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The Smoking Problem: Articles Review Essay

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Why are Tobacco Control and Prevention Important?

Summary: The article provides a detail analysis of cigarette smoking as the main factor identifying the level of deaths in the USA. It gives a clear picture of statistical findings, stressing that about 438 thousand people die annually because of smoking. It is necessary to underline the fact that the article states current number of smoking as more than 40 million adults.

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There is a need to stress theoretical value of the source dedicated to statistical analysis of smoking. According to the source, the impact of tobacco use on human health leads to American life quality compromising and economic costs imposing on modern society.

Such phenomenon as secondhand smoke exposure causes about 35000 heart disease deaths as well as 3000 lung cancer deaths every year; this number is constantly increasing. Besides, it is necessary to stress that secondhand smoking is harmful for children’s health having the threat to get chronic asthma, middle ear infections and pneumonia.

Modern social organizations and programs, which are dedicated to fighting with smoking, introduced strong restrictions to smoking in public places. Besides, such smoking bans appear to be effective interventions for secondhand smoking reduction. It is necessary to underline the fact that the development of anti-smoking policies is closely connected with smoking cessation rates increase and cigarette consumption decrease.

The article presents smoking as one of the central problems for many countries throughout the world; the most shocking are the figures related to smoking rate among students. The usage of tobacco product among schoolchildren reaches about 28%. For the previous decade, smoking has become a way of fashionable life for the youth. Taking into account this factor, there are developed a number of evidence-based strategies being promoted to reduce the high levels of tobacco products usage among adolescents. Tax increase and counter-marketing campaigns are directed at the reduction of smoking levels within the society.

The article ‘Why are Tobacco Control and Prevention Important?’ is considered to have practical value for social awareness of the modern population. It represents plenty of figures, demonstrating costs levels spent by the government to decrease smoking rates in the state. (Why are Tobacco Control and Prevention Important? 2006)

Smoking among Dutch Elementary Schoolchildren: Gender-specific Predictors

Summary: The article is dedicated to the analysis of smoking on the basis of gender-related factors. It should be noted that female adolescents have higher rates in initiation and continuation of smoking. Boys and girls from elementary Dutch schools appeared to be involved in the intervention trials on the basis of multilevel logistic regression and written questionnaires.

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The results of the investigation process have underlined the following indicators: the level of smoking prevalence among boys was higher than among girls. Taking into account smoking initiation indicators, the following risk factors have been shared between boys and girls: ‘modeling nuclear’, age, modeling from parents and ‘modeling diffuse’.

Smoking initiation gender-specific predictor appeared to be the origin of parents. It is interesting to stress that non-Dutch parents should have been involved in special prevention programs.

One should focus on the idea that social modeling, self-efficacy data and smoking rates investigation can be perceived as integral parts of smoking prevention programs development among adolescents. It is necessary to underline the idea that unfortunately, there were not found any effective gender predictors impacting smoking initiation level lowering. The review of the article raised the problem of smoking promotion among young people; the authors of the investigation tried to connect the problem of smoking with nationality and gender factors. The article is directed at providing the indicators of smoking rates increase for the previous years on the basis of gender factors. According to the source, the number of female smokers is lower, though the rate of smoking continuation among girls is higher.

The reasons for smoking initiations are not clearly identified because they considerably differ from state to state and from region to region. Policy measures to be developed should be analyzed in terms of their effectiveness in smoking rate reduction. The threat of problem promotion among the students stimulates the development of various prevention programs at the interregional and international levels. (Ausems, Mesters, and Breukelen, 2009)

Mortality in Relation to Smoking: 40 years’ observations on Male British Doctors

Summary: The study is dedicated to the assessment of hazards caused by long-term smoking and usage of tobacco products. The central issue of the work is related to an investigation of chronic diseases as the main consequences of long-term smoking period. All the previous researches indicated cancer as the main disease caused by tobacco harmfulness; nevertheless, there is a need to be aware of other threats and harms to human health.

It is interesting to note that the study involved only doctors as the group for experiment development. The study showed that about 40 000 male doctors had this harmful habit for about 20 years and even more. Smoking was proved to have a close relation to mortality levels caused by many other diseases, rather than only by lung cancer. According to the Royal College of Physicians, tobacco hazards were documented, as the products causing grave threats to human health and stimulating lung cancer development.

What methods were used for the study? Firstly, it should be noted that a key element in the investigation process was the questionnaire. The patients being registered in the British Medical registration system appeared to be the participants of questionnaires; they were asked to provide some information about their smoking habits and smoking term period. As a result, more than 40000 people were questioned. The report developed on the basis of this analysis demonstrated the fact that 10% of smoking people had died at the age of 40; the predominant part of them were males.

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Further on, the article investigated the causes of death on the international level; these indicators are based on the official deaths certificates. Thus, 1% of the deaths rate could not be diagnosed with death causes. The causes of death were classified and investigated considering age factors and nationality (for the analysis of the way of life, social order). The highest indicators of deaths rate were shown by chronic heart and lung disease caused by long-term smoking.

The findings of the study were based on the comparative analysis of modern smokers’ level and the one, fixed in the 50s. This analysis indicated considerable changes in cigarette number smoking by a person every day, showing that nowadays, this number rapidly increased. (Doll, Peto, and Gray, 1994)

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