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The Future of Health Service Delivery Essay

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Healthy People 2020 initiative aims to expand its previous goals and implement quality-based measures to improve health outcomes. As part of the program, 1,300 tasks were set, distributed across 42 areas (Shi & Singh, 2019). The vision of Healthy People is to ensure society members live long and healthy lives. Therefore, this framework’s goals are to attain high-quality prevention from diseases, injuries, or premature deaths, establish equity, and promote healthy development worldwide. According to several biblical verses, health is knowledge of God and expressing Him in life through purity, affection, and actions (King James Bible, n. d.). Therefore, by acting in accordance with the plan of the program, people will be healthy. Moreover, the verses demonstrate that when the man is sick, the others become strong to help them (King James Bible, n. d.). This can also be explained by the fact that healthy people in 2020 are focusing on more areas as more diseases appear.

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To ensure positive clinical outcomes, the program will provide more significant patient trust and communication. In addition, accessing evidence-based services will be the priority to eliminate the level of mortality. The healthcare procedure will be available when it is needed to guarantee each client is safe and avoid increased complications and hospitalization. Furthermore, the new initiative will implement telehealth technologies to deliver care instantly. In addition, the workforce will be in the spotlight to change or improve their approaches to healthcare. Therefore, by implementing these improvements, the nation will likely obtain a sense of security in the following decade.

The two previous initiatives, Healthy People 2000 and 2010, proved to be not very efficient in improving the nation’s well-being. For instance, the latter program’s objectives were also set to eliminate disparities and improve people’s health (CDC, 2015). Thus, for ten years, the initiative focused on 28 areas to fill the gaps in them. The company identified the main factors that contribute to inequities: gender, race, location, education, sexual orientation, and disability. The results of the campaign demonstrated the reduction of tobacco use, the spread of immunization among children (CDC, 2015). On the other hand, the problems of obesity became predominant during the decade and contributed to the spread of chronic diseases. The health disparities were not resolved due to a lack of medical reforms.


Primarily, Healthy People has an elaborated strategic plan and sets precise objectives. The initiative also provides vital communicative and trust needs for patients. Moreover, it uses the most technologically advanced innovations and evidence-based services that are effective in practice. The government supports the campaign, which implies being sponsored and promoted at all stages of its development. The main peculiarity of the process is that it is extensive, that is, encompasses all levels.


However, the program’s goals are too generalized, which means that they cover large areas of society and segments of the population. Therefore, they become difficult to navigate and understand how some of them were set. Moreover, the campaign is not advertised, which results in low utilization rates.


The Healthy People initiative has all the possibilities to impact American society and its health by expanding and providing access to technologically advanced and evidence-based healthcare services. It will allow each member of American society to expand the medical assistance entrance so they would become healthier.


The other governmental or private initiatives can be promoted faster due to the high level of advertising.

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Considering the previous experience of Healthy People initiatives and the SWOT analysis, it can be stated that the new program should launch an advertising campaign to succeed. Moreover, the findings demonstrate that the goals should be narrowed down to achieve the results in each focus area. Having a structured approach, the initiative is likely to affect the nation’s well-being and eliminate racial disparities in the country.


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