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UNCC300 Justice And Change In A Global World

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UNCC300 Justice And Change In A Global World

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UNCC300 Justice And Change In A Global World

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Course Code: UNCC300
University: Australian Catholic University

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Country: Australia


For your supplementary assessment, you are required to reflect on some of the issues surrounding the issue of racism in Australia.
You should focus on these two points in your reflection (which you can write in essay form or with subtitles):

Write a reflection explaining how the common good is challenged or negated by this issue (see the Reading below) locally and globally .
Propose two or three ways to address the challenge, in your professional community, in order to achieve a more just community or society .

They argue that racism is a scourge or disease because it is a violation of the most basic principles of social justice. They reflect on displaced, homeless and suffering refugees, here and abroad, for example, and also the dispossessed, the poor and the vulnerable, in and outside of our communities. They think it is time to tackle the problem locally and globally. They draw our attention to the magnitude of resettlement around the world since the last century and increases in racism in many parts of the world.
They also broaden their reflections to include wider abuses, inhumanity and cruelty in the name of racism, which they argue prevent us all from becoming a just global community.


The Common Good and Catholic Social Teaching: Problem of Racism
As we are living in the 21st century, and talk about Nano-technology and Space science, still in our country we are facing problems like racism. Although racism in Australia is not a new problem, rather it can be treated as a mental disease in our community. Even law of our country, our Catholic principles, and ethics teaches us that all humans are equal and they have equal right to live freely with dignity, some of the people suffering from the disease called ‘racism’. In my opinion, whatever I think that this is the most brutal crime doing by people to treat others because of their religion, colour, or sex. As a Catholic, I feel that it is my responsibility to serve any human being who arrives at my doors for any help. It is not because he/she is a Catholic, but because I am. Our culture rooted through our seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and these seven principles teaches us that every human being has rights to living together, freely and with dignity.
Gregory said that racism is a disease like Polio, Zika, Cancer, and Ebola etc. and must be cure from community to make our society healthy and happy (Gregory, 2016). All these diseases have some causes and some cures, but if we talk about racism then this is different from all other diseases (Gregory, 2016). Nevertheless, we should look for the proper cure about this disease because every group believes that one group is superior to other groups due to race. In my opinion, racism can be treated not as a disease rather it can be treated as a crime by people committed with other people on the basis of differences and feel that they are superior from others. However, he also added further that like other medical serious diseases that may seem to have been brought under control, racism people had hoped, was on the wane (Hattery, McGettigan, and Smith, 2014). However, even the presidential elections in the USA it was not declined and even the people were not convinced. Australia is a culturally diverse country and half of the population were born overseas or had one or more parents born overseas (CAN Catholic News Agency, 2018). If racial conflicts develop, then not one or two rather most of us affected whether we are neighbours, students, workmates, friends, or fellow Australians. Actually, racism is a disease and with this disease, people cannot develop. They create their own society where people do not trust or respect other people.
The first CST principle said that human life is sacred and dignity of human beings are the compulsory base on which we create our society and its moral vision, but racism challenged this principle by differentiating the person on the basis of their colour and religious difference. Even the moral principles have also been challenged because racist hurt the dignity of other people as well. The first CST principle said that we believe in peace and we should always avoid conflicts and wars, and if it occurs then we should resolve them peacefully. However, racism totally challenged this principle by doing violence with other people (Donaldson and Belanger, 2012).
However, I never faced racism in my life but most of the people around me are facing problems related to racism. Racism means people treated others differently and experience citizenship differently (Gershevitch, 2010). Although there are many students who come here for higher studies, facing racism by local students and people who think that black people are different from others. Racism is one of the most highlighted matters to debate in the country, while people facing racism and it leads to crime as well in Australia. Racism problem in education sector especially schools and colleges are a big problem for the government. From last few months, the government is trying to bring a law in which it has been declared that racism is unlawful and it should not be accepted at any cost (Faulkner and Bliuc, 2016). As a Catholic person and I accept and respect all the CST principles, that gives equal rights to every person to live free and with dignity, and I also support to bring a strict law against the racism in the country. Every people have equal right for education and a free environment where he/she can gain knowledge without any fear of racism. Racism creates fear in the mind of students to go to any school/colleges. They feel anxious and unhappy because of the unsafe environment in the campus. Even though, some the students feel fear to speak their first language (Dunn, Gandhi, Pelleri, and Maeder-Han, 2011).
Another principle of CST focuses on ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ that teaches us about the protection of human dignity and it said that a good society can be created only if we take responsibilities and respect each other and other’s dignity as well (Smits, 2011). Therefore, we can say that every person has a responsibility to protect others dignity and right to those things that are required for human decency. Here racism disobeyed this principle of CST and it treated unequally to each human being on the basis of colour, religions, language or sexual differences. Everyone has responsibility and duties towards other people, such as towards our family, friends, colleagues, community, or society. However, racism totally challenged this principle of CST and treated every person differently. It is a mental disease that should be cured by people who are suffering from this problem. I think that in an education centre, everybody comes to be educated and learn to become a good person in life who can serve society in future. But if a person treated on the basis of racism then how it could be possible. This is a big question if we considering racism as a normal problem in society.  
One of CST principle called ‘Solidarity’ explains that every human being belongs to a single family. Whatever our cultural, social, language, colour, sexual, racial, ethical, and ideological differences, but we are a family. We should treat each other as a family member such as brother and sister of each other (Reed-Bouley, 2016). This CST principle is also challenged by racism where people themselves differentiate them with other people based o culture, language, region, colour, or sex and we all know that creating a difference is the key factor of racism. At the core of this CST principle, making peace and avoiding war or crime situation is the key lesson. This principle also states that if any situation occurs then it should be avoided peacefully. Pope Paul VI taught us that if we want peace, work for justice (Hage, 2014). Thus, if we want to cure racism and remove it from our society, then we should fight against racism and should raise our voice against racism (injustice or crime).
CAN Catholic News Agency (2018) Why the US bishops strongly backed an anti-racism pastoral letter [online]. Available from: https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/why-the-us-bishops-strongly-backed-an-anti-racism-pastoral-letter-89766 [Accessed: 14/12/2018].
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Hage, G. (2014) Continuity and change in Australian racism. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 35(3), pp.232-237.
Hattery, A.J., McGettigan, T. and Smith, E. (2014) Racism: A virulent but curable social disease. Theory in Action, 7(3), p. 79.
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Smits, K. (2011) Justifying multiculturalism: Social justice, diversity and national identity in Australia and New Zealand. Australian Journal of Political Science, 46(1), pp. 87-103.

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