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TSM3101 International Resort Management

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TSM3101 International Resort Management

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TSM3101 International Resort Management

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Course Code: TSM3101
University: Edith Cowan University

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Country: Australia

The report on HOTS (Hotel Simulation) software. It is intended to reflect and evaluate your participation of your Hotel Simulation (HOTS) business decisions undertaken and usage during this unit. You will be required to complete the following tasks:
1. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using the HOTS (Hotel Simulation) software.
2. Discuss three good decisions you made within the team decisions scenarios that you made while using the HOTS (Hotel Simulation) software. Please clearly stipulate the three team decision functions (e.g. rates / rev management / F&B / Staff / Training / Advertising / EMS / Refurbish / Guest Comfort / Extra Facilities / Finance / HOTS Reviewer). Explain why they were good decisions.
3. Discuss three wrong decisions you made within the team decisions scenarios that you made while using the HOTS (Hotel Simulation) software. Please clearly stipulate the three team decision functions (e.g. rates / rev management / F&B / Staff / Training / Advertising / EMS / Refurbish / Guest Comfort / Extra Facilities / Finance / HOTS Reviewer). Explain why they were wrong decisions and what you would do differently if you started all over again.
4. Discuss how you as a future resort manager can develop a training program for your employees using the HOTS (Hotel Simulation). The submitted document should be 2000 words (+/- 10%) — excluding references, cover page, executive summary and appendices. Referencing should be in the APA Style (see Resources below for Tip Sheet). 

The primary aim of this task is to outline the significance of the HOTS software. It plays a vital role in hospitality industry to maximize the outputs of the firm. The three good and bad decisions in terms of HOTS software have been explained in the task. It discusses that how a future resort manager makes a training program for the employees while using HOTS in the workplace. Further detail of the task has been detailed below.
The advantages and drawbacks of using the HOTS (Hotel simulation) software
It has been found that there are ample of advantages of the HOTS (Hotel simulation) software that have been discussed below.

HOTS(Hotel simulation) also helps in increasing and enhancing the revenue and profitability of the company. Apart from this, it also uplifts the sales and outcomes of the organization effectively (Yokota & Teale, 2014).
This software helps in reducing the cost of the company and it also maintains reliability in the workplace. By using this software, ample of practical issues and obstacles can be reduced by the company.
Apart from this, HOTS software maintains flexibility to provide effective solutions for the wide range of the problems within the organization.
Speedy decisions can be taken by the company by using this software within the organization. By using this software, all users can access data on the cloud. In addition, users can work from anywhere across the world with the help of this software.
This software helps in collaborating across the global and local offices as well and it also boosts the productivity and effectiveness. 
By using this software, data is hosted on the web, thus issues can be eliminated quickly and with minimal adverse impact on the activities and operations.

The drawbacks of using HOTS software have been detailed below.

The organization cannot take every decision with the help of HOTS software because this software has failed to provide appropriate solutions for the various issues and problems.
It takes lot of time to reduce the issues and challenges.
This software is unable to provide immediately support to the customers in the organization due to lack of control. Due to limited functionality, some providers could not provide the customization or help services a business needs, requirements and desires.
HOTS activities may hamper the various other services of the hotel. As a result, it declines the market share of the company in the global market.
Due to limited control, the software is unable to provide right and accurate information to the users in the competitive market.

Three good decisions within the team
The training and development sessions and programs are held by the hotel management at the workplace to increase and enhance the skills, knowledge and experience of the workers. It will also helps in increasing and improving the performance and productivity of the employees and organization as well. After the various researchers, it has been found that team building is one of the significant factors in the hotel management that helps in attaining long term goals and objectives in the international market. It also enables the employees to perform roles and responsibilities effectively and efficiently. HOTS(hotel simulation) also helps in improving and boosting the ability and potential of the workers within the organization. The market survey and research can be conducted by the top management by using this software at the workplace. There are three good decisions that made when initiating the HOTS (Hotel simulation) software. Some of the decisions have been discussed below (Pratt & Hahn, 2016).
HOTS Reviewer: This software provides support to the hotel management without affecting the image and goodwill of the organization in the competitive market. By using this software, management and employees can take decisions quickly. The most important advantage of this program is to provide unique and effective growth opportunities for the employees as well as mangers to improve and augment their skills, knowledge and experience. HOTS Reviewer also helps in getting feedback and reviews at the workplace. The hotel has been able to identify and analyze the needs, requirements and choices of the customers in the global market. By using this software, the company has been able to get feedback and reviews of the customers related to the ample of hotel services (Benckendorff, Lohmann, Pratt, Whitelaw, Strickland & Reynolds, 2015).
Training: It is one of the effective decisions that can be taken by the management of hotel to initiate the business activities and operations in the marketplace. HOTS software renders various benefits to the hotel management by granting unique and effective decisions within the organization. It has been analyzed that training and development sessions, seminars and programs can be conducted by the organization to provide attractive and unique hotel services to the customers across the world. Training and development are important function of the human resources management therefore; this system helps in gaining competitive advantages in the international market (Cullin & Spitler,2011).
Extra facilities: One of the significant decisions that taken by the top management and leaders with the help of HOTS software is extra facilities. It has been noted that HOTS software helps in providing additional services such as check out, check in, 10 executive room, feedback services, delivery services and additional packing. By using HOTS software, the firm has been able to know about the key areas that need to be considered by the company and employees as well. In this way, this software provide plenty of opportunities and benefits to the employees for growing and leading in the global market (Brandoni, Renzi, Caresana & Polonara, 2014).
After the various studies, it has been found that HOTS provides enormous opportunities to the customers and shareholders as well. Apart from this, quick and effective decisions can be taken by the top management and leaders. The hotel industry wants to be a leader in the international market. This software also helps in maintaining collaboration and communication at the workplace. In this way, ample of opportunities needed to be provide to the workers, managers and customers in the rivalries market (Gallo, Gonzalez-Aguilar, Prodanovic & Romero, 2015).
Three wrong decisions within the team
Three wrong decisions that have taken by the hotel management put direct impact on performance and outcomes of the employees. It is noted that HOTS software is not only significance for the employees but also helps in maintaining a good culture at the workplace (Fotiadis & Sigala, 2015). The three wrong decisions that have been taken by the hotel are discussed below.
Staff: One of the wrong decisions that has been taken by the team while implementing the HOTS software in the workplace is staff. It has been found that teams are divided by the top management in different groups to make better decisions within the organization. It has been noted that some customers do want to see same face twice while purchasing the products in the marketplace (Bagheri, Nezhivenko, Soltanbayev, Subramaniam & Panda, 2017). It creates issues and challenges among the workers. Due to wrong decisions, the employee turnover rate is increasing day by day. The absenteeism and high employee turnover rate has increased due to intense and immense competition in the international market. By implementing HOTS software, the employees are unable to perform roles and tasks effectively and efficiently. It also increases the level of dissatisfaction at the workplace (Jung, Ineson, Hains & Kim, 2013). Along with this, it also affects the culture and working environment of the hotel. The staff of the resort is not happy at the workplace due to lack of proper facilities and amenities. The wrong decisions also affect the financial image of the company adversely. The employee’s dissatisfaction is the major concern behind high employee turnover rate. These decisions could also hamper the image and sustainability of the firm (Wu, You, Wang, Shi & Li, 2014).
Advertisement: It is the main reason that is not generating operating income and revenue within the organization. It could affect the long term profitability and market share of the firm negatively. Poor advertisement is one of the biggest wrong decisions that was taken by the company while operating and functionalities (CheAhmat, MdNor,  Din, Razali, Zainol & Ridzuan, 2015). It has been analyzed that public awareness is only 25% in the organization. It is noted that hotel should provide proper services and products to the customers to strive with competitors and to overcome on these wrong decisions at the workplace (Rotimi, Bahadori-Jahromi, Mylona, Godfrey & Cook, 2017).
Staff: This is another issue that has been taken by the team of the hotel in the international market. By implementing the HOTS software, the organization is unable to make effective and unique decisions within the organization. This could leads to dissatisfaction among the workers at the workplace. It also affects the CSR activities and ethics of the company. The hotel management needs to focus on these wrong decisions and strategies to make a dynamic image in the minds of the customers. It will also helps in overcoming the competitors in the international market.
Finance: It is one of the significant elements that could impact on the success and CSR activities of the hotel management. Finance factors shall be kept in the mind while make unique and effective relationship with customers across the world (Beaver, 2012). However, the employees in the company are unable to provide support to the customers due to lack of motivation and negotiation. It is the biggest wrong decision that has been exercised by the company while using the HOTS software. The heavily overdraft also creates issues in the competitive market. There is no cash flow system and operational cost system in resort management that could affect the long term goals and objectives in the workplace. It has been analyzed that finance factors shall be taken intro consideration while initiating the HOTS software. The company needs to focus on the desired goals and objectives (Tapilouw, Firman, Redjeki & Chandra, 2017).
Training program for the workers when using HOTS software
Being a future resort manager, it is my responsibility to develop and build a training program for the workers in order to enhance and improve the skills and knowledge of the employees. It has been analyzed that training programs must be unique and effective to improve the potential of the workers. It is stated that ample of customers are dependent on the various accommodations. Accommodation plays a significant role in organization to enhance their values and outcomes effectively (Mohamad Sobri, 2015). An analysis and assessment shall be done by the hospitality industry to attract the wide range of customers around the world. The good and bad decisions must be effective and unique to reduce the challenges and issues in the competitive market. There are various ways through which future resort manager can develop and build a training program using HOTS software have been detailed below.
Knowledge and experience about the software: It is significant for the company before initiating the training program to explain and outline the HOTS software so that partipants can evaluate and analyze the meaning of this in depth manner. It will also help in maintaining strong and unique working environment and culture.
Implement it for the organization and personal growth
It has been found that the use of HOTS (hotel simulation) is unique and effective to make unique decisions at the workplace. I believed that HOTS system helps in increasing marketing share and operating income of the company as well. An effective and unique implementation system must be sued by the company to set long term mission and vision of the firm. It is analyzed that evaluation and assessment plays a significant role in roles and responsibilities. In this way, there are several ways to develop a training program within the organization to overcome on the competitiors in the international market (Kim & Jeong, 2018).
Evaluation of the decisions: The assessment for making effective decsision is taken by the company. The decisions can be taken by the organization to explore the business activities. The evaluation of decision should be anticipated and effective to provide effective and attractive products and services within the organization.
On the above mentioned analysis, it has been analyzed that use of HOTS software in the tourism and hospitality industry is unique and effective. Here is the discussion about the good and bad decisions that are taken by the top management.  There are ample of issues and advantages are being raised that helps in gaining various commitment. It is noted that assessment of the decisions programs help in maximize the sales and revenue of the firm. The training and learning programs shall be conducted by the firm to increase the profitability and outcomes. Being a future resort manger, the CEO needs to focus on the activities and operations of the company.
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