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Writing Plan: Shortage of Ppe in the Workplace Research Paper

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The emergence of Covid-19 has necessitated professionals working in the healthcare sector to come up with the preventive methods which will protect them from being infected and possibly spreading the germs to their colleagues and patients. This has created the need to have Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) which must be worn throughout the routine (Ranney et al. 23). Due to the high demand of the PPEs, there have been massive scarcities, with some professionals being forced to fail to report to duty (Shang et al. 924). The unavailability of PPEs is an issue in my current major as I am pursuing a Health Science Degree. The manufacturing industries, the disruptions in the supply chain models, and the necessity of social distancing requirements are the major points which will be helpful in supporting the argument that there is a lack of PPEs in the workplace.

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The potential audience of the essay includes the professionals operating in the healthcare industry, with most of them being concerned about the effect of the shortages in PPEs since they are expected to deliver the services to the members of the society. Potential challenges which might affect the ability to support the argument with this demographic is that most of them already possess PPEs and may not have recognized there is a shortage (Rahim et al. 18; Rowan and John 138). This essay aims at accomplishing the goal of equipping the public and the members of the medical industry with the information on how Covid-19 has affected their service delivery processes, and how they should protect themselves to preserve their lives and those of the people they treat.

Potential resources include books, journals, and articles as support for the argument. All the sources are published within the past 5 years as they contain the most relevant information. Since Covid-19 emerged in 2019, some of the sources will be published in 2020. The essay will integrate evidence effectively at the literature review chapter where scholars’ ideas will be compared. I will be available to handle any revision. Feedback provided by the instructor will always be considered and incorporated before submission. In conclusion, I will give my best when writing the paper to avoid revisions.


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