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The Objective of the Non-Profit Organization INI Editing

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INI is a non-profit organization focused on providing information about the cognitive decline in elder people. The organization comprises an expert team of multi-disciplinary professionals, such as clinicians, clinical scientists, and neuroscientists, etc for community-level interventions. Its activities relate to four perspectives like research, education, community awareness program, and philanthropy.

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Objective: INI aims to provide current knowledge on the aging human spine and brain as well as the decline of cognition due to disorders among the elder population.
Goal: The organization’s goal is to cooperate with other projects, organizations, and persons who are potential contributors to the field to create more awareness among the public as well as health professionals.
Aim of the INI: The organization aims to expand its base to a wider multitude of people in the Los Angeles area, US, and eventually to reach out to the world’s medical and non-medical communities.
Four perspectives of the organization

Research enables to gain advanced knowledge on the subject. The group of multidisciplinary professionals conducts researches on cognitive decline through clinical and psychological evaluation and interventions. It also studies the nutrition and metabolism of the brain and spine, regeneration strategies including nano-research, nanotechnological advancements, and therapeutic interventions including intracranial and spinal delivery.

Education: It is derived from the study on the decline of cognition and neurological disorders that affect elder people. The researches not only help in educating about the impact of neurological disorders among elder people but also aid in keeping the professionals abreast of various developments in the field. It also facilitates the learning of vital aspects.

Community Awareness Programs

Community Awareness Program enriches existing knowledge of people on the problem. Advanced researches impart information on various cognitive disorders by understanding the normal and abnormal functions of neurons. Current knowledge on the state of neurons in the brain will help to determine neurological disorders and to evolve strategies to cope with conditions like dementia. The community can also understand different therapeutic strategies and interventions, reversible etiologies, the natural process of aging brain and spine and their dysfunctions, osteoporosis and bone metabolism, and spinal degeneration.


The organization identifies potential projects, organizations, and individuals that contributed to developing an understanding of cognitive disorders. Finally, the ultimate objective of the organization is philanthropy, which they aim to achieve by recognizing the significance of evolving suitable strategies to counter the problem. Moreover, it intends to find solutions for prevention and intervention by creating awareness about the condition. The organization has understood the need for evolving networks and multi-disciplinary teams of professionals to assess and determine the factors of aging of the brain and spine. The incidence of cognitive disorders has been increasing throughout the world, especially in the United States. The organization actualizes its dream of philanthropy where the people need advanced knowledge, care, and intervention.

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