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TO5104 Tourism Management Stratergies

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TO5104 Tourism Management Stratergies



Select 2 readings from the listings provided on LearnJCU.For the presentation part of the readingsassignment, students will review each reading, describing its main ideas, links to other parts of the subject and any links to their second reading. In the same way the second reading will be considered. The presentation should attempt to illustrate the issues in the reading with visual and where appropriate entertaining Powerpoint material. An important part of the presentation will be to include an activity of some sort –possibly a question to everyone in the class or a vote on issues raised in the readings.The mark for this part of the reading assignment will be based on the visual impact, verbal presentation skills, and accurate presentation of the material. The accompanying written presentation will be marked on the logic and clarity of the written communication. The written presentation should be set out as follows: In total 6 content based pages will be needed to complete this part of the assignment. A cover/title page and references are additional material not counted in the 6 pages.Review the first article Describe in detail in these two pages the contents of the work. Provide a third page where you evaluate and note the problems difficulties or uses of the material in other contexts. Visual illustrations are not required in the written assignment. Choose 2 articles from the provided articles In this you need to write page 1 & 2 for Article no-1 content and the work and have to provide a 3rd page where you evaluate and note the problems difficulties or uses of the material in other contexts. and again page 4-5 is for Article no-2 content and work and then page-6 is to provide the link between article 1 & 2 Also you need to provide the presentation slides for the same as summary, but you need to provide just keywords in the slides

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