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The Development of Autism Analysis Essay

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Autism is considered to be a brain disorder being characterized by restricted behavior and impaired social interaction. The paper will investigate the development of this illness in modern society and its influence on human behavior; it should be stressed that statistical data related to autism illness among children will be an integral part of research paper. Our proposal, on our final assignment, is to explore and submit a report on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism is a psychological condition that has been becoming more “popular” in the world because of its affects from explosive behavioral issues to reclusiveness. Studies show it affects 2 in 150 children and the numbers are significantly increasing. It has been reported that one of the possible causes of this conditions can be linked to the routine vaccinations children receive, and it can be diagnosed as early as eighteen months. A cure has not been developed or published, however, a few parents have gone on the news media claiming that by modifying their children’s diet they were able to cure their child of this disability.

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Team D will further explore what this disorder is, its affects on families who have loved ones with autism, where they can go for information on latest developments and agencies available to provide assistance. By exploring the autistic community we hope to bring awareness to the class and how the social skills of high functioning -or developmentally challenged autistic people show their peers how society interacts with this condition. Our paper will be based on interviews with people who work with the autism and reports from the news databases depicting support, and services in the field of autism itself; also how and where we can get treatment.

Most data for the research conduction will be retrieved from internet official web sites related to the problem; our team will try to examine the articles and true life stories from recent magazines editions in order to provide new and updated information as to autism role in the society. Primary sources used in the paper will be focused on the results of the interviews and online articles analysis. The research paper will contain statistical social works as the secondary sources for autism spreading evaluation throughout the whole world.

Dietrick will provide information on published medical and psychiatric research articles and literature, websites such as http://www.autism-society.org, one of the background sources can be presented in official web site of USA Autism Society at which presents detailed facts about programs and researches pertaining to autism development. He will interview or dialogue with his peers about autism, if they know someone with autism or knows of someone with this condition and what challenges and successes they have encountered.

Ty will introduce a number of interviews and speeches by Christine Fougere, who is considered to be the founder and the president of the Canadian National Autism Foundation. The paper will disclose the interviews of this famous and significant person whom managed to give all her efforts to the development of autism charitable programs and contribute to autism support all over the world. It will note famous stars as Rik Emmett and Andrew Rudd. These outstanding musicians are considered to be the authors of songs devoted to people support having autism diagnosis; they are the authors of such songs as “Don’t Give UP On Me Autism” and “Autism”. Our report will disclose titles of songs and videos of famous musicians who managed to promote their thoughts of autism place the society throughout the whole world.

Malia will conduct interviews with a pediatric psychologist to gather information on the possible causes and different types and symptoms of autism. She will also interview an elementary school principal about the learning styles of autistic children and available instructional services for them to help them master basic language skills; if it impacts how they socialize and play. A third interview will be with an academic counselor at a college who counsels adult students with learning disabilities. To further her research she will also find out about the challenges autistic students encounter, how they are accepted by their non-autistic peers, and what accommodation services and software programs are available to assist students achieve academic success. We also hope to explore if the school system is connected to its community or public services for ongoing continued support to hire an autistic person to encourage independent living.

As it is Alisha’s goal is to become a preschool teacher and/or daycare provider, she will interview a preschool teacher and a daycare provider about how they handle or would handle an autistic child. Alisha will also create a PowerPoint presentation to further illustrate and support our report about Autism in the World.

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Our team will focus on the statistical investigation of children with autism and their abilities. The paper will concentrate on the analysis of children’s exhibitions and special programs developed to provide support to those who suffer this disease and their parents. Though there are no cases when autism was completely treated, nevertheless modern medicine and various social programs showed that children’s disorder can be characterized by improved outcomes. Constant work with diagnosed children and organization of supporting concerts can lead to moral state improvement and children’s desire to be part of the ordinary society. The paper will disclose the peculiarities of social programs held in the USA and throughout the whole world.

The interviews to be carried out by the members of our team will give an opportunity to contribute to the investigation of people whose life was influenced by autism, directly or indirectly. The paper will disclose virtual stimulations which are the integral part of autistic children’s life; we try to explain what factors help diagnosed people to live and become independent. Research paper will be focused on the process of study provided for autistic children and their ability to perceive reality and society in a proper way. (Autism Society of America, 2009)

One of the important aspects to be presented in the research paper is devoted to the examination of the possible treatment ways provided in modern medicine. It should be noted that the paper will concentrate on vaccines analysis which are usually given to diagnosed children before they go to kindergarten. We will try to investigate the consequences of these medications which used to increase children’s sensitivity, attention and emotions while being surrounded by normal children. The paper will analyze articles reflecting the influence of harmful toxins, presented in the vaccines, on children’s health, physical and emotional state. We will try to disclose parents’ opinion as to the problem and their ways of its solution.

Besides, it is very important to provide the analysis of autism programs presented at the web site: http://www.autism.org/; this source presents the role of the parents as the principle partners in autism children support. The paper will reflect parents’ experience in their attempts to cope with autism problems suffered by their children. Besides, some references will contain parental reports disclosing autism as genetic susceptibility result being environmentally triggered. The part of the research devoted to parental interference will give an opportunity evaluating feelings and inner development of children with early brain disorders and understanding the peculiarities of their world perception. (Autism Collaboration, 2008)

It should be stressed that the research paper in Autism development will disclose the principle aspects of the problem in the society covering its ways of treatment and supporting programs organized throughout the world. The interviews will give an opportunity to reflect real experience of cooperating with autistic children and understand the depth of the disease problem. The paper will show the importance of autistic children support through the description of their inner world development and interviews devoted to the problem solution.

In closing, we, as Team D, agree and commit to submit our final report on Autistic Spectrum Disorder by week four as noted in the syllabus.


Autism Collaboration. 2008. Web.

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Autism Society of America. 2009. Web.

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