential home of the owners and their family since then. As earlier explained, the couple simply want to know the value of the property and understand the mortgaging security arrangements incase they would find the option appealing for them. The property has offered a 5% fee of the value of the land for the valuation exercise.
The sales Evidence also counts as an important definition of value in this project: This will help in identifying the market range of the property being valued (Collymore, 2013, p. 161).

The Interest to valued was the fee which was a simple subject to the value of the land. The fee was set at 5% (Gregory, 2016, p.331)
Comparison Between the Project Value and the Value of the nearby Projects
The entire project sits on a total area of 5900sq. m. The property is also situated a good distance from the sparkling waters of the bay. The site is extremely accessible to the nearby facilities and also the city centre, although it is quite a distance from it that walking would be ambitious. The property is also close to other amenities like the nearby kindergarten. It is also exposed to good other social amenities due to its proximity to the city, where we find all the schools, shopping markets, and even healthcare facilities. The site however faces a serious disadvantage of its orientation with regard to the recently blowing winds. This can be easily fixed by installing wind breaking facilities on the site.
This option presents a bigger property with older and less modern fittings and the fixtures showing that it is a worse option than the property.
The property sits on an area of about 4200 sq.m. which is way smaller than the area of the property at hand . The property however sits in an environment that appears more modern and elegant, making it the choice of many luxury apartment tenants and buyers. The area is a serene and peaceful environment which makes it very suitable for residential spaces. A number of social amenities like health care centres, supermarkets and schools.
The property sits on a small piece of land and has a wider forest cover that make it susceptible to visits from small animals from the forest.
The property sits on an area of 6500sq.m. which is bigger than the size if the main property. The site is however located very close to many commercial buildings. The property is very well connected to the transport system that leads to the main amenities of the area. While it is surrounded by many commercial facilities, the social amenities required for residential purposes are located quite far from the property. It is however situated next to the Silicon IT Company offices and the commercial park of Geelong.
However, the area has a high traffic of commercial vehicles, clients, and employees of different companies that are situated in the locale making it a rather unsuitable place for residential purposes.
The property has an area of about 6000 sq. m. although is located in an environment that has not been fully explored as a residential area. For this reason, this property lacks social amenities that would make residential purposes easier. The transport system in the area has also not been advanced and perfected s not many people go to this part of town as often.
Due to the state of the property, the value of the property cannot be guaranteed as there are no signs of budding settlements in the region.
The property that was being valued in this exercise is an existing luxurious waterfront apartment overlooking the sparkling bay waters of the Geelong Beach. The property can be accessed with through the Hearne Parade or the Eastern Beach Avenue. The valuation exercise was aimed at determining the market value of the property for the owners, in order for them to be aware of the potential property sale value. Since the property is already owned by the couple, there was really no need to conduct a surveying exercise. The property sits on an area of 6249sq.m. The rate per square meter of the property was found to be $184. 31due tothe expensive and luxurious space that the property offers(Wright, Smith, and McIntire 2016, p. 224).
The definition of the market value highlights that the valuation has been conducted assuming no special valuation exercises. The foregoing matters thus become the biggest factors of consideration when conducting a valuations exercise. After all these considerations the value of the property was found to be $1,150,000.
Andrews, R. and Moore, K.., 2017. Design efficiency for non?market valuation. Australian  journal of agricultural and resource economics, 52(3), pp.253-282.
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Li, V. (2017). Pricing what is priceless: a status report on non-market valuation of environmental resources. Queensland : Bloomsbury Publishing.
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