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STAT600 Data Analysis And Interpretation

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STAT600 Data Analysis And Interpretation

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STAT600 Data Analysis And Interpretation

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Course Code: STAT6000
University: Australian Catholic University

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Country: Australia


Do you think daily temperatures have an impact on coffee consumption?
A cafe manager noted the number of coffee sold in a random sample of 50 days, which had very different daily temperatures, over a year.
a)Compute the following descriptive statistics with the data provided: c)If you were the café manager, would you form an opinion that daily temperatures have an impact on the variation of coffee consumption (high, medium or low), based on your answers in a) and b)?  Please explain.
d) Please suggest 2 plausible factors other than daily temperatures that you consider would have an impact on coffee consumption.   Could you explain the impact of each of these two factors on coffee consumption with the same data provided?   Please explain.


The banning of the people with violent backgrounds from the precincts of licensed premises will help in controlling of violence near licensed premises. The majority of the violence near the licenced premises are caused by a number of issues in the maintenance of law in the society. The Queensland law enforcement and the local laws try to prevent the various kinds of violence in the society which may be a result of a drunken spree in the society. The law enforcement authorities choose to curb the alcohol related violence in society by implementing a number of policies related to the selling acquisition and the consumption of liquor in the society (Business.qld.gov.au, 2018). The laws related to the selling and the consumption of liquor should control the overall implications it will have on total sales and on the patrons. The effects on patrons is an important part to be assessed and understood as it will help in the control of the sales of liquor in the society. The overall increase or decrease in the sales will affect the market in a number of ways which is why this policy has to be studied in detail.
There are a number of bans that are in place controlling the sale and the consumption of alcohol by the people in the society. The different types of the bans that can be in place for controlling patrons from indulging in alcohol fuelled violence. These bans include:

court-imposed bans
Venue-imposed bans.
police-imposed bans

The court imposed ban focusses on various legislation regarding the consumption and sale of alcohol near licensed premises and the related violence in the society. For the court, banning orders are sentencing provisions for the people in the society to be implemented for various actions of alcohol and drug related issues. The court imposed banning order on a person can last from a few days to a few months depending on the gravity of the action of an individual. The inclusion of a number restraining orders in controlling the behaviour of individuals in purview of legislations help in controlling alcohol fuelled violence in the society (Miller et al., 2017). The ban by court orders help in ensuring public safety in areas which are prone to alcohol related violence by different patrons. The court order can also impose bans under Bail Act 1980, which imposes ban on the people in lieu of the bail granted to them (Bartels et al., 2018). The breach of the bail related violence in licensed premises leads to a number of strict penalties ranging from revocation of bail to a fine along with jail time. The legislation provides the banning order to different venue making it a compulsion that the ids have to be checked to avoid a banned person entry in the places. The uploading of the banning orders on the approved id scanning system makes it easy to implement the banning orders in the licensed premises.
The venue imposed bans on the patrons are the ones which are imposed by the venues against the people due to their conduct. It is in light of the social and moral behavior of the individual in an environment. It is also the result of behavior of individuals in the licensed premises making the premise ban them. According to Ferris et al. (2017), these bans by the premises can also be uploaded in the id scanning system data making the other premises to recognize the person. The local areas can ban the entries of individuals in the area based on a number of different factors ranging from behavioral misconducts to the failure in flowing norms of the premise. These are important aspects of the regulations that have to be considered in the overall usage of the behavioral patterns of the individuals to ascertain safety of the precincts.  The behaviour of individuals in closed environment is an important factor as it guides the overall experience of all the patrons who visit it. Any behavior which will affect the experience of patrons should be avoided and to ensure that the ban is imposed on some people by the venues.
There are also limited time bas impose by the venues on different patrons based on the effect of their behavior on the business and how it will in the long term affect experience of other consumers. The group ban by the venue are put on a patron in case of some extreme violent behavior by the individual harming the privacy and the safety of others in vicinity. This kind of ban is imposed when a group of venues in a certain area choose to ban a person from their premises. It is the decision of individual venue owner to ban a person or not. According to Farmer, Curtis & Miller (2017), It is seen that in most cases the group ban is placed on people who are convicted of drug trafficking, violence in public places or have been participating in a crime in vicinity of one of the venues in the group. The group bans are not easily imposed as the venues try to ply their trade in the society in the least intervening way possible. However, in case of incidents involving severe violence or a crime based on racial and ethnic discrimination are banned from the premises as they bring an ill reputation for the business. The group ban also helps in improving the experience of the patrons who are not indulging in violence of any such criminal activity. The reputation of the premise is at stake and the silence holder tend to focus on the improving the experience for the majority of the people in the society by imposing these bans. In case of objection related to a venue ban the concerned person can contact the manager or a group of managers in the case of group ban to justify his predicament (Curtis et al., 2018). The ban can be placed and revoked by the management of the premise and it is unto their discretion. These bans however can be contested by the individual unlike the court bans.
The third kind of ban that the people might face is the ban enforced by the police on various individuals. The bans enforced by the police come under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 which gives the power to the police to ban people from certain premises for an array of reasons (Legislation.qld.gov.au., 2015) The various powers that have been given to the police in the case are of banning the people from being in a certain area. This can be in a premise or a specified area around a certain premise. It can be enforced by the police based on a number of factors as deemed fit by the law enforcement agencies in the society. The venturing of an individual in the Safe Night Precinct is also I the purview of the jurisdiction of the police in the area. Safe night precincts are the licensed areas which serve liquor late night and are often extreme violence prone areas in the society as they run late into the night (Legislation.qld.gov.au., 2015). Therefore, in this case the law enforcement agencies in the society are entitled to use their jurisdiction to enforce whatever measures deemed necessary to operate the businesses safely without any untowardly incidents. The banning of individuals who can harm the overall environment is done by the police to ensure peace and harmony in the society. The police can also intervene in the entry of an individual in an event where alcohol is being served. This is often done in the scenarios where people have a history of alcohol abuse or indulging in the violence after the consumption of alcohol. The ban enforced by the people may range from a few days to a few months depending on the volatility of the situation and the people involved in the scenario.
The intervention of police and law enforcement agencies in ensuring public safety in the areas serving alcohols help in maintaining peace in the area. In the places having a large number a large number of people such bans are helpful in making the task of the police easy and making the experience an enjoyable one for all the concerned parties (Fitts et al., 2017). Apart from the aforesaid bans, police in the Queensland area also have the right to prevent the entry of a person in ranged vicinity of an area. The distances that come under this range from a few meters to half a kilometer. This is a practice which is enforced when the concerned person may be threat to a person or a group which is in the precinct. The law enforcement is responsible for safekeeping of individuals in the area making it important for them to have a right to stop people from intervening in the social group (Fitts et al., 2017). Duration of the ban is also an important aspects relating to the crime and social behavior history of the individual in alcohol abuse and social behavior cases.
The policies that have been put in place for the banning of individuals from places which are licensed to sell liquor may depend on a number or reasons. However, it is in the jurisdiction of the aforementioned three groups to enforce the ban on the individual or a group of people. Firstly, they may pose a threat to the social peace and overall experience of the people in the area. Secondly, they may have a history of alcohol abuse and indulging in activities that pose a health threat to the individuals. The criminal history of an individual also has important role to play in the banning of the individuals from various activities in the society (Muhunthan et al., 2017). The people with criminal background are kept away from such areas using various banning measure as they may hamper the overall experience of various patrons by indulging in unacceptable behavior instigated by alcohol consumption. The experience of all the patrons have also be taken into consideration along with the social health risk of the individual overall affecting the policies that are in place for banning the individuals from various licensed areas. The lack of the banning may lead to the rise in the alcohol related crime activities in the society. Any untoward incident in the area affects the overall reputation of whole area. This would deter the patrons who want to visit the area regularly from coming to the place. It will in the long term harm the reputation of the area bringing down its economy. One of the important aspects in this context is that economic development of the area will be hindered and patrons will start avoiding it (Warren & Palmer, 2018). The entertainment areas which are licensed premises should be kept safe from the intervention of people with criminal backgrounds. It is also important to consider that the bans are in place to improve the behavior people who tend to indulge in criminal activities after being intoxicated. The lack of people who can make the experience of the patrons unwelcome in the society will help in improving the experience of individuals. The banning also leads to the overall decrease in the crimes in the area.
One of the most important things that is achieved by the banning of the banning of violent individuals from the area is a sense of security among the regular patrons. This security helps in the improvement of the experience of the individual manifold (Warren & Palmer, 2018). The improved security norms by the venues and the police also increase the footfall in the venue which helpful for the business. When the police and venue management focus on improving the safety norms and the individual experiences of the people in the society, the businesses flourish. The overall environment of the entertainment venues becomes more entertainment friendly too.
Therefore, it can be concluded that the banning of the patrons with the violent backgrounds from different premises helps in ensuring a safe society. In the long term it is also viable for the growth and development of the venues as it improves the experience of the individuals. The banning by different authorities should therefore be enforced to improve the experience of peaceful patrons and decrease crime rates.
Bartels, L., Gelb, K., Spiranovic, C., Sarre, R., & Dodd, S. (2018). Bail, Risk and Law Reform: A Review of Bail Legislation across Australia. Criminal Law Journal, 42(2), 91-107.
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Curtis, A., Taylor, N., Guadagno, B., Farmer, C., & Miller, P. (2018). Community awareness of patron banning in Australia: A brief report. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 1-5.
Farmer, C., Curtis, A., & Miller, P. (2017). The steady proliferation of Australia’s discretionary police-imposed patron banning powers: An unsubstantiated cycle of assertion and presumption. Criminology & Criminal Justice, 1748895817733792.
Ferris, J., Zahnow, R., Miller, P., & Coomber, K. (2017). Impact of the last drinks and lockouts: prepared for the Queensland Government.
Fitts, M. S., Robertson, J., Towle, S., Doran, C. M., McDermott, R., Miller, A., … & Clough, A. R. (2017). ‘Sly grog’and ‘homebrew’: a qualitative examination of illicit alcohol and some of its impacts on Indigenous communities with alcohol restrictions in regional and remote Queensland (Australia). BMC research notes, 10(1), 360.
Legislation.qld.gov.au. (2015). Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 [Ebook]. Retrieved from https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/pdf/2017-09-13/act-2000-005
Miller, P. G., Ferris, J., Coomber, K., Zahnow, R., Carah, N., Jiang, H., … & de Andrade, D. (2017). Queensland Alcohol-related violence and Night Time Economy Monitoring project (QUANTEM): a study protocol. BMC public health, 17(1), 789.
Muhunthan, J., Angell, B., Hackett, M. L., Wilson, A., Latimer, J., Eades, A. M., & Jan, S. (2017). Global systematic review of Indigenous community-led legal interventions to control alcohol. BMJ open, 7(3), e013932.
Warren, I., & Palmer, D. (2018). Southern Criminology, Zonal Banning and the Language of Urban Crime Prevention. In The Palgrave Handbook of Criminology and the Global South (pp. 183-201). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

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